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The Will of William Scoles of Thorp on the Hill, Yorkshire

In Dei noie Amen: thexxijtie daye of Auguste in the yere of our Lorde God, 1555, wytnessethe that I Willm Scoles, of Thorp on the Hill in the Parishing of Rothwell in the Countie of York, Clothyar, hole and perfite of mynde and memorye, makes this my laste will and Testamente in manner and forme, following, that is to saye, furst I bequeathe and geve my soule vnto Allmightie god,and my bodye to be buried within the Churche yerde of the hooly Trynitiein Rothwell aforesaid.  Allso I bequeth to the holye sacramente theirxijd.  Item I bequeth to the poore people of the said parishing in Almesxijd, It'm towardes the building of Metheley bridge vjd.  It' I bequethto Willm Scoles and John Scoles my sonnes my broode lowme wt hornewheles, baretrees, and yeares pyeyning the same, and also two paire ofthe best sheres vpon condicon that if the said Willm and John do learnand teache there yonger bretherne there occupacion, otherwise that said Willm and John my sonnes shall not clayme nor taike the same lowme,sheres, and other the p'misses perteyning the same as my partof this mylast will wthout the good will of Jennet Scoles now my wife.  Also Ibequethe vnto Richard Scoles and Vmfrey Scholes my younger sonnes otherij paire of Sheres.  Also I bequeth to Jennet Scholes my Doughter onrgreat panne to be taken after the deathe of the same Jennet Scoles mysaid wife.  Allso I will ang give by this my last will and testamente theresidewe of all my goodes moveable and unmovable vnto the same JenetScoles my said wyf, my dettes, childes porcons, and the funerall chargesand expenses y'of paide and donne according to the lawes of this realme.In wytnesse whereof I the same Willm Scoles vnto this my last will and testamente haue setto my marke the day and yere abousaide in the p'sence of Wyllm Gascoyne thelder, Wyllm Gascoigne the yonger, Laurence Gascoigne, Raif Scholes, George Scoles, John Armington, and others than and theire being present. -----


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