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Scholes is an English north-country name of Scandinavian origin. There are four villages called Scholes in Yorkshire as well as several hamlets. In Lancashire the town of Wigan has a district of that name and there are a few much smaller places elsewhere in the county.

The use of Scholes as a surname dates back to the late 13th century. There are roughly four and half thousand persons in the United Kingdom with the name and its principal spelling variants. More than half live in the historic counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Many Scholes immigrated to the United States in the 19th century and the number today probably exceeds 3000.

The monograph describes how ‘Scholes’ was derived and its use both as a place name and surname; also the genealogy and geographic distribution of the name; and finally the Scholes coat of arms is illustrated

Peter H Scholes , Guisborough, UK ,

Revised July 2004

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bulletThe Derivation of Scholes
bulletFrom a Place Name
bulletFrom other Sources
bulletBy Adoption
bulletSpelling Variations
bulletRelated Surnames
bulletScholes as a Place Name
bulletScholes Villages in Yorkshire
bulletScholes Places in Lancashire
bulletScholes Places in other counties
bulletScholes Places in the USA
bulletScholes as a Surname
bulletThe Ancestral database
bulletThe 1881 Census
bulletScholes in Yorkshire
bulletScholes in Lancashire
bulletScholes in other counties
bulletScholes in Scotland
bulletScholes in Ireland
bulletScholes in the USA
bulletCoat of Arms
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bulletWill of William Scoles
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