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I am especially grateful to Peter J Scholes of Leeds for hosting this monograph on the Scholes Family Website and to Fred Scholes for creating an ancestral database. In addition, I thank Cathy Chapman of Bradford for information on the village of Scholes in Cleckheaton, Stafford Scholes of Co. Durham, and the late Edward Skoyles; and in the USA Jaira Scoles Hill of Oregon and Ellen Kotzin of New York State. Also to the following:

Howard Smith, The Barwick Historical Society

Peter Middleton of the Huddersfield & District Family History Society

Des Scholes

Harry J F Wykes, author of the ‘UK Distribution Map’ software


Images from the service are reproduced with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey.


Suggestions for new material would be of great help to improve and extend its scope for the interests of the Scholes community world-wide. Stories about early Scholes families or prominent individuals would be especially welcome.

Contributions to Fred Scholes’ Ancestral Database should include source references.



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