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An office cleaner who had a singing voice and business plan went from earning £4 an hour to becoming the boss of a £500,000 internet venture.

Pippa Scholes, 27, who mopped, dusted and polished at Internet company, begged Chief Executive John Sewell to visit the site she set up to showcase her singing voice.

Sewell eventually gave in and when he took a look he was blown away. ''Her original Website was very promising but she was limited by resources. Now we have relaunched her site as a long-term business project,'' he said.

Pippa's site not only features her, it provides a showcase for other women artists trying to make it in the music industry.

Visitors to the site can listen to 90-second snippets of songs and then download an album for about six pounds. Scholes was appointed creative director of the site and will receive a salary of £25,000.




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