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These are messages we've received from Scholes recently, which I thought other Scholes might find interesting. There's a lot, so maybe you'll recognise somebody. I've started listing email addresses too so you can get in touch if you wish (but let me know if you don't want yours displaying - it can attract spam). I am conscious of people maybe not wanting personal details on the Web, so I have taken anything personal or 'trace-able' out. 

Of the hundreds of messages we have received, around 40% are from the UK, 40% from the US, 14% from Australia, 3% each from NZ and Canada, with other messages from Jamaica, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain and now South America and South Korea! Could this be an indication of how the Scholes' are spread around the world?

All these messages have been left on our Guestbook, so why not leave us a message there too? Photos would be great too, to our email address. Sorry, I am terrible at replying to emails, so please don't be offended if you don't get a reply or it takes a very long time. All messages will eventually go up on this page though - again if you don't want your message or your email address adding to the site, let me know. Note that this is a LONG page, and may take some time to download. If you want to print this out, it is over 100 pages long.

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Messages last updated 20.08.2011 (Most recent messages first)

From: Revd Nick Andrewes, priest-in-charge, Parish of St. Paul, Oldham
"Hi, I am trying to trace the donors of an altar which currently sits in St. Paul's Church, Oldham, Lancashire. It may have come from the Parish Church which is nearby, or from 
St. Peter's Church, Oldham. I appear to have matched their names with records in your family tree. I appear to have data about them that you may not.

Please see attached photo for more information. If you are able to assist me in tracing the descendents of Miles and Annie Mills, that would be helpful. I appreciate that their surname is Mills and so may be beyond the scope of your project! Failing that I hope the information is of use. We are also using local newspapers to try and trace them.

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(I can supply you with Nick's email address if you wish to respond)

From: Andrew Cooper, Lincolnshire
"Does anyone know of EJ ( Edward ) Scholes formerly of 18 Duke Street, Reading,( Baker & Confectioner ) between 1900 and 1974, Thanks alot, APC, ( former baker ) "

From: Lauren scholes, Warrington uk (
"How do I see my family tree ???" You could start with the tree on our site Lauren, but I guess it will take much more research. 

From Teunis Schuurman, Vollenhove, The Netherlands (
"Peter, Any ideas ? 
Crew: Lancaster Mk.III - ED914 - PM-Z - 12th June 1943 - Operation Düsseldorf
1437956 - Sgt. - P. J. Scholes - RAF - Age .. - POW
taken POW - interned in Camps L6/357, POW No. 19

Births Sep 1922 - Scholes Peter J - mother's surname: Chapman district: Fylde
The district Fylde is in the county of Lancashire

I do rule this out - because he's too young to be the pilot
Births Mar 1925 - Scholes Patrick J Gill Medway 2a 1252

Regards Teunis Schuurman - aka - PATS
Volunteer WWII researcher - area Vollenhove - The Netherlands"

From: Jeanette Best (
"Thank you for this website - a person in Canada read it and wrote to me and yes, we are related. I would never have found this side of the family if it wasn't for this 
Scholes website.
Thank you. "

From: deborah pickering was scholes, England (

From: Marian Scolles, Cape Cod Massachusetts 
"My name is Marian Scolles.I live on Cape Cod but am originally from the Boston area...I found it interesting that our names were so similar.... "

From: Jackie Cook (Scoles), orig. West Bend, Wisconsin (
" I was told that our family was from Scoles Corner, Ireland. My parents are Gary Harold Scoles and Sandra Jean Seidler. My dads parents were Wilbur and Esther Scoles. Don't 
have much else. "

From: christopher scholes (
"hi all my dads name is gary scholes born in woodlands and has 6 brothers steven scholes david scholes phillip scholes" 

From: Alan Scholes (
"Hello Peter.
firstly what an amazing web site so much to read and still taking it all in never knew there was so many Scholes family members and so many that could be relations of mine, 
and thats why i am contacting you. i am trying to build my family tree but have no idea where to start an was hoping that you could point me in the right direction,
my name is Alan Scholes 
father was Scholes Scholes (yes thats correct lol)
mother was Gladys (late Penny)"

From: Ruth Marion Scholes, Austrailia

From: Bobby L Scholes (

From: Julia Cleveland, New Zealand (
"I am interested to make contact with anyone that is doing the genealogy of the Scholes name in NZ especially the Gisborne district.

From: Brian John Scholes, Cornwall UK (
"Born in Oldham 1939 but lived in Middleton until joining the RN in 1955. Father was Henry, Mother Elsie nee Gould 

"GRANDFATHER andrew scholes born in us his father from scotland"

From: Brian Scholes, Manchester, England (
"Hi Scholesy clan, born 1955 Manchester son of John Scholes have two sisters Linda and Lesley and brother also called John all still in the Manchester 
area. I also have 3 sons Lee, Mark and Carl." 

From: Bob Martin, Javea, Spain (
"My mother is Annie Scholes, born 1932, Bottom O´Th´Field, Outwood, Radcliffe, Lancs. Her parents died when she was very young and she was brought up by 
an auntie until she ran away at 14 years old. I believe the family name of her mother may have been Bolton. She knows nothing of any relatives. Can 
anybody help please." 

From: marion scholes, cairns (  

From: Clive Paul Scholes, Lytham-St.Annes (

From: Kris Scholes, Lancs (
"Just stopped by when researching name history. Ive been a prod Scholesarian for 25 years and live in Burnley. Proud of the name will hope to pass it on 
to a new generation soon - K. Scholes" 

From: jane halsall, bury lancs (
"I live on Scholes Street. It was named that, as a Peter Scholes built the houses in 1848 or 1884. They were cottages then. They were originally built 
for the miners ( the mine was opposite the street Elton Colliery) Has anybody any more infomation about Peter Scholes?" 

From: John DAVID Keveren Scholes, Idaho and AZ (


From: Diana, Mount Dora, Florida US (
"I am looking for information Re: Clifton Stanley Scoales. He was born around 1900 in Ky. He married Rubie Henderson and they had a daughter Yuvarn 
Henderson Scoales born 12/09/1928 in Hacoda, Alabama." 

From: morgan scholes, Noosa, Australia (  
"Hi all I'm Morgan Scholes, son of ronald scholes, grandson of ronald scholes, uncles raymond and james, brothers cory harrison, nelson, sister kate. 
just happened to put the name into the search. I know my father has a family tree somewhere with the coat of arms on it so i'll be sure to post it to 
the website to further the information when and if he can find it. but good to see there's a large group of us out there, you'd think with so many that 
other people would be able to pronounce the name right :-) "

From: Tracey Boswell, Heywood, UK (
"Looking for relatives of Albert Henry Scholes - he was born in 1867 in Rochdale, England and moved to Rhode Island, USA in the late 1890's. He married 
Mary Alice HAYDOCK and had two children, Emil born 1901 and Ida born 1905. "

From: Dennis Gene Scholes, Grand junction Co USA (
"My father was John Harrison Scholes, my Mother was Bernadine Anna (Graf) Scholes I had Two brothers Ronald Lewis & Richard Joel One Sister Constance 
Lee (Scholes) Jamison
Grand Father Richard C. Scholes
Grand Mother Stella Jane (Blevins) Scholes" 

From: PIppa, Now Dorset formerly Worcester (
"I would like to find out if my brother Justin Scholes is the only Scholes to be appointed MBE.Could you please advise me? Many thanks "

From: GEORGE E. SCHOLES, n.j. & fl. usa ( 
"looking for info on joseph scholes born 19 oct 1867 woodchurch cheshire,england,he had six siblings,imigrated to us approx 1890/91" 

From: Fred Raymond Scholes, barnstaple (

From Malcolm Harrison, Wiltshire (

"My name is Malcolm Harrison and I have been looking at your Scholes website and a fine piece of work it is too. I was married to my first dear wife, Marion Josephine Scholes, from 1971 until sadly she succumbed to cancer in January 2007. Her father was Tom Scholes (1923 to 1978), who hailed from Clayton Le Moors/Accrington etc.

I have been most fortunate in becoming married to another lovely lady - who happens to be a born and bred Clitheroe lady, and, as you probably know, 
this is but a few miles from Clayton Le Moors. I was born and bred in Kent and Marion was born in Brighton. We live in Wiltshire. The reason I am writing to you is that I am still progressing with Marion’s family history, which I started when she was alive, and I am trying to finalise it, mainly for her mother and her other family.

I have noted the many Scholes ancestors listed on your website, many of which figure in Marion’s history, and there are many who don’t - but they may 
well do, if you see what I mean. I have traced the line back to 1827, when a Richard Scholes appears to have been born in Oswaldtwistle or Clayton Le Moors – he is not consistent the various censuses - although it is certainly the same person in each census. I believe that his father is John Scholes, born about 1800, mother Mary. 
Last week we were in Lancashire and I looked at the actual Hippings Wesleyan PR in the Lancs Record Office and found the birth of the Richard Scholes I 
have referred to. The problem is that in the same PR there is also another Richard Scholes born 1832 to the same parents, but he was not baptised for 
some reason. This anomaly is also recorded on the Online Parish Clerks website for Lancashire. Richard Scholes is recorded on your website.

I have noticed that your website indicates that his father was John Joseph Scholes who died in New Zealand, and this is also shown on the Latter Day 
Saints website, under the IGI, in an entry submitted by a Mr Adams in that country. His line goes back to the 17th century, but you show his birth place 
as Burnley, which I suspect could be wrong. Most of the children listed on your website under John Joseph Scholes and Mary Pickering were baptised, and 
as far as I know, were also born in Oswaldtwistle, not Burnley, and I would be grateful if you could throw any light on this please. I have looked at 
the actual PR for these people and the parish certainly was given as Whalley, not Burnley.

I have not been able to find anything, such as a PR etc, to confirm any of the link between Richard Scholes and John Joseph Scholes , and I wrote to Mr 
Adams to ask for his advice - obviously I needed this before I could accept this additional detail. He did not reply. Unfortunately there are many 
errors on the IGI – one of my ancestors, according to someone in the USA, gave birth at the age of 86!!!!!

Thank you for your advice and comments, Malcolm Harrison"

From: George Edward Scholes, (

"hi peter's great web site!!
i appear to be from a from a lost branch!
first i'll introduce my self.
george edward scholes jr ,i am 72 yrs young,i have four son's,two male grandson's,one more grandson due in sept.
my wife and i of 50+ yrs will be visiting the uk on a tour in aug, the reason for my search.
the following is what i have found so far, i'm not positive its accurate.
my greatgrandfather samuel was born 1800 burton che"

From: Eric Scoles, Norfolk (
"One of things I have always said I would do – research my roots. So as to avoid an obvious duplication of effort I thought I should email you first.
Yes, I am a Scoles but I believe a hybrid of the Scholes spelling. My family roots back to late 1800’ s is the Burnhams on the North Norfolk Coast and I always thought it likely that they landed there as maritime workers and perhaps with the strong Yorkshire connection of the surname came round from there at some point. There are a lot of Scoles’s still living in the Burnhams – maybe from one prolific family member or perhaps several came round the coast. 

I know research in Norfolk will be made doubling difficult because of a major fire at the Central Record Library a few years back. Have you in your research come across the connection ? Cheers Eric Scoles (son of William son of Joseph)"

From Stuart Scholes, (

"Sir, browsing the scholes family website in a bid to confirm my own ancesters(i`m stuart scholes and im descended from the link in the 1800s of 2 branches of the scholes family in leeds) i came across what i believe is quite a serious mistake. It states that in 1786 Mary Padgett was married to a Joseph Scholes from Barwick in Elmet. Ive checked with the Leeds Parish records and she did marry a Joseph Scholes but he was a tailor, a very unlikely occupation for someone coming from Barwick area.
In 1809 a Joseph Scholes from Barwick in Elmet married a Martha Morritt in the Barwick church, one of the witnesses was his sister Ann Scholes, so unless Joseph had married twice as divorse was unlikely in those days and mary padgett did not die until 1845 someone has made a huge mistake with the first marrage and probadly thrown out quiet a few family trees.
I could post you copies of these 2 documents if you wish as I dont have the vacility to scan onto e mail.
look forwards to your reply should you wish to mail back"

From: Heather Curry, Queensland Australia (

"Hello Peter, My name is Heather and I am a descendant of George Scholes and Rebecca Bairstow they married 29/5/1821 Bradford. (George d 1869 and Rebecca d 1883 )
- their son William Scholes b 1830 was my great great grandfather and I am wondering if your Scholes family and mine are related. 

William Scholes m Mary Harrison 1/1/1851 they immigrated to Australia in 1854. William left Australia for NZ in 1861 and died in NZ 1903. If we are in some way related to the same Scholes Family I would very much appreciate your reply."

From: Geoff Blackley-Scholes, (

"Hi peter i am a scholes who lives in new Zealand "

From: Robert Scholes, Isle of Wight (
"Hi everyone my name is robert Scholes (born december 6 1995) i live on the isle of wight (thats the little one at the bottom) and my dad was Peter Scholes (born april 6 1955), Grandad ronald scholes and so on and so forth. i was wondering if i could be helped to find my branch of the tree so i could find any distant cousins around the island. P.S I hate whenever my dad gets calls they say "hello? is that mr Sholes?" (pronounced as spelt) even though Paul scholes is pronounced like ours! its infuriating.!"

From: Dianne Scoles, Canada (
"I am writing from Canada and thought that many of your readers might find this of interest. 
My husband's Scoles ancestors came to Canada in the 1840s from County Monaghan, Ireland. Recently my husband had his Y DNA tested - and found another Scoles in the United States who has the identical Y DNA. 

This individual is descended from John Scoles of Scoles Corners in Fermanagh who came to the USA in the 1750s (This John Scoles' information is on your website). This matching of DNA shows that the families are connected before the 1750s. 

As well, one of the websites (Border Reivers) that my husband joined that researches northern England males and their Y DNA has made the following comment about my husband's Scoles' origins:

Q Haplotype #7: The match for the haplotype was prepared for a Border Reivers participant whose surname has a Norse origin. Considering that the closest matches in YHRD fall exclusively in Scandinavia, we can conclude that this individual's ancestors definitely came to Britain with the Vikings. 

The above information agrees with the Scoles/Scholes name having a Norse origin.

Initially we had hoped to see if there was a connection to Lancashire or Yorkshire Scoles/Scholes to prove whether my husband's ancestors might have been Ulster Plantation settlers to Ireland. However, we could not find any Scoles/ Scholes from northern England who had done the tests. 

I am wondering if you know of any other Scholes/Scoles who have had their Y DNA tested, and if any have found matches. If not, perhaps some of the people who are interested in knowing more about their Scoles/Scholes' roots would like to try this testing. For Y DNA testing, it has to be a direct male descent. There is lots of information on the Internet about this - and ways to put your results into the system. 

Dianne Scoles"

From: David Scholes, NZ (

"Hi my name is David Scholes I am the son of James Thomas Scholes and June Doreen Scholes, nee Davis My Grandfather came too New Zealand at the age of fourteen from England his name was Jim Scholes. I was amazed to see on the internet via a friend that I have family in England! that there is a Village, streets and Churchs that have our family name! I would love to hear from you as there is so much I have to share with you about this Kiwi branch of the Scholes family tree! kindest regards David Wayne Scholes Born 09/ 08 /1954"

From: Grahame Stevens, Seattle (
"Dear Peter, I was thrilled to come across your extensive tree of the Scholes family and particularly Martha Ann (

I am researching the Meadows family, originally from Golborne, Lancs. My Joseph Albert Meadows married Martha Ann Scholes, who was born 1863 in Chorlton, Manchester. Martha is listed in the 1871 census at 9 School St, Golborne and 1881 at 18 Brook St, Golborne.

They married in Q1 1887 in Salford and went to live in Golborne. They are listed on the censuses of 1891 at 6 Wakefield St, Golborne and 1901 at 76 Heath Street. They had two children that I am aware of: Lillian born 1889 and Eli born 1901.

I am still researching that branch of the family and would like to keep you informed of my results. If you come across any information that you think would be of interest to me, please let me know. I'm based in Settle now (having lived for many years in Leeds).

Dear Peter, I came across your family site when I was looking for a Martha A Scholes b Mar 1863 who married my Grand-uncle-in-law Joseph Albert Meadows aka Albert Joseph Meadows Mar 1887.

I have also been researching my own side of the family and I came across the following in a memoir written by my Mother, Beatrice C Stevens née Acred, in 1989 - "Stretham: A Feast of Memories".

"I remember two burly policemen, P.C. Saberton and P.C. Skoyles. To a small girl they seemed enormous, but all policemen were huge then. ... P.C. Skoyles' son, Hubert, visited our village not so long ago, and we talked about how we walked to Ely with Maurice Gautrey and his sister, four twelve-year-olds, to see an aeroplane on the market place during the First World War; it was something to do with recruiting or fund-raising."

My Mother was born in 1907 so she may have been only 11 years old at the time, if the event she recalled was in 1918. This may, of course, be a complete red herring - in which case, my apolgies for distracting you. Grahame Stevens

From: J & G Best, Highbury (
"Good afternoon to you from Australia. I am researching the Evans family tree, (my nee name was Evans). Last year we spent 4 months in England, Wales and Scotland researching all of our family trees (my husband and myself) We knew of a John Evans, who was the father of my g.g. grandfather, William Evans, and when in Manchester area we found that John had married a Susannah Scholes. We managed to locate them in Scotland in one census but they most likely returned to the Oldham/Rochdale area.

I have just been ‘surfing’ the net and came across your website – noting you have no further information on John Evans and Susannah Scholes who married in 1819 on the website, but…… Now I have little information on their children etc. and would love to hear from you on information on Susannah Scholes who would have been my g.g.g.grandmother and John of course my g.g.g.grandfather. Who were her parents, did she have any siblings; going back another generation, who were their parents, etc. etc. Would love to know more.

Do you have any information and if so would you be willing to assist me in furthering my family tree on the Evans side. Jeanette Best (nee Evans)"

From: Lee Fallon
"Hi. Firstly, I'm not a Scholes - although I do know a couple! However, I live in Belthorn, Lancashire and have photos of the little Scholes family grave site at Red Earth if you're interested. John and Mary (the 1760s ones)."


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From Pam Pressney, Fallbrook, CA (
"notice that my 3rd gr-grandparents, Jonas and Sarah Scholes Robinson are listed on your ancestors or descendants...Are you interested in the descendants of this couple? I'm trying to find out how all the Schole I keep finding in Lancashire connect to each other.(As well as Jackson, Mellor, and Robinson). I see a marriage date for Jonas and Sarah, but I'm not so sure about it...According to your site, they married in 1844. However, I do have them together in the census with children in 1841...unless they weren't married yet, or Jonas was married to another Sarah. However, from the Hilton that she was married to 1st she had a son, Jonathan, who was born in 1830. So, that marriage is also in question. I tried to contact the email provided on the tree, but it no longer works.

Would love to hear from you,"

From: Jeanne Scholes Pentecost, Illinois, USA (

 "Been through the Scholes list quite a lot over the past 2 years. So far not found any from the Accrington, Rochdale,Castleton area. 
I have lots of info now after searching for about 4 years. Would like to share it with any family members who are researching. I was raised in Rochdale but most family should be in the Accrington area. Going now from early 1800 to 1950s"

From: kimberly D Scholes USA
"hi. my name is Kim Scholes. my father was William lloyde Scholes sisters Marie, and my aunt Kim, brother joseph, mother alice. he died when i was 4 in 1997 i havent met any one from his side of the family i would love to meet anyone of them "

From: Liz Whisler, LeCLaire, Iowa (

 "I saw a posting here from Marj Scholes Goosey looking for information on her father Clarence Scholes family. I didn't even know Clarence's name, but he must have been my uncle! So Marj, you and I must be cousins!" 

From: Evan, Doncaster (

"Lookin for any information on a Gary Scholes know he possibly married a Pauline Meek around 1986 "

From: Jeanne Scholes Pentecost Illinois USA (
"Back tracing the Scholes family from Accrington, Lancs. UK. I am from Rochdale now living in USA. Lots of info already up to 1911. Need to find people who were, or are Scholes tracing back to Great Grandparents. Caleb and Elizabeth Scholes of Accrington. I have info from 1830s up to 1911 census on GG Parents above. Now need to find offsprings of 6 of their 7 children. Should still be in the Accrington area." 

From: Grahame Stevens Settle, North Yorkshire 
"Researching Meadows, gave me a link to the Scholes tree via Martha Ann, b 1863 who married Joseph Albert Meadows and mothered Lillian and Eli. "

From: John Scholes Dingwall area 
"Born in Manchester England & lived in Partington Manchester for 40+years. Now live west of Dingwall Scotland. Nice to see so many Scholes out there." 

From: Caroline Murfreesboro, TN, USA 
"My great grand-father was France V. Scholes, he is well known in New Mexico. I know most of the history of my family, but if you have anymore that would be greatly appreciated. "

From: David H (bob) Scholes Oxford. England. UK. 
"Hi late Father was born in Middlesborough UK but I was born in Oxford where my late Mother and Father lived most of their lives. I now have three children, Andrew, Robert and Nicola......and six grandchildren. (I did lose a lovely daughter who had Cystic other children are fit and well) "

From: Marion Wright nee SCHOLES Tunbridge Wells Kent
"Great to find this website so much information "

From: Alan Scholes, Accrington, England (ADSCH40@MSN.COM
"Hello to everybody - maybe we are related somewhere in the past - who knows?"

From: mathew scholes, ballarat, Australia (
"nice to see so many of us out there" 

From: Norman E. Scoles Hudsonville, Michigan (
"I've been looking for Scoles family and came across this site. Being new, I wonder if the spelling of my last name is a variation from Scholes. We look back to a Scoles Corners, Ireland, as you do also. It would seem logical to assume the h was dropped somewhere along the family line."

From: Randy Scholes, Washington (
"Looking for my father George Leslie Scholes, I believe in Utah"

From: James Scholes Doncaster, South Yorkshire (
"It's mad to see so many of us all over the world, i thought it was an uncommon name but theres loads in the UK! And how about that coat of arms??? Wicked! "

From: Jean Scholes-Johnstone (
"Interested to see if Grandfather on web. "

From: Sharron Scholes, Sheffield (

From: keryn Forbes (
"Hi there everyone its deffinatly interesting to learn that there is more than just urself out there. Im a daughter of Shane Scholes in OZ. He is the son of Kelvin Murray Scholes, His parents were Harold & eva Scholes im not to sure where they came from but i am really interested in finding out my heritatage as no one will tell me. I would love to learn more about the family history & possibly meet some family here in N.Z i know there are a few here just not to sure who & where. dont have any family here. please if any of you scholes in N.Z know more if you think you can steer me in the right direction please end email. xoxo "

"hi there since last looking in here i have done some research i have found out that John Scholes 1822-1891 married to Hannah Elizabeth had a son called  Alfred Edward scholes he married Sophia then they had a son Harold 1901-1975 who married Eva Eileen Symons does anyone have any links to this family if so it would be great to learn more. "

From: D.H (Bob) Scholes Oxford UK (
"Hi an OAP but still getting around....I have three children now, Andy, Robert and Nicola (I lost one lovely daughter with CF) but all other children fit and well. Six Grandchildren - all girls except for one!) all take care now. "

From: Paul Scholes Basildon, Essex (
"hey to all the Scholes's out there, im a scholes too lol and a Paul Scholes, sadly no i dont play for Man Utd thou, i wish lol "

From: Shari Scholes Melbourne Australia (
"Hey everyone! Im Shari Lana and I am a Scholes! I am very smart! I would like to know a bit about us so can someone e-mail me or somthing? (LL) Shari xx "

From: Liz Scoales NZ (
"Hi, looking for people with the same spelling of scoales as me. cheers Liz "

From: Yvon Rich, Sydney Australia (
"Looking for any information to add. William John Scoles born abt. 1843 died 1927 Burwood NSW (not married to) Adeline Sarah Hazelton born 13 July 1845 Lambeth UK died 1877 Paddington NSW. They had a daughter Florence Scoles born 1870 Waverly NSW. regards Yvon "

From: Katelyn D, Scholes Idaho (
"hi, i have been wandering about my dads side of the family, he died in 1997 and his name was William lloyd Scholes, of California. I have never met any  one from his side of his the family but i do know that my great grandfathers name is William Armstrong Scholes, and my grandmothers name was Alice  Scholes, i believe he has two sisters and a brother. If anyone has any info regarding this information please email me and let me know." 

From: Kimberly Scholes Ashland, Illinois (
"Hi Everybody, I Live in Ashland, Illinois. Father is Harold Gene Scholes from Virginia, Illinois. Mother, who is deceased, was Dovie Arabelle Jockisch Scholes. Hey Cousin Greg!!! Remember me? "

From: Kevin Sellew Mobile, Alabama, USA (  
"GREETINGS TO ALL from the 2G-Grandson of Ann Scholes, chr. on 29 Feb 1824 in Royton Parish, Lancashire. Married Jeremiah Hollows in 1847 in Middleton, Lancashire. Ann is the dau. of John Scholes and Sarah (?). He b. abt 1798 in Royton Parish, Lancashire. She b. abt 1803 in Royton Parish, Lancashire. They married abt 1823 in Royton Parish, Lancashire. Anyone with info, please contact. "

From: Allan Scholes, Sydney Australia (

From: Bianca Elizabeth Scholes, Copenhagen, Denmark (
"An update on my previous entry. I recently discovered that I am infact adopted(a secret which has been kept from me for the past 44 years!)-which still makes Thomas Charles Scholes my step father.He lived at 17 Berkley Close,Blackhorse Estate, Downend, Bristol,UK. He was married to Birthe Siewertz and had 2 foster children in the home at the time.(Rita Mary Beckford b.2.11.1960 and Lorraine Leger b.29.9.1962.) I am in possesion of my adoption file and can see he last applied to Bristol County Court on 13th.June 1967-since then I have no futher information.I am still desperately looking for any information on "Tommy" or his relatives-please reply to my E.mail ASAP. Thank you.... "

From: Dina Scholes Lewandowski Phila, Pa Area (
"Looking for Scholes relatives from Fishtown,PA or surrounding area. My fathers father left him and his mother when he was very young and was the only child that we knew of. My father was born July 22,1927. Still looking for his fathers full name. "

From: Lesley Scholes Kilby, Louisiana~United States (
"Hi! I love this site. I am trying to find some family history here. My g-g-g-grandpa was Robert A. Scholes(1827-1904) from Humpreys County, Tennessee married to Amanda Summers,and his father was Allen Scholes(1802-1867) and Allen's father was Joseph Scholes. I know Tennessee is where they were from and one of my great grandfathers had a farm but where they originated from I dont know and it would be great if anyone knew and what they did. Joseph Scholes is as far as I got on my search. If anyone knows of anything you could email me @ it would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou. "

From: Michelle Sosenko, Belleview, Florida (
"I have researched my mother's family, and now my father's. I knew very little about my father's side, but, as luck would have it, a cousin gave me a hand sketched family tree (unknown to me) that a family member from a very long time ago gave her. This family tree that I have starts in TN. It starts in the 1808 Land records with Joseph Scholes, w. Sarah. He died in 1835 in Stewart Co. TN, and the wife died the same year in Burke Co. NC. thier children are: Peggy, Elizabeth, Lucrecia, Nathaniel, and Allen. I also see a Daricus Hughes(maybee Sarah's father). It goes on with Robert Scholes, 1795-8/1828, born in Burke Co. NC. Mother is Sarah, wife, Elizabeth Hill, b. 1798 d. 1861. Richard Hill (son of Elizabeth Hill) Scholes, born in Lawrence, TN; b. 1817-1818 d. 1871. Wife: Johanna McMasters, b. 1820 in Lawernceville, TN and died 9/20/1902 in Graves Co. KY. I am not sure where this fits in: Jesse McMasters & Betsy Kivett,(brother & wife of Joanna?) married on 12/17/1837. Richard & Johanna's children: Amanda, William, Allen, Elizabeth, Gaines Washington, and Sarah. It is noted that Elizabeth Hill was a Huron Indian. Jesse Buregard Scholes b. 12/9/1861 in Lawrenceville,TN, d. 11/21/1934 in Graves co. KY. He is listed as 1/2 Huron. He married a Seminole woman; Eula Albritton, b. 1/9/1861 d. 1/28/1944. They were married 1/18/1883. I believe they had one child; Clarice, b. 9/30/1888, d. 10/28/1964 in Colorado. (this is where the part of the family I know a little about/ the tree becomes vague) Clarice married James Edward Neale in 10/23/1907. James Edward Neale b. 9/30/1887 d. 2/1955. These are my great grandparents. Thier children: Johnnie, Fannie, Myrtle, Mary, Blanche, Sula Charlene, Zilpah, Charles. Blanch & Sula moved to FL. This part of the family was raised in Paducah, KY. They owned a family plantation. I have seen pictures of the land, tobacco and the slaves. The slaves were very well taken care of. From what I have been told by my grandfather a small portion of this place is a dedicated area named "Neale". There is a Neale Rd. a Neale School & Church. Fannie had a child named Harvey Lynn. Charles, Fannies brother is my grandfather. Harvey Lynn is still alive in his 70's ?. He is the minister of the church, and has been his entire adult life. I have not seen him for about 10 yrs. His mother, and a couple of the aunts were still living at the time, and well into thier 100's. My grandfather married Marie Wilson. Listed on the Cherokee Rolls as Choctaw. She was from W.VA. Charles b. 8/23/1910, d.16 yrs. ago. (Ican't believe I don't remember the date). Marie b. 3/7/1913 d. 2/3/1969. married in 1928. They lived in Tallmadge, OH and had 2 children, Charlene & Jerry. She had 2 children, and he had 7 (accounted for), and I am one of the 7.

If anyone can link Clarice to Jesse Buregard Skoles & Eula Albritton that would be great. I was raised in Akron, OH, some of us in Youngstown, OH and Bradenton, FL. Currently I live in the Ocala area of FL. " 

From: Richard (Rick ) Scholes Australia (
"Greetings Scholes Clan. Rick Scholes Perth Australia two daughters Rosemarie and Elisabeth. Two brothers in New Zealand Geoffrey & David and sister Brenda Braes in Scotland. Parents Clarence Scholes and Annie Ogden of Oldham Lancashire UK. Tried tracing family tree but gave up grateful for any connections. Kind regards "

From: Julie Scholes Central New York (
"I just wanted to see if I could get a little information on the Scholes family. My grandfather was Melvin J. Scholes. He was born in 1926 and sadly passed away in 1988. Since I was only five years old when he passed I never got a chance to know him or to learn about his family. If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. "

From: keeffe and ed beragh (
"we love paul scholes  frm keeffe an ed XxXxXxXxXxoOo "

From: ROBERT MORLEY SCHOLES melbourne australia (
" I am from the Denton Scholes line .My great grandfather was Denton Scholes and I proudly wear his signet ring . "

From: Mark and Heidi Scholes Oskaloosa, Iowa United States (  
"Hello everybody. What a great surprise to see so many Scholes clans out there in the world. I (Mark) am from Batavia, IL originally and moved to Oskaloosa, Iowa almost two years ago. We have four boys; Austin, Andrew, Aaron, and Aidan and enjoy Iowa living compared to the hustle and bustle of Chicagoland. I am a school teacher and have a real passion for history and politics; so much so that I teach it at the school I'm at. My father's name is Gary Scholes and his father's name is Harold Scholes. Harold's father's name is Walter Scholes. I don't know where it goes from there, so if this sounds familiar to anybody, then I would appreciate a response. Thanks and great idea to have this website so we can communicate with each other. "

From: Marj Scholes Goosey Greenville, Ca, USA (
"Just saw one of my notes on your site that said I didn't have Email -- at the time that was true, but now I do!!!! Still looking for some of Dad's family; dad was Clarence Roy Scholes; he was from Omaha, Nebraska. We lost him September 9th, 1964 (we lost mom September 7th, 2007). Dad's sister Inez Scholes Johansen passed about 2 years ago (I don't have the exact date); last I heard, Dad's sister Margie Scholes Keep was still in the Saratoga, California, area. I know dad had four or five brothers, one of whom changed his name --- but where they are, I've no idea. 

I have two living sisters: Jeriann Cavanaugh (she's Dad's daughter by his first wife), and Virginia (Gini) Perger (my younger sister); we lost our brother Charles Roy Scholes in 1976. Dad's line goes on, but not as Scholes: Gini has 2 sons and 2 daughters, and now 4 grandsons -- Jeriann has a daughter and a grandchild; I never had children. My brother died 'without issue' ---- 

Put Jeriann, Gini and me in the same picture and it's obvious we came from the same gene pool, though Jeriann is the only one with Dad's coloring and bone structure; Gini and I missed out on both of those, and none of us got dad's height - he was 6 feet tall. 

We'd love to hear from anyone related to Dad's family"

From: Loren Scholes III Savannah, Georgia (
"I was born in Wichita, Ks. My family lived in Topeka and Salina, Ks. Anybody with any information, please contact me! "

From: Sue Cassidy Cambridgeshire (
"Looking at the name Cronkshaw - I am one quarter Cronkshaw on father's side. We are back to Cronkshaw of Rochdale, John b 1640. Not sure if connected (fairly new at all this) - the name became Cronshaw and in my line Joseph Cronshaw Dean b 1900 - d 1974 was the last (my father). Sue Cassidy "

From: Marjorie Scholes Goosey Greenville, California (marjgoosey@aol.Com
"Checking in, again, after 2 years or so. Google search of 'scholes' does get this site, eventually; search of 'scholes family' gets you this site as #1.
My father, Clarence Roy Scholes, was from Omaha, Nebraska; dad passed in 1964. Mom, Ethel Sutherland Scholes, passed on Sep 7th, 2007 at 92 yrs. Mom was from Petersberg, Nebraska; her passing leaves only one of her siblings still living. As for dad's family, i know his sister Inez Scholes Johansen is gone, but his sister Margie Scholes Keep may be still in the Los Gatos, Ca, area. Where dad's brothers are I've no idea. My older half-sister (dad's daughter by his first wife) is in the Las Vegas area; my younger sister is in Oroville, and we lost our little brother in 1976. 

If any of dad's family sees this, please contact me.....thank you  Marj Scholes Goosey "

From: Matthew Gordon Scholes Axbridge, Somerset, England
"hey immatt im 17 the scholes name has run down the tree of my father and his father but where it forks there i dont know but yeah hey everyone "

From: Brian W Scoles, South Carolina (
"Just beginning to do my own research on family history. I believe I have traced my linneage back to a place called Scholles Corners in Enniskillen in the County Fermanagh. But, I don't know that to be true."

From: Tony Scholes Australia (
"My name is Tony Scholes, I am 47 years old. My fathers name was David Leslie Scholes and his father was Leonard Scholes. I don’t really know anything about my family on the Scholes side and would like to know of my relatives. I wonder if you could help me find out more of my descendants/family. What would you need to know about me to help?To tell you truth I don’t really know much except that my grandfather was Leonard Scholes and he owned the Scholes bus service in Merewether in Newcastle NSW Australia. Hoping you can help. Tony"

From: Carol Scholes (
"Hi I am Carol Scholes daughter of John Scholes He was born in Accrington on 22nd February 1922 and he had a brother called Bill Scholes who worked in the pits, My dad was in the Army Royal Artillery so I dont know too much about my relatives since he moved south. I do have a cousin called Margaret and did have a cousin Sheila who was Margarets sister but she died so I do have family in Lancashire but have never had any contact, very sad but I am proud of our name and am glad to join this. Thankyou and anyone please get in touch especially my relatives thanks carol scholes"

From: James R. Toncray, Milwaukie, OR (
"I saw your posting on the Scholes family and would like to give you the following information:

James Albert Toncray, b. 1 Oct 1853, Fulton County, IL, d. 4 Dec 1940, Canton, Fulton, Illinois; Married. 27 Mar 1879, Liverpool, Fulton, Illinois to:

Eva D. Scholes, b. 26 Aug 1855, Liverpool Twp. Fulton, Illnois, d. 14 Jan 1916, Canton, Fulton, Illinois. 

Notes: James A. 

History of Fulton County, edited by Jesse Heylin: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers Chicago. c1908. pp 1146-1147.

TONCRAY, James A., a successful farmer and stock-raiser, living on Section3, Liverpool Township, Fulton County, Ill., was born in Lewistown Township, in that county, October 1, 1853. He is the son of Joseph S. Toncray and Ruth S. (Harrison) Toncray, natives of Lewis County, Ky., where they were married.

Mrs Toncray was a daughter of James Harrison. Joseph Toncray was a son of Joseph and Mary (Smith) Toncray. The family of Joseph Toncray, the grandfather, were residents of Kentucky. The great-great grandfather was a native of France and the great-great grandmother was of Scotch Irish descent. John A. Toncray was conscripted during the French-Canadian War. The family first settled in New York, whence they scattered to different points. At one time they were the owners of large landed estates in Dutchess County in that state. Grandfather Toncray's son Joseph, first journeyed from Kentucky to Fulton County in 1848, but returned to that state, where his marriage occurred the same year. In 1852 he again made the trip from Maysville, Ky., to Fulton County, Ill., with his family and located in Lewistown Township, where he arrived on December 15th of that year. In 1866 he bought the old Toncray farm in Buckheart Township, were he engaged in the pursuit of his vocation until 1894. In that year he moved to Bryant, Ill., and there died on March 12, 1905. He was born October 16, 1826. His widow is still living in Bryant.

They were the parents of seven children as follows: James A.; Francis E., a farmer near Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Ill.; Emma Inez, deceased; Sadie T. (Mrs. Hall) of Canton, Ill.; Wilbur S., a farmer near St. David, Ill., who married Della Carry; Maurice M. a resident of Phoenix, Ariz., and Mary, who is living at home in Bryant, Ill. The birth of the mother of this family occurred on November 23, 1834.

The Subject of this sketch was reared on the paternal farm and his mental training was obtained in the district schools of the neighborhood. At the age of twenty-one years he began working at farming by the month. After his marriage he lived for a year on the old Scholes farm in Liverpool Township, and in 1879 moved to his farm on Section 3, in the township, which has since been the family home. The property consists of eighty acres, and is in a high state of cultivation. Its owner devotes considerable attention to raising a good grade of all kinds of stock.

On March 27, 1879, Mr. Toncray was united in marriage with Eva D. Scholes, a daughter of Benjaman and Lucinda J. (Beaver) Scholes. Her father was born at Morley, near Leeds, England, November 2, 1821, and her mother was a native of Maryland, where her birth took place December 30, 1831. Mr. Scholes, on coming to the United States, proceeded to Illinois, where he located at Liverpool, and there the marriage occurred May 1, 1852. Mr. and Mrs. Toncray had seven children, two of whom died in infancy. Those surviving are: Wilton E., born July 21, 1884, a carpenter by trade; Harley S., born October 23, 1885; Anthony R., born November 13, 1887; Russell B., born January 27, 1889; Ruth S., born October 21, 1897.

In politics Mr. Toncray is a supporter of the Democratic party, of which he is an active and influencial member. For fourteen years he served ably and faithfully as Township Clerk, and has held the office of Road Commissioner. His worthy and estimable wife is a member of the Church of the Nazarenes. The Toncray family is one of the oldest and most honored in Fulton County and its present representative is regarded as one of its most upright, public-spirited and useful members of his community. 

In the 1880 Federal Census James is listed as living in Liverpool with Eva. He is a farmer. 

In the 1920 Federal Census James is living with his son, Wilton Earl on E. Ash Street in Canton, IL and is working as a laborer at ta factory; probably the International Harvester Corp. 

Notes Eva D. 
Eva (Scholes) TONCRAY is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Canton, IL. S.G. lot 191 div. M
Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916–1950 
TONCRAY EVA D F/W UNK 0012140 1916-01-14 FULTON CANTON 16-01-14
Eva was the mother of seven children but only five of them lived past 1910. Need to find data on missing two children. 

James and Eva had five children. If you are interestd I can give you the names and all the data on them too. 

Sincerely James R. Toncray, Milwaukie, OR, formerly from Canton, IL. "

From: Marjorie Scholes Goosey Greenville, California (marjgoosey@aol.Com) 
"I've tried to clean this up but some of this must be hard-coded:

A friend did some genealogical research (she does this as a 'hobby') on my father. I'm including part of that here; it’s quite lengthy even so – and there is an update from me at the bottom:

Descendants of George Scholes
Generation No. 1

GEORGE SCHOLES was born about 1801 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He married MARY COGGIN 31 Aug 1817 in Saint Mary, Nottinghamshire, England. She was born about 1805 in Lincolnshire, England.


i. THOMAS COGGIN SCHOLES, b. 15 Jul 1827, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England; d. 19 Sep 1906, Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California.

Generation No. 2

THOMAS COGGIN SCHOLES (son of George Scholes) was born 15 Jul 1827 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, and died 19 Sep 1906 in Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California. He married HARRIET CORA HOPPING 26 Feb 1851 in Iowa, daughter of BUCKLEY CARL HOPPING and ELIZA BOTHWELL. She was born 24 Feb 1831 in Wainscott, Suffolk County, New York, and died 27 Apr 1885 in West Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.


Immigration: 04 Jul 1848, To New York from England

He moved to Iowa from New York before by 1850, where he married and quickly became a key player in the Iowa Underground Railroad. His biography, printed in his lifetime, includes several accomplishments. He was a great man with a great mind and a generous heart.

Served on the USS Indianola (a 511-ton ironclad river gunboat) during the American Civil War. He was Third Engineer. The Indianola was sunk by the Confederate Army. Thomas served four years in the Libbyville Prison in Virginia. He is listed in the Burlington, Iowa GAR index.


i. GEORGE CARL SCHOLES, b. 12 Jun 1852, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 11 Jun 1937, Hazel Creek, Shasta County, California.

ii. THOMAS JEFFERSON SCHOLES, b. 04 Jul 1854, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 1905, (probably) Lee County, Iowa.

iii. CHARLES FREMONT SCHOLES, b. 12 Sep 1856, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. after 10 Apr 1930, (probably) Cody, Park County, Wyoming.

iv. HARRIET CORA SCHOLES, b. 25 Oct 1858, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. between 1860 - 1870, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

v. WILLIAM HERBERT SCHOLES, b. 04 Nov 1860, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 18 Sep 1932, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

vi. HENRY GUNNISON SCHOLES, b. 05 Jun 1863, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 02 Jul 1918.

vii. MARY ANN SCHOLES, b. 08 May 1865, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; m. FRED W. KAMMS.

viii. FLORA ELIZA SCHOLES, b. about 1868, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

ix. EDWARD HARPER SCHOLES, b. about 1872, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

Generation No. 3

GEORGE CARL SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born 12 Jun 1852 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died 11 Jun 1937 in Hazel Creek, Shasta County, California. He married (1) AMELIA MOORE about 1872. He married (2) ELIZA JANE LUMAN about 1880 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, daughter of JAMES LUMAN and MARY ANN UNKNOWN. She was born 12 Nov 1849 in Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa, and died 29 Jul 1934 in Hazel Creek, Shasta County, California.




Nellie may have died in infancy, or in early childhood.


ii. LULU SCHOLES, b. 23 Oct 1881, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 18 Dec 1902, California; m. WALTER THOMAS CADJEW, 25 Dec 1901, Dunsmuir, 
Siskiyou County, California; b. Feb 1878, California; d. 16 Feb 1916, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.

iii. FANNY SCHOLES, b. 30 Sep 1883, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 23 Jul 1973, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.

iv. PEARL SCHOLES, b. 13 Jul 1890, Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California; d. 26 Feb 1911, Shasta County, California; m. MICHAEL O'BRIEN, about 1910.

THOMAS JEFFERSON SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born 04 Jul 1854 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died 1905 in (probably) Lee County, Iowa. He married RACHEL GIESELMAN 19 Jun 1878 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. She was born May 1857 in Germany.


i. HERBERT FORREST SCHOLES, b. 20 Jul 1880, Iowa.

ii. CHILD SCHOLES, b. about 1883, Iowa; d. before 1900, Iowa.

iii. HARRIET "HATTIE" MARY SCHOLES, b. 03 Aug 1886, Iowa; d. 13 Jun 1934.

CHARLES FREMONT SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born 12 Sep 1856 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died after 10 Apr 1930 in (probably) Cody, Park County, Wyoming. He married KATHERINE MATHILDA ANDRE 03 Oct 1878 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, daughter of PHILIP CHRISTIAN ANDRE and MARIA KATHERINE WOOLMAN. She was born 05 Oct 1859 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died after 10 Apr 1930 in (probably) Cody, Park County, Wyoming.


Charles was an engineer and machinist. He assisted in the building of the Cody Dam outside of Cody, Wyoming. The water from that dam is what makes the area habitable.


i. FRANK RUDOLPH SCHOLES, b. 12 Jul 1879, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; m. ELMIRA CATHERINE ARNETT, 05 Jan 1903, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie 
County, Iowa; b. 27 Jun 1881, Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa.

ii. CHARLES THOMAS SCHOLES, b. 07 Mar 1881, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

iii. WALTER FREMONT SCHOLES, b. 01 Feb 1883, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

iv. ALBERT ARTHUR SCHOLES, b. 11 Apr 1886, West Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 11 Jul 1952, San Luis Obispo County, California.

v. FLORA MATHILDA SCHOLES, b. 31 May 1889, West Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa; d. 23 Oct 1918.

WILLIAM HERBERT SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born 04 Nov 1860 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died 18 Sep 1932 in Portland,  Multnomah County, Oregon. He married SUSANNA ELIZABETH TAYLOR 21 Jul 1891 in Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho, daughter of JOSEPH C. TAYLOR and SARAH JANE FALLON. She was born 21 Jul 1868 in North Carolina, and died 21 Jul 1931 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.


i. EDNA SARAH SCHOLES, b. 31 May 1892, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

ii. ALICE ELLEN SCHOLES, b. 31 Dec 1893, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

iii. SUSANNA JOSEPHINE SCHOLES, b. 13 Apr 1897, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

iv. CURTIS HERBERT SCHOLES, b. 02 Jul 1899, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon; d. 02 Jul 1901, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

HENRY GUNNISON SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born 05 Jun 1863 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died 02 Jul 1918. He married IDA 
MAY PENNEY 18 Mar 1886, daughter of JOSEPH WEDDELL PENNEY and MARY CASTER. She was born 05 Dec 1860.

Children of HENRY SCHOLES and IDA PENNEY are:

i. MERLE PENNEY SCHOLES, b. 18 Jan 1887; d. 07 Jul 1937.

ii. BESSIE SCHOLES, b. 22 Aug 1888; d. 01 Aug 1928.

EDWARD HARPER SCHOLES (son of Thomas Coggin Scholes) was born about 1872 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. He married LESSIE UNKNOWN. 



Generation No. 4

FANNY SCHOLES (daughter of George Carl Scholes) was born 30 Sep 1883 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, and died 23 Jul 1973 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. She married (1) FRANCIS ALEXANDER RILEY 18 Jul 1905 in Redding, Shasta County, California, son of FRANCIS A. RILEY and ANNIE FIELDS. He was born 21 Sep 1875 in Hawkinsville, Siskiyou County, California, and died 16 Jul 1945 in Yreka, Siskiyou County, California. She married (2) FRED M. WALKER 03 Jun 1925 in Oroville, Butte County, California. He was born about 1859 in California, and died 12 Nov 1936 in Siskiyou County, California.


i. JAMES WARDELL RILEY, b. 25 Apr 1906, Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California; d. 18 Mar 1995, Contra Costa County, California; m. GEORGIANNA VRANNA, 02 
Jul 1935, Chico, Butte County, California; b. 29 Jul 1910, Dickenson, Stark County, North Dakota.

HERBERT FORREST SCHOLES (son of Thomas Jefferson Scholes) was born 20 Jul 1880 in Iowa. He married BERTHA ETHEL SCHARVER 26 Nov 1903. She was born about 1883 in Iowa.


i. PAULINE RACHEL SCHOLES, b. 17 Jun 1905, Lee County, Iowa.

HARRIET "HATTIE" MARY SCHOLES (daughter of Thomas Jefferson Scholes) was born 03 Aug 1886 in Iowa, and died 13 Jun 1934. She married CLARENCE G. MARTIN 
01 Oct 1903 in Iowa. He was born about 1883 in Iowa.


i. MILDRED LOUISE MARTIN, b. 26 Aug 1904, Lee County, Iowa.

CHARLES THOMAS SCHOLES (son of Charles Fremont Scholes) was born 07 Mar 1881 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. He married EDITH I. ARMSTRONG about 1902, daughter of RICHARD WILLIAM ARMSTRONG and IDA HANNAH WATTS. She was born May 1886 in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska.


i. RICHARD C. SCHOLES, b. about 1904, Missouri or Nebraska; d. before 14 Mar 2007.

ii. ARTHUR F. SCHOLES, b. about 1906, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; d. before 14 Mar 2007.


Enlisted as a Pvt. in the U.S. Marine Corps on 23 Jul 1926.

iii. CLARENCE ROY SCHOLES, b. 17 Jun 1907, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; d. 09 Sep 1964, Los Angeles County, California. (this is my father]****** Dad was in the Army in the late 1930's and early 1940's; he worked for Columbia Records, ALCOA, and the Post office, retiring from the last in 1964. Mom (Ethel V. Sutherland Scholes) died Sep 07, 2007 at my sister's house in Oroville, California.)

iv. MILTON E. SCHOLES, b. 19 Feb 1910, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; d. 30 Oct 1965, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.

v. RONALD M. SCHOLES, b. 01 Mar 1912, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; d. Dec 1971.

vi. INEZ D. R. SCHOLES, b. 24 Jul 1918, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; d. 14 Mar 2007, Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico.

vii. MARJORIE V. SCHOLES, b. about 1920, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; m. MR. [Fred] KEEP.

Me, Again! My thanx to Elizabeth Bullard-Watson for the above and the longer file that I extracted this much info from.

Dad had four children:
1. Jeriann Scholes Cavanaugh (by his first wife, Vera - I don't know what her last name was)
2. Marjorie {Marj} Scholes Goosey (ME!)
3. Virginia {Gini} L. Scholes Herman Perger
4. Charles Roy Scholes (deceased, Mary 1776)

My sister has 2 kids (and recently adopted 2 more) and now has 4 grandsons...

Any one see themselves on the list? Contact me --- I've email addresses for my sisters ---- 

God's Blessings

From: Kerry White Australia (
"Hi. I am a descendant of the Scholes'. My Great Great Grandfather was John Woolner Scholes. Your site is very interesting!!"

From Enrique Traversa Argentina (
"Soy Argentina, vivo en la ciudad más Austral del mundo (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego).Mi nombre es: Alba Beatriz Scoles, tengo Un hermano llamado Germán.Mi padre también era Germán, mis abuelos paternos eran: Florencio Scoles , hijo de Gabino Scoles y Rosario Roldan, mi abuela era Maria Scoles hija de Tomás Scoles y Antonia Pereira. Mis abuelos contrajeron matrimonio en Ayacucho Provincia de Bs. As. argentina, el 9 de febrero de 1883. Yo guardo en mi poder fotocopia del acta de matrimonio. Mi correo es: por si desean saber más de esta parte de la familia "

"Soy Argentina, mi nombre es: Alba Beatriz Scoles, mi padre se llamaba Germán Scoles nací en Adolfo Gonsalez Chaves, pero mi familia residía en De La Garma Pcia de Bs. As. Actualmente vivo en la ciudad más austral del mundo Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) Argentina. Por favor contestar en castellano, no se hablar en inglés. Mi correo es:"

Blame Babel Fish for this translation: 

" I am Argentinean, alive in the most southerly city of the world (Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego). My name is: Dawn Beatriz Scoles, I have a called brother Germa'n. My father also was Germa'n, my grandparents on our father's side were: Florencio Scoles, son of Gabino Scoles and Rosario Roldan, my grandmother was Maria Scoles daughter of Tomas Scoles and Antonia Pereira. My grandparents contracted marriage in Ayacucho Province of Versus. Ace. Argentinean, the 9 of February of 1883. I keep in my power photocopies of the marriage certificate. My mail is: ab422047@ in case you wish to know more of this part of the family " " I am Argentina, my name is: Dawn Beatriz Scoles, my father was called Germa'n Scoles I was born in Adolph Gonsalez Chaves, but my family resided in Of Garma Pcia of Versus. At the moment I live in the most southerly city of the world Ushuaia (Tierra Del Fuego) Argentina. Please to answer in Castilian, not to be spoken in English. My mail is: ab422047@ "

From: Wayne & Keryn Forbes (
"Hi there Peter Scholes...How are you? 
My name is Keryn Forbes, My father is Shane Scholes. I grew up with my mother Cathy Norris. Shane Scholes his father is Kelvin Murray Scholes son of Harold Scholes 1901-1975 Harolds Parents were Alfred Edward Scholes and Sophia Jane Scholes nee Symons Alfreds parents were John and Hannah Elizabeth Scholes nee Simpson i know nothing about my blood line and would like to learn more i have currently had no luck with my Dads Family his Dad Kelvin Murray Scholes they all seem to not no much either but im not to sure if they are telling me everything like there is a big secret or something..........
I have knowledge that there is maori blood that comes in but im not to sure whether its true or not and would really like to know my heritage. I always get asked where does your family originate from or whats your family history its kind of embarrassing when i have to answer i dont know all the time. Since finding this website it has stirred up something inside........are you able to help steer me in the right i said i havent had any luck with my Fathers family i know Kelvin has brothers and sisters but they probaly wont be much help either. i might give them ago after i hear back from you if you cant help that is."

From: Sue Howard <>
"Can anyone help? I've been receiving mail for Mr & Mrs A Scholes at my address in Hyde Cheshire (but he's never lived here). Unfortunately none of the neighbours have heard of them either. But it breaks my heart that mum won't get her mothers day card for a start. Anyone got any leads?
Sue Howard."

From: Phil (
"Hello Peter, Read your website with interest. I am researching the MUTTON family of Norfolk and I came across the marriage of Benjamin Skoyles and Rose Mutton. Do you have more information on this couple... Roses' parents or their children ?Regards, Phil Mutton"

From: Pamela Longhurst Pickering, Ontario, Canada ( 
"Hi, I saw you information on your Scholes family website.  I am interested in information on Richard Bealby and Ann Scholes. If my information is correct they are my 5th great grandparents. My family is through there son Varley. Do you have any more information on these people? I am of course willing to share what information I have with you. Thank you, Pamela" 

From: Connie, Pennsylvania (
"Hello Peter, I tried to submit to the guest book but don't seem to be able to finalize this. So please I am sharing it with you here. I have enjoyed reading all your messages, but especially the pronounciation musings. I suppose though we Sholes have not had the "c" to interfere, we have enough Germans around us to add the Tz to Sholes if they choose to. If not in spelling in pronouncing. I am a descendant of John Sholes b 1672 who immigrated and purchased land in Groton CT by the 1720's. I am sharing the names of the other signers of the land in case some of you have connections to aid in confirming any connections with my John Sholes I. 
[Capt. Samuell Avery Decd, Mr. George Geer Decd, Zachariah Maynor, Henry Williams, Andrew Latham?, Edward Spicer, Thoms Lamb, Ralph Stodard, John Baley Decd, William Baley, Isaac Lamb Decd, William Swad?? Decd, Stephen Stark, Aaron Stark, John Latham, Benjamin Springer, Wm. Stark Decd, Ensign Wm. Morgan, Samuel Avery of New London, Solmon Coit, John Allyn, Jonathan Lanifing?, Gideon Cobb, William Latorly, Luke Perkins Decd, William Morgan Junr., Chris Avery 2d, Luke Perkins, William Every Decd, John Sholes, Jonathan Chester, John Perkins, Benjamin Andros, John Fox, Nathaniel Brown Junr, Andrew Davis, John Baley, Joseph Baley Junr, Samuel Avery Decd, Hudson Springer, William Baley Junr, John Newbery, Joseph Collver, Samuel David, Peter Williams, John Coller Decd, James Packer Three quarters of the Right of Jonathan Williams, Two thirds of the Right of Alexander Thorn and half of the right of the widow Chester, the sd Humphry Avery having purchased the abovesd Rights as appears by the Deeds of the same well executed bounded as followeth … 175A ]
Connie from Pennsylvania"

From: harrison scholes (
"hi i'm a scholes too"

From: Barry Scholles, Strasburg, Ohio (
"Hello- I wrote in quite some time ago when we were still living in Dover, Ohio. As far as I know everyone we have been able to contact that's related to us spells their named 'Scholles.' We have found records of a Peter Scholles who served in the American Civil War around 1862 in or near Cleveland, Ohio. For some reason his discharge  paper and disability requests all spell his name 'Scholas." If there are any Scholles out there who think they may be related please send me an e-mail. From Cleveland we believe the family travelled southwest to Springfield, Ohio and some went to Cincinnati and also to Texas. We have been able to confirm blood relatives in all these areas. Would love to hear from anyone. Thanks. Barry Scholles"

From: Marie Lock, Hampshire, England (
"Tried to trace my ancestors but can't find a one so I hope to add a few more to this great site. "

From: Bill Scholes, Manchester (
"Hi,Feels good to stumble across a site dedicated to us Scholes's. I was born 1962 in Bury and my dad and his family were from Farnworth in Bolton. Keep up the good work everybody! "

From: Justin Travis Scholes, Idaho Falls, Idaho U.S.A. (
"I had no idea my family name was so wideapread. The fact that there is a website dedicated to our name is exciting to know. Keep it goin!" 

From: George Barrie Scholes, London (
"An update to my entry sev years ago. Change of email address, I was born in Hamilton NZ in 1934. My father was Alexander Anthony and my grandfather was also Alexander, farmed in Hangatiki near Te Kuiti, NZ. I lived in Auckland until I moved to London in 1965." 

From: Kieran Robin Scholes-Miller Melbourne Australia (
"Hi to all you scholes's out there, great site. Kieran, Lisa, Shari,Mason,Saxon. "

From: Tracy Scholes, Austin, Texas (
"I am originally from Tampa, Florida where other Scholes' in my family still live. What a wonderful site! I just stumbled on to it! Cheers!" 

From: natalie scholes, Australia (
"great to find a website on our great name thanks peter you have done a great job "

From: andrew james scholes, newcastle upon tyne, england (
"hi am Andrew James Scholes (18) son of Mark Leonard Scholes who is son of Lionel Scholes i am told i have family in canada and i know i have family in 
the south of england any scholes's in the north east or in the world fancy a chat get in touch -"

From: Emily Scholes, Nashville, Tennessee (
"I, like many others just stumbled across this page and its very interesting to see where we all come from! We are in Nashville Tennesee. Looks like 
there are a lot in the UK!"

From: Mark Armin Scholes, Summit Illinois USA (
"just trying to find my family background."

From: Heather Griffiths, Birmingham England (
"Hi, just found your site, my mother Marj was the daughter of John Bower Scholes of Thurstaston, Wirral, England. Her grandfather was Head teacher of 
Dawpool Primary school in the early 1900s. My Grandfather's parents built and owned the Heatherland Cafe in Thurstaston which still stands. Looking for 
any family members who think they might be related. Get in touch, love to hear from you. "

From: Lucas Scholes, Australia (
"hey i'm lucas, 18 from northern NSW in Australia. looking up my family tree and found this. cathcya later "

From: Daniel Robert Scholes, Leeds (
"hey Son of Stuart Andrew Scholes, Grandson of Fred Scholes. all leeds born and breed would love to no more about my history if any1 could help, 
especially about my grandfarther, ive heard stories about him but would love to here more about him, if any1 could help me i would be deeply gratefull
Scholes, Daniel Robert "

From: Rick Scholes, manchester (
"another scholes right here!!" 

From: Kimberly Scholesm Ashland, Illinois (

"Hi I'm the eldest son of Ronald Scholes who has a brother Dennis Scholes whose father was Harold and Harold's father was Samuel who came from Oldham Lancs. Anyone out there know us? " 

From: David Armin Scholes Summit, Il, 60501 USA (
"Was very intrigued and reading was quite enlightening. Actually my son Mark knew of the site before I did." 

From: Peter Scholes West Yorkshire (
"Orinially from Carlisle, Cumbria (the place I still call home) I now live and teach in Bradford"

From: ryan scholes (
"i am just inquiring about the true origins of our family name and where it originated as this has got me thinking so much lately i know on your website 
it mentions a old norse or even a dutch origin but i was just wandering are any of these suggestions legitimate as i would really like to learn more. 
thankyou for your time, ryan scholes"

From: John P Hall (
"Hi, Have you had a y DNA test to find your Flemish/Viking possible roots?
John Hall"
(interesting idea. Has anybody had this done?)

From: Georgina Evans (
"Hi. MY name is Georgina i am researching the Scholes family tree. My husband James is the Gx4 Grandson of Hannah Farmery nee Scholes born 1802 snaith yorkshire. I do not have any information on Hannah's family loads on the Farmerys. Hannah died 1830 and had two children Edwin and Aley Louisa(i have loads of info on them). I have looked on the Scholes website, but i can't find anything on her parents, siblings etc. Do you have any information?? 
Thanks Georgina"

From: Elaine Rigg (
"Hello! I wanted to share my meagre information in the hope that maybe someone might possibly know a little more?
My mother, Vera, was born in 1932 to Frederick and Lucy Scholes. They lived in York Street, Wakefield, which no longer exists. My mother was given up 
for adoption when she was 13 months old. Could anyone add to this please? Thanks"

From: Michael Lindley
"re: The Will of William Scoles of Thorp on the Hill, Yorkshire. Your website shows the Will of William Scoles and it mentions the William Gascoigne & 
Family and Thorpe on the Hill.

Have you information of a dwelling for William Scoles, as he appears to be a person expected to live in a fine residence?

I am trying to research the History of Thorpe on the Hill, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, before 1700. Thorpe is identified in Domesday, then there's a gap 
in the History until about 1735, when Thorpe Hall was built.

Because of the small population, very few documents appear to have been written about this agricultural village.

I suspect that Thorpe Hall, built 1735, was the site of an earlier large timber-framed house. 

Could it be that William Scoles had a house on this site? It is mentioned that William Gascoigne, inventor of the micrometer, had an observatory in 
Thorpe and best guess is that that structure was located at Thorpe Hall.

Thank you, Yours sincerely, Michael Lindley"

From: Margaret Elizabeth GRESTY (
: SCHOLES from Co. Monaghan, IRELAND
"Hi Peter, I was delighted and rather excited to come across your web site; I am now hoping that I will make some progress with my SCHOLES line of the 
family history. I have lived in Western Australia for the past 30+ years but originaly came from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. In the last few 
years family history and ancestor research has become a passion and I am anxious to know more about my SCHOLES ancestor, parents, siblings etc.

My Gt.Grandmother was Matilda Jane SCHOLES (b. 1841 at Killyfuddy, Co. Monaghan, Ireland). Her father was recorded as being James SCHOLES and her sister Maria witnessed her Marriage to John MARTIN (b. 1840 at Ballyblogh, Killeevan, Co. Monaghan). Maria went on to marry George DICKSON in 1886. Matilda Jane and John later moved to Rooskey, Newbliss, Co. Monaghan and produced 6 children.

The children were: Margaret Jane MARTIN (b. 12.05.1868 at Rooskey) who married a ? HALL.

Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) MARTIN (b. 15.10.1871 at Rooskey) who married Alexander "Sandy" KELLS on 12.05.1893 at Newbliss Presbyterian Church.

Un-named MARTIN who was born and deceased on 04.03.1873 at Rooskey, Newbliss, Monaghan.

William MARTIN (b. 27.03.1874 at Rooskey) who married Maria Mary RITCHIE.

Martha MARTIN (b. 27.06.1877 at Rooskey) who married Edward GILLANDERS.

John James MARTIN (b. 05.12.1880 at Rooskey) who married Margaret Jane (Meta) LEE. This was my maternal Grandfather.

I would very much appreciate any information for Matilda Jane (Tillie) and Maria SCHOLES original family and would be so pleased to hear from any other descendants of this family. Thank you for this opportunity and I will patiently await a response.

Kind regards, Elizabeth Gresty (nee GORDON)"

From: Linda Walker Western Australia (
"Re: Edith Scholes b 1880 Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I am looking for information of one of my relatives Thomas Leadley Gilbertson, born 1886. He got married in Leeds 1907.Looking on different sites the reference for his marriage is 9b 843. This is also the reference for Edith Scholes, Henrietta Gurnell and Joseph Henry Windsor.

The problem is which one was married to Thomas ? I have found an Edith born in 1880 from Luck Lane, Paddock, Huddersfield. Parents Fred and Ann. 
Maybe this is the wrong Edith !Can you help?

Thanks Linda Walker

Hi again,

I wrote to you earlier today with a query about Thomas Leadley Gilbertson & Edith Scoles. I have since found out that my Thomas was married to 

Linda Walker"

"Re: information re deseased mr peter charles scholes 1945 to 2003/2004 i am interested in any information you may have regarding peter charles scholes born in 1945 died tragicly in january 2002 in morcambe whose mother was named murial scholes who died in 2003 also of morcambe but both and family from leeds originaly and had a aunty nellie from pudsey also now deseased peter also had a sister named lynda who lives in morcambe at this present time with two sons and daughter peter himself also had two sons tony and Deans also tradgly died and two surviving twins ben an sopie both of morcambe any information of surviving relaions in leeds and surrounding areas would be appriated re peter and his family etc if any assistance needed of any knowledge i can help give please e mail me and if you can help me i look forward in hearing from you thanking you at you conveniance"

From: Janet Phillips, North Yorks (
"My name is Janet Phillips and I live in a village called Hensall in North Yorkshire, England. I have been looking through your site hoping to find 
some relatives but to no avail. My mother was a Scholes her name was Florrie and she had a twin sister Nellie (who emigrated to Canada) their elder 
sister was called Grace. Their father was a George Scholes but I do not know his wifes name, apparantly she died young. They moved from Morley 
Yorkshire, to live in Leeds in 1914. I can remember mum mentioning cousin Jessie who had a daughter Pauline, who I believe became mayoress of Morley at one time. Does any of this ring bells with anyone?"

From: James Scholes (
"Have hand written family tree going back to early 1800`s with female lines going back further. Oldham based. will try to mail to you sometime in 
future. James E Scholes"

From John Scholes (
"Stumbled on your website. As you can tell by the email address, I also have the name Scholes! John is my first name. I believe my grandfather came from Sheffield…I could be wrong. My immediate family (father and siblings, 4 brothers in total) all live in Canada…my father in Burlington, Ontario, and uncle in London, Ontario…and another uncle in Victoria, British Columbia. My father’s eldest brother is dead.Not sure if this helps at all…if you’re interested in more info, I can dig some more! Be well,John"

From Susan Bradbrooke, Richmond, VA (
"I stumbled across your site only recently and was very interested since I am the Historian of Agecroft Hall, Richmond Virginia. (I'm from Didsbury.) You are probably aware that the Hall came from Pendlebury in what was the Salford Wapentake. I have copies of the many Agecroft deeds and the Scholes family is frequently mentioned as tenants of both Prestwich and Agecroft.
If you don't already have this information - texts of the deeds in question are at Chetham's Library and the M/C Central Library - I'd be happy to send copies or exerpts of these deeds.
For example, the earliest deed is c1300 - Grant of lands in Chatherton from Parson of Prestwich to Richard son of Gilbert de Scholecroft, and the heirs which he had by Amaria, dau of Peter de Hopwood. Hope this is of interest, Susan Bradbrooke"

From: Tom Scholes, Oldham, Lancashire (
"I am looking for Joseph Scholes born 1758 and died 1814. he was known as big dody and he was from oldham, lancashire. he was oldham's town cryer. any people who may be related contact me. PLEASE." 

From: Bianca Elizabeth Scholes, Copenhagen, Denmark (
"I was born In Exeter,England on the 4th. of May 1963. I am trying to find any information about a Thomas Scholes( who was my step father) who lived on the Fishponds Road(?) in Bristol."

From: Stephen Ralph Boswell, Los Angeles, California (
"My second great grandfather was Caleb Buswell, Jr., who died in New York City in 1826. He had a daughter named Eliza that married Buckley Carl Hopping. They had a daughter named Harriet Cora Hopping that Married Thomas Coggin Scholes, from Leeds, England. They had a son named Charles F. Scholes who married Katherina M. Andre. They had a son named Walter Fremont Scholes, born in Burlington, Iowa, who married Mary Frances Beckwith. Do any of the Scholes family members know anything about this lineage, and details about the Buswell connection? "

From: Jeanne Scholes Pentecost, Illinois. USA/ Rochdale,Lanc's UK  (
"Lot of work gone into this Site. I am sure I will find something to help me in my research. Keep up the good work."

From: Jennifer A Scholes, Liverpool (
"It is interesting and unusual to see a website about the Scholes Family. I was born and raised in North Merseyside where many of my family still live!"

From: Helen Hiscock, West Australia (
"I cannot find any SCHOLEYs from Normanton or Pontefract areas on this site. Cheers Helen" 

From: simon william scholes hawthorne, sunshine coast australia (
"originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, My mum is Joy Scholes from Lisburn. Grandparents Andrew Scholes and Emma Scholes from Maguiresbridge in Co Fermanagh. "

From: Daniel Scholes Shedd, Providence, RI (
"My Grandfather, Howard Scholes was born in Brooklyn NY and moved to Rhode Island just after WW1 and died in the early 1970s "

From: Nigel Marshall ex of Scholes, Leeds, now Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland.(
"Hi, It's good to see that my one time home village is on the web. You've done a great job here, the product of a lot more than just one rainy afternoon I'm sure! Keep up the good work." 

See Nigel's website on Scholes War Memorial at

From: robert, adelaide australia (
"hi all. just arrived in oz researching family background originally from manchester in uk. My father Roy Scholes is from middleton,born july 24th 1937 ring any bells? "

From: martin schoales, Geneva, Switzerland (
"Hope you don't mind a Schoales with an a appearing here. I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire but moved to Switzerland in 1982. I have a daughter, Sasha, who is now 23. No sons, and my father was an only child so my part of the line stops here...
My father was called Harry Clifford Schoales, born in 1912, died 1990 and his father was called Adam Schoales. Adam had a brother, William, who was a major in the army and who moved to Canada in the early 60's. Adam and William were born in Co. Clare in Southern Ireland.

Nice site. I'll keep popping back to it. "

From: Margaret, Manchester England (
"Hello to you all, what a great place. My dad (John/Jack Nield past away ten year's ago now, I don't know to much about his side of the family but Id be very interested too find out, he never told us about his father, I don't even have a name but is mother's name was francies she had a brother tom. Dad lived in Bury manchester england all his life, he was in the navy for a spell in the 1950's .....well I do "Hope" to find the nield background one day. Take care Margaret email" 

From: Randy S. Scholes, Nova Scotia, Canada (
"I just want to make a correction and add something else... My father John scholes has a brother Bill.. (David) is really John Scholes sister Joan Scholes.. lastname now for them is (Stone) Also there is my brother alan scholes and his two kids.. 

Also to Stephen Norman Scholes, Halifax.Nova Scotia.Canada ( 
"I think I'm the only Scholes in eastern Canada!, and was the last of our line until my son Harrisons' birth 19 months ago. My family came from Chapel on the Firth, U.k. My grandfathers name was Norman Scholes. He lived in Honduras until 1965 then moved to Nassau. "

Just to let you know that your not the only one from eastern Canada.. Since i am as well...
My father John Scholes and his brothers David and Bill are from halifax, Nova Scotia...
I came to this site hopping i can find some info on the scholes family.. An damm did i ever find out alot. Thanks for the site.. "

"Hi,My name is Julia Scholes and I was born in Accrington. My father Terry Scholes is a sandgrown'un with family all around Great Harwood and central Lancashire.Greetings and Best wishes. "

From: F.R. Scholes, Barnstaple. N. Devon. UK (
"Just to let you know that Pte Walter Scholes - one of the 300 'shot at dawn' in WW1 - is to be pardoned by the government. About time too!! He was from my researches heavily shellshocked at the time and in the subsequent WW2 would have been hospitalised and/or discharged as unfit.

At long last one of our large family is to be removed from the stigma of cowardice and perhaps now the War Office will release more information on him and why he was executed. Fred Scholes "

From: Deborah Brown, Hertfordshire UK (
"My maiden name is Scholes and as my Dad has been researching our family tree, I thought I'd google the name to see what turned up and your site did!!! I'm amazed that there are so many Scholes' out there! As you can see I've a really boring surname now, but I'll always be a Scholes deep down!! Thanks for the site and I'll pass the details onto my Dad. Debbie"

From: stephen scholes, rothwell west yorkshire (
"just started my family tree any one who thinks they may be related to scholes from wakefield area please get in touch "

From: Glenda, Wales (
"Very interesting site, came upon it purely by accident. Albert George Burdall is one of my ancestors." 

From: Marjorie Scholes Goosey 
"Just checking in -- I don't currently have email - but if you go through this guest book you'll probably find previous entries from me. Did a 'google' search on just 'scholes', got 797 hits! AND THIS site wasn't one of them! 'Scholes Family' as the search field gives this site as the #1 entry
Marj in Greenville, Ca" 

From: stephen scholes (

From: Andrew John Scholes, Cologne . Germany (
"Hi to all of you out there .... was bored and found this web site. Currently working in Germany but am orginally from Peterborough in England, as with most of you I never knew there where so many of us !!!! take care Andy "

From: juliet, Manchester (
"What a great site! Some interesting Scholes reading! x "

From: Tyler J. Scholes, Marray (
"this is a cool place that i can help you get my family from Alan Kay Scholes's family. This is jeffery scholes's child tyler. Hi Peter. Alan Kay Scholes had my dad Jeff Scholes, he got married to Charlotte Hedgecock, they had me,tyler, and my two sisters ,Kylie, and Mackenzie. that should help you with your site. thanks for your time!" 

From: GAZ SCHOLES, Halifax (
"my grandfather had 13 brothers and sisters did anyone elses. broke my neck last summer it sucked " 

From: M. Scholes, Georgia, USA 
"Just wanted you to know that there is one more SCHOLES out there. "

From: Daniel David Scholes, Hull East Yorkshire (
"hi there i came across the website by accident but i have found it very interesting indeed im 27 and come from a large family my father has 3 brothers and 3 sisters but from all the siblings only myself and the youngest boy harrison can carry on the family name. any more info would be greatly recived yours danny scholes "

From: John Scoales, Edinburgh (

From: jude scholes,carlisle cumbria (
"great to see so many scholes'es out there, my parents are joan and tony scholes of carlisle cumbria, i have a brother andrew scholes.....amazing to see so many of you worldwide! "

From: Arden Tracy Scholes,Guildford, Surrey (
"i would love to find out what family i have in the area. "

From: Ray Battye ( 
"Father (Frank) born in Scholesmoor (1909) "

From Sue Rylands, Bradford, UK (
!HI Peter,I've been working on a branch related by marriage to me who appear on your database but with some differences to my research. I have some unconfirmed census notes for you if you would like them.

George Scholes born 1799 Horton, Bradford married Rebecca Bairstow/Bastow in Bradford 1821. Your site says George was buried in Manningham, New Zealand...I would say this should be Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire I think.

I am not convinced that the son John born 1824 on your site is theirs as the notes mention a brother Thomas who I have found no evidence of and there are no other known links to Lancashire. George & Rebecca did indeed have a son John about 1828/9 (1841 census) but he's not with the family in 1851 so I cannot confirm that further. However there is a John recorded on the IGI chr. 7 Sep 1828 to George and Rebecca Scholes in Horton. So unless the birth date of 7 Sep 1824 can be linked with the christening date 4 years later I would'nt say it was proven they were one and the same John.

Of course that leaves a question then of whether there were other children born to George & Rebecca if they married in 1821 but their first known son was was'nt born until 1824/1828 and if the earlier year, why such a gap between John & William born 1829/30.

Anyway, for your records I think this is Alfred, the son born 1833 but baptised 1837. Hope this helps someone...

1861 census - 50 Carlisle Road, Manningham

Alfred Scholes, h, m, 28, warp dresser, Horton

Mary, wife, 27, formerly weaver, Manningham

Sam, son, 7, Manningham

Ledgerd, son, 5, Manningham

John W., son, 1, Manningham

1871 census - 44 Lilley St, Manningham

Alfred Scholes, h, m, 38, warp dresser, Horton

Mary, wife, 38, Manningham

Samuel, son, 16, warp dresser, Manningham

Ledgerd, son, 14, warp dresser, Manningham

John W, son, 11, Manningham

George H, son, 6, Manningham

Polly, daug, 4, Manningham

Joshua, son, 2, Manningham

Samuel Ledgard, brotherinlaw, 24, stone quarryman, Manningham

42 Lilley St - Hannah Ledgard, wid, h, 42, Sowerby

1881 - Ledgard living in 35 Woodbury Place, Manningham

1881 census - 34 Rose St, Manningham

Mary Ann Scholes, h,, m, 48, Manningham

John William, son, 21, plush finisher, Manningham

George Henry, son, 16, spooling overlooker, Manningham

Pollly, daug, 14, spooling labeler, Manningham

Joshua, son, 12, scholar, Manningham

Best wishes, Sue (Rebecca Bairstow was 4th great aunt, her father Abraham my 5th g, grandfather.)"

From Steven Pass (
"Re:John Tweedale 1804 Saddleworth Hi Peter!I am trying to track down one of my ancestors called John Tweedale, whom according to the censuses was born in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England in or around 1804. A trawl on the Internet brought up a reference to your website which I am unable to access. I know that my great, great grandmother, Sarah Ann Tweedale (born at Derker St, Oldham, Lancashire on 11th April 1860) was married twice. She was first married to Robert Simpson and then later to John Scholes born in 1862. 
I wonder whether you have any links to the persons named above? If you have, I would be ever so grateful if you would return my message.
Thanking you ever so much in advance
Regards, Steve Pass"

From Sandy Scholes, (
"Peter My name is Alexander (Sandy) Scholes and I live in Milnathort, Scotland.
I have come across the scholesfamily website but appear to be forbidden access.
I have done a little family tracing and find my grandfather Thomas Scholes came from Clones, Ireland.
Can you help me to obtain more infprmation on this site?
Sandy Scholes"

From Elizabeth Scholes, Layton, Utah (
"My family descends from one Benjamin Scholes who was born in "Morley" about 1820 and who later immigrated to Illinois. I am shortly travelling to England and would like to find out some more information about his family in England. What I currently know is that his father's name was James Scholes and his mothers name was Hannah Langley. He had at least two brothers, George and James and at least two sisters, Ruth and Mary. I can find no trace of the family after 1823 when James was 
christened in Bately. Do you have any suggestions of how to find them? Or where my family obtained the name Scholes from?
! am trying to find out more information about James Scholes and Hannah Langley who lived in Bately between 1812 and 1823. I am particularly interested in where they lived and how I might be able to find out more about them and their children, George, Ruth, Mary, Benjamin and James. They seem to disappear after 1823. I am planning to visit England and would like to have some idea where my surname came from so that I can visit there. Can you help?

Elizabeth Scholes"

From: Carolyn Scholes, Burlington Ontario Canada (
"I cannot believe there is a website of Scholes' this is amazing!" 

From: Beverly Scholes, NSW Australia (
"I would like to thank this site for putting me in touch with other family members. since my other postings I have gone a lot further in my Scholes research and would like to give C from England a special thank you for helping me achieve that. I am now looking for the family of William Scholes born in Alt Hill Lancashire 1818 and his wife Julia. his parents were Joshua and Elizabeth Scholes. his brother was my husbands gg grandfather Joshua Scholes.
regards Bev Scholes "

From: George Kim Scholes (
"My father was George Aymer Scholes, grandfather Aymer Ulrich Scholes, both of Commerce OK, USA. "

From: Tom Conly, New Jersey (
"My grandmother was Josephine Schoales of Phila. Pa. Her father was Joseph D.Schoales M.D. of Phila. and grandfather Marcus A. Schoales M.D. of Phila. Her mother side were the Boarman ,of Martinsburg W.Va.Does anyone have any info on this family. Thank you,Tom " 

From: Phillip Scholes, Wilmslow, Cheshire. UK (
"I was born in Oldham, Greater Macnhester in 1969. My father was Anthony (Tony) Scholes, his father was Frederich (Freddie) Scholes. Freddie lived in Turf Lane Royton, he was married to Harriet Scholes. My mother was Jean Scholes. "

From: melanie jayne scholes, Bolton, UK (
"first of all id like to say hiya to all of you out there! well im trying to trace my family roots if anyone knows anything about my family please get in touch my grandad is called colin scholes and used to own the city hotel pub in bolton and was married to edna scholes if you have any infomtion please get in touch thanks very much x "

From Sonia (

"Hi Peter, In my studies for Financial Analysis I came across this option pricing model (wikipedia definition). Myron Scholes has a full autobiography which I have included with the web address and lies below the definition . I hope this is useful for the site, Sonya Scholes:

The Black-Scholes model, often simply called Black-Scholes, is a model of the varying price over time of financial instruments, and in particular stocks. The Black-Scholes formula is a mathematical formula for the theoretical value of European put and call stock options that may be derived from the assumptions of the model. The equation was derived by Fischer Black and Myron Scholes; the paper that contains the result was published in 1973. They built on earlier research by Paul Samuelson and Robert Carhart Merton. The fundamental insight of Black and Scholes is that the call option is implicitly priced if the stock is traded. The use of the Black-Scholes model and formula is pervasive in financial markets.

Merton and Scholes received the 1997 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for their work; Black was ineligible, having died in 1995.

Myron S. Scholes – Autobiography

I was born in Timmins, Ontario, Canada on July 1, 1941. My father had ventured to Timmins, a relatively prosperous gold-mining region, to practice dentistry during the depression.

From: john scholes, oldham lancs (
"Hi again .to john denton scholes of melbourne your ancestor richardis in our branch, check Kirkheaton Huddersfield england. to John Scholes melbourne we may be related "
"brilliant site, have seen scholes who are long distant cousins,in melbourne, if they read this theyare welcome to contact me "

From: Norman Wallace Scholes, Evington Virginia (
"Peter this web page looks interesting. I am sure my brother Fred has information in here. Fun surfing"

From Libby Seddon, Brampton, Cumbria (
"We have built an extensive family tree of the descendants of William Scholes, born Affetside, Lancashire in 1823, and his wife Mary Catlow Smith, born Pendlebury 1827. Three of their children intermarried with another Scholes family, children of William, born Harwood 1821/2 and Elizabeth, born Pilkington circa 1825. These two families settled at, respectively, 33 Redbank, Radcliffe and 26, Church Street Pilkington.

Of their many descendants we believe the following may be out there, and we would love to hear from them or others who believe they are related.

Six grandsons of Alice (Elsie) SCHOLES and William PARKINSON. Four of these are sons of Jack Parkinson who was a doctor in Wales, so maybe his sons are still there? Two others are sons of William Parkinson, one a dentist and the other a geologist believed to be in Somerset.

Two grand-daughters of William SCHOLES and Annie CAMERON. William was a science teacher.

Michael SCHOLES, grandson of John Albert SCHOLES and Edith DYER.

Christine and Barbara SCHOLES, grand-daughters of John Albert and Edith. Their father’s name was Kenneth and he worked in Customs and Excise.

Neville and Maurice SCHOLES, sons of George E SCHOLES, Neville a dentist and Maurice a civil engineer.

Michael and Martin SCHOLES, sons of my great uncle William, born Middlesbrough 1906. Michael is a doctor believed to be in New Zealand, and Martin is believed to be in the USA.

Kenneth, son of Alfred and Maude SCHOLES, in South Africa.

Raymond and Charles STAPLES, grandsons of Mary (Polly) SCHOLES and Charles E STAPLES. Raymond is thought to be in Switzerland.

Many thanks, Libby Seddon"

From: Becky Scholes, Des Moines, Iowa (
"Peter, I was fortunate to marry into the Scholes' clan. My husband is the "baby" of 10, the oldest being 88! He is a descendent of Richard Scholes from Accrington, England. We were delighted to discover that there were over three pages of Scholes in the London phone directory when we were there about 20 years ago. The Brits weren't very original in naming children in that era, so the records got very confusing with lots of Richards and James. But this particular portion of the family came to Rhode Island in the early 1700's to work in the textile mills. According to the records, they all had big families, so there definitely are lots of SchoIes in the US. My husband has seen the Accrington area, and he knows now why they migrated - the land is not very productive - lots of big rocks, so the land would only support so many, and the rest had to seek a living elsewhere eventually.

I have a niece that is really pursuing the family history, so she might have already contacted you - Beth Rau from Redmond, Washington, USA. Her grandparents were Dean and Roaine Scholes, originally from Yankton, South Dakota. They ranched in North Dakota after marrying. We live in Iowa, where there are lots of people, including me, that are of German descent. So, I'm constantly correcting people about the pronunciation. They all want to start the name with a "sh". 

You also might be interested to know that at least one of the Scholes fought in the Civil War. We visited the Vicksburg battleground in Mississippi. Each state that had men fighting in that battle placed a little monument on the edge of the field. We found a Curtis Scholes from Illinois. My husband remembers his mother talking about that, since he is one of our ancestors, so it was a delight finding his name on site."

From: Camilla Fisher (
"Dear Mr Scholes,   I was wondering if you could help. My godfather's sister was born 9/10/11 - her name is Beatrice Carr. 
She remembers with fondness a cousin - Thomas Roy Scholes who was killed during the second world war. As far as she knows his 
body was never found and there is no memorial. She asked me to check the net to see if I could find out anything.

His father was also Thomas Scholes - so he was always called Roy. 
The family lived in Manchester. 
Roy was in the Tank Corps and at the time of his death his rank was Lieutenant. 

I am sure that my "aunt" would be very grateful for any details that you may have about Roy. 

Thank you for your help 
Yours Camilla Fisher"

From: Barrie Scholes, Blackpool, UK (
"Greetings to all SCHOLESEYS glad your all out there "

From: John Stewart Scholes Bradford West Yorkshire England (
"Last visited 5 or 6 years ago. have now got an email pen friend in the USA as a result of the message I left then. Good to see how the site has grown, and how many more Scholes's there are out there.I would be interested to hear from anybody with info regarding the Scholes family in the Bradford West Yorkshire area. My Dads name was Charles Stewart Scholes and my Mothers name was Edna Mable Scholes ( nee Riley). Grand father - Joseph Scholes. Grandmother -Christiana Scholes(nee Mansfield)" 

From: Margaret (Scholes) DeLisle, Hamilton Canada (
"So pleased to find a Scholes website. My brother Larry & nephew Cory are already on. My father was John Scholes born in April 1900 married to Eliza Ellen(Nellie) Smith in 1921. They came to Canada in 1927 and stayed until 1934 when they returned to Bolton for three years, returning to Canada in 1937. My father had a brother, William married to Doris whose children are Brian & Mae.

My grandfather was married to Ellen Schofield and it was either her family or his that owned a hotel or pub in the area of Bolton. "

From: neil baxter, blackburn (
"i am currently looking for information and trying to find any relatives of my late grandmother Anne Scholes who lived at 27 pier st, bury were she died. She was actually born in radcliffe. Her date of birth was 24/10/39, her dad was called James Samuel Scholes and mother was Louisa Scholes formerly named Bartley. She had 2 sons 1 of which is my father . im really hoping i can trace parts of my blood line and to make my dad a bit more happier ! if you have any info or are related in any shape or foam then please contact me at cheers and take care !! "

From: Sonya Scholes, South Korea (
"I was trying to search for relatives that I have long lost touch with and came across this amazing site. Oh! the huge smile that appeared on my face about the remarks on pronunciation! When I lived in Germany 'Scholes' just merged in with the Schultz's/Schneiders etc and was consequently pronounced 'Sholes' - but that's OK. It just took my Dad by surprise on a visit as he'd only been known by the 'Sk' pronunciation for seventy odd years!

Yes, there is a coat of Arms - there is a copy of it earlier on the site. I'm not quite so sure that it is something to be proud of because heraldry was primarily used in battle to identify the upper echelons so that they could be captured and heldfor ransome - the higher up the social scale the more money the hostage takers could demand for their return. Also, quite a lot of the titled nobility earned their titles for being money-grabbing hoodlums!

I recently researched the Norse influence on the english language. Prior to this I was of the understanding that our name originated at the time of the Viking invasion to the UK and translated roughly to the equivalent of "Little hut', inferring that the first originators of the name settled down in the country which they conquered and built a unique enough dwelling to give them a singular identity. A previous entry states that it meant, 'stone hut'. Whatever the dwelling, it must have been 
fairly uncommon enough to label the owners! 

I also came across a Norse word that was very similar to our surname and meant something like 'honourable' which appealed to me more than the little dwelling version given in dictionaries of surnames, but, I'm afraid that I can't find the reference right now.

Also, in the North of England there are a few towns/villages and streets that bear the name of Scholes which affirms that the name originated from the North of England and is therefore of Viking creation. The telephone directories for these regions contains numerous enties of the name, but the areas of the UK to the south the name barely appears. This reinforces the notion that the name existed as a direct influence of the Vikings in the North of England, later Danelaw and finally as part of Northern England.

I am originally from Manchester, England. My father was one of three boys, Henry, Thomas, Raymond, whose mother was Gertrude (nee Cooper). He was brought up on Yew Tree Farm in Chadderton, Oldham. I believe that there is a vault, but Grandma didn't want to rest there with her husband who died prematurely of alcoholism when my father was a very young boy. My great 
grandfather travelled around the world 3 times and a great uncle died in Shanghai. So, that's the skeletons out of the closet. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I scanned the previous entries but couldn't find any matches in writing. I look forward to communicating with someon who is related. I have been an ex-pat Brit for 19 years. "

From: shelley, Canada (
"GReat Site lots of info and hard work WOuld love to hear from relations of John and Sarah Scholes born about 1798 Oldham, parents of Ann b 1824 and married Jeremiah Hollows about 1847 Oldham. Thanks "

From: Justin Hartland Scholes Birmingham, West Midlands (
"Saw this picture of my sister, Pippa on the website so thought I'd better sign in. There are more Scholes' around than I thought!" 

From: Louise Scholes, North Somerset (
"Hi, I'm originally from Failsworth Manchester, I'm the eldest daughter of Leonard Scholes, 1951 - 2005, he is the son of I believe Eric Scholes and Joan Leigh formerly of Chadderton. I have been told that Eric worked in a hotel in London, if anyone recognises these facts, I would love to hear from you. " 

From: Rachel Quin
"I have a friend called Stephanie Scholes this is really interesting! she's 12 and in my form at skool GO SCHOLEZSHY! "

From: Roger Christopher Scholes, Cape Town, south Africa ( )

From: alan frederick james scholes, shustoke,coleshill,birmingham. (
"son of albert,grandfarther to james @ 90 villa rd, oldham, manchester. i am so privaliged to be able to list my name with the scholes family." 

From: Les Scholes Bolton, England (

From: Scholes Marcus London
"Very interesting to read this information. One of my Aunts has reseached our family tree. I will ask her to get in contact with you. "

From: Gini Scholes Perger Oroville, California, U.S.A. (
"My sister Marj sent you some info the other day. She mentioned Dad's 4 brothers. One was Richard, as she indicated. Another was Milton I think, and the youngest was Ronald I think. I'll check with Mom and find out more when I see her next week. (She is the 90 year old widow of Clarence Roy Scholes from Omaha.) She remembers everything, too. 

It's really neet to find out there are all you Scholes's out there. Terrific! "

From: Marjorie May Scholes Goosey, Greenville/Quincy/Plumas County, Ca (
"My father was Clarence Roy Scholes, who was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Dad died in 1964. He had two sisters, and I'm not sure but I think four brothers. His sisters are Marge Scholes Keep and Inez Scholes Johanson. He had a brother named Richard but I don't know any other names. He was married twice - his first wife was Vera and they had a daughter named Jeriann. Jeriann is a widow lady living in Henderson NV. My mother is Ethel Verna Sutherland Scholes, and I'm the oldest daughter. My Sister Gini (Virginia Lenore) is in Oroville - she's married, raised two children and she and her husband recently adopted two more. Our brother, Charles Roy Scholes, died in 1975. Mom is in Torrance, California, she is now 90 years old and in frail health, though still has most of her 'tacks' firmly in place. If any one knows where dad's brothers are, could they please let me know? Dad's sister Inez is in Alamagordo, New Mexico, and Marge was in Saratoga, California last I heard. Inez's health is 
also very frail. "

From: Jennifer Scholes, Burnley (
"hello, very interesting website. i'm intrigued to find out if im a part of it or not." 

From: Kathy Scholes Wollongong, Australia (
"I was born in London in 1969 and came to Australia as a child. My dads name is John Scholes (Thats an unusual name!) originally from Blackburn,England. I don't know anything about my ancestors apart from my grandfather who was also John Scholes!(or Jack) and my grandmother,Mary Scholes (Holden). I have some Scholes relos in the Blackburn area who I haven't seen for a long time so a big "HELLO" to them incase they ever read this. Hello as well, to anyone else out there I might be 
related to. Please email me if you think you might be (related to me, that is). The world is teaming with Scholesys, it would seem! "

From: Stephen Scholes Preston Lancs. England (
"Just starting to find out abot Family Tree "

From: Robert K. Scholes Portsmouth, Virginia (

From: Debbie Hulme Staffordshire, UK (
"Good Evening, My Father once knew a Schole by the name of Wilfred. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thanks." 

From: Nick Harris Leek, United Kingdom (
"Hi, What a lovely site we came across when doing a search for "lovely cottages in wales. please. xxx" Have a good day. Love Nick and Karen. "

From: Christine Davies (
"nice to see your entry and a reply to my Phil. "

From: kerrie anne scholes, Australia (

"I've seen loads of sites but this is fantanstic! What a good idea. Well done! "

From: Elisabeth Scholes Epel California, USA (
"I am a descended from George Scholes who came to the US in the late 1700s. My father’s name is Fraser Scholes. Matthew Fraser Scholes, who signed in previously, is my nephew. I am interested in knowing more about the Scholes family and would welcome contact from anyone on this branch of the family tree. "

From: Lawrence Scholes Hamilton Ontario Canada (
"Son of John Scholes who had a brother William . He came from Bolton. "

From: george-thomas bates donegal/ireland (
"my grandmas name was magaret schoales,(married george bates)other members of family in letterkenny co.donegal, other names were robert,george,sandy,from ballyraine,another member of the family left home and went to england,i think about the early 1940:s."

From: Graham Scholes, Amsterdam (
"I am Graham Scholes from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. Son of Barbara and Doug from Oldham, Lancashire, England. Younger brother of Steven and Ian.I moved to Amsterdam in June 2002 where i am now married to Emely Bonnes-Scholes. I was just surfing the web and came accross this site. Very interesting. "

From: Brook Powell, Australia (
"Hi! My family is of the Denton Scholes variety 7 i was wondering if anyone has any information about them? My grandfather was a Robert Denton Scholes & Melbourne based. Thanks! "

From: Jacqueline Scholes Melboure, Australia (
"I am a Scholes from Australia, just wanted to say hi everyone. Our history is fascinating and it's so funny that all over the world it's the same thing...people pronounce it sholes!! They don't even let you correct them, they argue about the spelling. Really annoys me, i say did you got to school or shool? "

From: Simon Scholes Newbury - United Kingdom (
"Hi.Im a Scholes and my mums been going through her side of the family tree but Id be quite interested too see where my fathers side runs too. They are roringally from Hartlepool with my grandma marrying into the family and moving to Hull which is where I am oringally from.My grandfather was a merchant engineer and tats what my dad does now too." 

From: Randall William Scholes Mpls.,MN (
"Wonderful to see what the Scholes clan has created. Trying to find Nelson Scholes( Nov.15,1819-Aug.1911) married 1847 to Lydia Wiltison. and previous. Hope someone can help. "

From: kate scholes australia ,melbourne (
"just telling you all hi again and my brother leigh scholes has the scholes coat of arms tatooed on his arm dad is willam frank scholes and his mum and dad are roma and Harry Or Willam Scholes thats all "

"why hello im a scholes in australia i thought id write to say this is great that were all related and u should add us to your family trees thank you for your time "

From: Brian Scholes Melbourne Australia (
"Have been visiting the site for a while now after finding it by accident. Excellent site and a great credit to Peter Scholes and anyone who has assisted him. 
I am currently searching for my Scholes relatives in England. Very hard to get much info from here in Australia but so far I have been able to trace back to my great great grandfather, James Scholes who married Caroline Cottle, my great great grandmother on 10 Jan 1839 at Cathedral, Manchester Lancashire. They had at least one son, John Edward Scholes, my great grandfather, born in 1843, give or take a year depending on when the birth was registered. The death certificate here in Australia says he was born in 1843 in Manchester. John Edward Scholes (my G G GF) married Annie Dora Halpen (Halpin?), my G G GM, and moved to Australia where my grand father and father were born. I have placed this notice in the hope someone will be able to advise me if they are related to any of the above people or assist me or point me in the right direction to find more info on any of them. " 

From: Justin Scholes Birmingham (
"Brother of Pippa, Son of Jon and Lesley "

From: Deborah Guthrie Independence, Oregon (
"My Father Theodore Perry Scholes is 76 yrs. of age. He is not doing well physically and he has always wondered where his father went and how many brothers and sisters he may have. He and his sister were left with their mother in or around 1932. 
His Father Theodore P Scholes was born in Oklahoma, and died in Yolo County, California in 1989. The grandparents were born in Ohio. If anyone has any information as to any siblings I would greatly appreciate it. I am the only girl with 4 brothers. 
My Aunt whose name was Nettie had I believe 8-10 children. "

From: Stephen Scholes, Northumberland, UK. (
"Enter Scholes in the 1900-1949 quicksearch section of the Medal Rolls Index of the National Archives and see if you can spot your grandfathers. "

From: Roger Scholes, Cape Town (
"Hi Thanks for the web site its well done and very interesting, an interesting fact is that my Dad also had a Scholes Grocery shop in Worthing, Sussex before moving to Rhodesia.Be blessed with health and happiness "

From: Robert Scholes, Gainesville, Florida (
"My Grandfather, Joseph Nelson Scholes, was an ordained minister of the Church of God. When I knew him, he was living on a farm near St. Joe, Indiana, and teaching at the local church. He died when I was 12 (1944) at the age of 87. My father, Walter Scott Scholes, was one of two sons (the other being Nash) and one daughter (Myrtle) and the only one to survive past 35. He served in WWI as a medic and saw action at Bela Woods, Chateau Thierry and the hedgerows of France. He had a 
brief marriage that produced one son, William, currently living in New Jersey. Divorced, he then married my mother, Selma Elizabeth Charlotta Reinking, in 1931. I was born in 1932 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and remain their only child. Walter passed in 1987 at the age of 91. I am retired from the University of Florida and living in Gainesville, Florida. I have two children, Marc Joseph Scholes, now in Tamarac, Florida, and Rachele Jeanne Scholes (now Karpiuk) currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rachele and her husband, Tom, have one son, Aden; Marc and his wife, Chimene, have one son, Freedom, and one daughter, Star." 

From: Rachel Scholes Nottingham
"its really weird finding all these scholes the rest of my family is in manchester coz we moved here 6 years ago im only 13 but still think this site is cool i dint know there were so many scholes any other young peeps on this webbie "

From: Ben Scholes Morecambe Bay (
"Hello, i was just wondering if anyone could help me find my family tree. "

From: John Scholes, Australia (
"Dear Peter, I suspect I may be the actor and playwright being sought by Diana Harris Deans on your message site (though she has misspelt it as Scoles). I further suspect that she is known to me as Justine Elliott, which was/is her stage name when we worked together in a national tour of "Busybody" starring Hilda Baker and Valentine Dyall in 1976. I have sent an email to the address posted on your marvellous website - about a fortnight ago - but, as yet, no response. I fit the description given 
by her as I did, in fact, start my acting career in Sydney, Australia in 1967 and came back to UK in 1969, back to Oz in 1979, back to UK in 1985,back to Oz in 1997 and now back in London for a little while before returning (for domestic reasons) to the New South Wales Central Coast. I was born in Blackburn, Lancs and our family (father John (Jack), mother Mary, brother David and myself) emigrated to NSW in 1954. My father had brothers Tom, George and Richard and sister Ruth. I am in constant touch with Janet (Knight) Richard's daughter who still lives in Blackburn.
Briefly, some of the acting work I have done in UK includes playing Det. Sgt.Colin Drabble, a regular in the first series of "Lovejoy", Van der Valk, Z-Cars, Troubleshooters, Special Branch,Paul Temple etc and a number od films plus much stage work. I particularly have fond memories of playing the Grand Theatre, Leeds in 1975 in "Random Harvest" with Patricia Phoenix and Alan Browning. A huge success. I have also played the Grand in other productions. 
I have always wondered about the life and times of my father's older brother Tom. He left Blackburn when I was in my infancy and there seems to be no recollection of him by the Scholes family there (I gather he left under something of a cloud - if that is the right terminology). I know he had a daughter but as to any other offspring I am in the dark. I have a son and daughter (Philip and Kathy) who both live in Wollongong, NSW plus the aforementioned brother David who also lives in that neck of thje woods. My Aussie wife Marie and I reside on the Woy Woy peninsular in NSW (when I am not occupying our flat in London for work purposes as I am at present).
Congratulations on a wonderful website (I only discovered it two weeks ago) and good luck to you and to the good ship Scholes and all who sail in her! Scholes Fugit!

From: Robert Bartlett (
"Have you any information on the Scholes family in and around Aston Rowant in 
Oxfordshire where they inter-married with the North family - my main 

I have sent you one of the links: Richard Scholes.rtf (click on file name)"

From: jean nield (
"Something happened at my daughters' wedding that gave us all goosebumps. My daughter married on Sunday 28th Aug 2005 at Taxal Church, Whaley Bridge in the High peak. . The grooms father Bob lives in Wales, (I'll have to find out which town). A few weeks earlier, he had talked to a friend about the wedding. His friend asked where they were getting married and when Bob told him 'Taxal' his friend said that he had recently seen a wooden carving of taxal church in an antique shop in the town in wales. Bob went to the antique shop and bought the carving which is indeed of the very same church in Taxal, Hgh Peak where they married. None of us at the wedding could get over the fact that o carving of the church was found in Wales.

But that is not the end of the story.....when Bob turned the plaque over, We saw that the artist was a P. H. SCHOLES. Bob, or his family, had no way of knowing that Scholes is my maiden name and my father was HAROLD SCHOLES, an only child, born in 1915, Gorton, Manchester. How coincidental is that!

I would very much like to track P. H. SCHOLES down and find out a little more about this very talented artist. And to find out why he did a carving of a church in the High Peak district etc. And also anyone else who knows of my father, my Mother, or other relatives.After serving in Burma as a Shindit, he married my Mum, Mary Brannon, also an only child, daughter of margaret Brannon, originally from Salford. They moved to Glossop around 1936." 

From: Stephen (
"My name is Stephen Scholes born in Bradford Yorkshire, son of Charles Stewart Scholes and Grandson of Joe Scholes who was married to Chritiana Maxfield who, I understand was an American. Anyone out there able to help me further that would be great. I’m just looking to see if I can get off from the start."

From: John Scholes (
"To Peter
I am just writing to you to give you some feedback?
I do like the site !well done
I am & my family used to live in partington, Manchester for forty five years and last year I decided to move to Scotland (took 
me 20years bugging the wife) ?
we now live 15miles north of Inverness ! 
my father and grandfather livered in Salford for over 60years then my father moved to partington"

From: Steve Stewart (
"Hi There, I have just started on some family research and I am trying to find information on a Kathleen Mary Scholes that was in the Rochford / Southend on Sea area around 1944 any help would be appreciated "

From: Deborah Guthrie, Independence, Oregon (
"My Father Theodore Perry Scholes is 76 yrs. of age. He is not doing well physically and he has always wondered where his father went and how many brothers and sisters he may have. He and his sister were left with their mother in or around 1932. His Father Theodore P Scholes was born in Oklahoma, and died in Yolo County, California in 1989. The grandparents were born in Ohio. If anyone has any information as to any siblings I would greatly appreciate it. I am the only girl with 4 brothers. My Aunt whose name was Nettie had I believe 8-10 children. "

From: Stephen Scholes, Northumberland, UK (
"Enter Scholes in the 1900-1949 quicksearch section of the Medal Rolls Index of the National Archives and see if you can spot your grandfathers" 

From: janice hawley, hull eastyorkshire england (
"find the name of winduss that was my maiden name if anyone knows the name let me know thanks jan" 

From: Steven F. Scoles, Whidbey Island, Washington, USA (
"I am descended from John Scholes, b. 1748, who alledgedly came from Ireland. Anyone have more information about this John or the other John Scoles, b. 1732? Thanks!" 

From: teresa scholes, nottingham england (
"hey im the youngest of a scholes family, 2 brother and a sister all older. We dont know anyone else with the scholes surname as my dad is an only child and his dad only had sisters. nice to see some other people who hate the "sholes" pronoucing of the name!! "

From: Amanda, New York (
"My ancestors were Scholes (Scholz). My great grandmother was Edith Scholes, daughter of John and Mary Scholes of Lancashire, England. She married a Sylor (Seiler - German family) and lived in Allegcany County, NY. She left my grandma a book on the Scholes history and their settlement in the United States, eventually Allegany County. My mom recently showed me the book and I am greatly interested in the history. Apparently the line of Scholes I came from was Andrew Scholz. Any information or notes from distant relatives would be appreciated." 

From: Natalie Scholes, Victoria Australia (
"My goodness how many Scholes' are there? but not one of ya's are related to me(I think).I was born in Adelaide, my father Adrian Scholes came over to Australia in 1969 at the age of 11. My grandparents were Gordon & Mary Scholes. My father then married my Mum (Christina Hall) in 1982 after having my sister Shiralee in 1980 & then me in 1982."

From: Scott Scoles, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (
"Would like to say HI to all. "

From: Eric Scholes, Ocala florida (
"This is great" 

From: john foster, nottingham (
"I am looking for my wifes great grandfather who was last known to be at this address. Mrs C Horton 25 Secombe Street Nth Fitzroy Melbourne Can anyone help" 

From: fiona lesley scholes cairney, cumbernauld
"i had to dance with scholes agh hitler oh this was glasgow" (eh?) 

From: Trevor Newman Ohio USA (
"Hi, I'm searching for a long lost friend. Kate Scholes, married to Mark someone (I think), approx 37 years old, formerly of Auckland, NZ, last I heard she moved to Gisborne. Kate, if you're out there send me an email!! "

From: harold heyworth (
"I am a Scholes by birth ( Harold Scholes)and looking into the family history, very much around the Castleton area. Great site - thanks to all for all the info thats gone into it. "

From: Carolyn Radmanovich, Santa Cruz County, California (
"My maiden name was Carolyn Dolores Scholes. I have been a school teacher, paralegal and now a real estate appraiser. I am married and live in Santa Cruz County, California. My father told me he was Scotch/Irish and German. I live in Santa Cruz County, California and am 59 years old, and have 2 sons. One son is Daniel Tull who recently became an attorney out of Virginia, and a second son, Timothy Tull who is presently in school studying to be an aernautical engineer. I have a sister named Sharron who owns a pest control company and has 3 children. My father's name was Phillip Edmund Scholes. My father was born 4/22/09 in Island Pond, Vermont, and moved to California when he was around 6 years old. He died 8/27/94 in Boulder Creek, CA. He married Kathryn Marie Scholes. 

My father's father, Edmond, married Francis Tracy and they had 9 children, two died at birth. Two of the son's lived until recently, Frank and Daniel Scholes out of San Jose, California. My father's father was Edmond Phillip Scholes who worked for the Southern Pacific RR out of San Jose, CA. Edmond had a brother, Daniel Scholes who worked for the Western Pacific RR out of Orville, CA. Edmond's other brother was Joseph who moved to Los Angeles and started a Scholes Moving Company. There was also a sister named May. Joseph Scholes' daughter was Dorothy Weiss and she also lives in LA. "

From: Malcolm Craik, Cumbria, England (
"I'm researching Isaac Scholes b. May 19th. 1846 at Chadderton in Lancashire. He married Emma Greaves b. Aug 18th 1844 and they had at least one son, Samuel. I don't as yet have a marriage date or place of marriage for them.Has anyone else come across this Scholes family in their research? I'd be very pleased to hear from anyone who might know more about them. Isaac is described as a Mule Overlooker in the 1881 census. At that time he was living at 146 Crossbank Street, Oldham, Lancashire. "

From: Christina Morris nee Scoles, Australia (
"I am a descendant of George Scholes b. 1799, Horton, Bradford Yorkshire. He was the son of George Scholes and Sarah ? Our line of the family is from New Zealand."


From: Janet Robertson (nee Scholes) (
"I was born in Wombell in South Yorkshire 3rd daughter of Harry Scholes and Kathleen Foers "

From: William Scholes, Sompting, West Sussex, England (
"Great website ! I am descended from Stamford, Lincs. Scholes' "

From: Robyn, New Zealand (
"Hello Peter, Thank you for a wonderful and interesting website on the Scholes name. I am researching Scoles in New Zealand. It appears that two main families came to New Zealand, one family settled in the North Island and retained the spelling Scholes and the other settled in the South Island and the spelling of their name was changed to Scoles.

About five years back I entered every Scoles/Scholes birth, death and marriage that occurred in New Zealand into a database which I have shared with other researches. We have been able to identify most of these as belonging to the two main families.

My Scoles came from Manningham in Yorkshire where they were employed as weavers. Several siblings of the same family emmigrated to Arrowtown in Central Otago, NZ. The first sibling arriving about 1860 for the gold rush and the last in 1882.

Thanks again for the work you and the other Peter have done." 

From: john scholes, sholver oldham0l1 4rp
"a great site my cousin has traced the family back to huddersfield late 1700s still searching "

From: Paul Scholes, North Somerset (

From: Mrs Pauline Thorn (
"My ancestor Ann Scholes married William Scales on 7 June 1785 at Doncaster St George. I know nothing about her ancestors. Is she connected to yours? "

From: Leanne Isherwood, Australia (
"Dear Peter, Thanks for the update. I haven't had alot of time for research for awhile because of young children and babies taking up my time, and have received several hundred pages of some other lines that I still need to look at yet. I will certainly be finding the time now to have a look at the "new" information.  Thanks so much for all your time and efforts in keeping the Scholes line moving."

From: John skoyles (
Dear Peter, I much appreciated your site including your extensive listing of Skoyles, many which are new to me and you discussion of the origins of the 'Skoyles"surname. You mention one "Edward Skoyles" as having helped you in youracknowledgements. My father of this name [he lives in Watford, Herts] hasdone work in this area and I would assume it was him except that you prefix his name with 'late' in your and my father is very much alive, vigour and full well in spite of his 80 years of age. When I visit my parents at the weekend I will check your data against the family tree data we have. Best wishes"

From: Alan R Moorhouse Stroud, Gloucestershire (
"Hello Peter,Doing one of my regular Google searches on FARMERY I found your website because of the mention of the marriage at Snaith 20.09.1825 of Sephen FARMERY and Hannah SCHOLES. I believe that Stephen was born 4.2.1799 and bp 6.2.1799 at Fishlake, son of Stephen FARMERY/Elizabeth BARKER (dau of Edward).

I have located the baptism of Edwin son of Stephen FARMERY/Hannah SCHOLES at Snaith 9.7.1826.One of my FARMERY contacts is the descendant of an Aley Louisa FARMERY, born 1828 at Balne, who names her father as Stephen on her marriage certificate. From the 1861 census at Lingwell Gate, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe (RG9 3421), I have a Barker FARMERY born ~ 1835 Drax (in later 
censuses he gives his pob as Camelsford and Camblesforth), living next door to 62 year old ag lab Stephen B FARMERY born fishlake with wife Tamer age 57 born Carlton.

Stephen and Tamer FARMERY baptised two children at Tadcaster, Ralph 22.12.1839 and Mary 7.3.1841. In later records Ralph appears as Ralph Barker FARMERY and indeed Stephen dies 11.7.1871 as Stephen Farmery BARKER!

The big question is are these two Stephen FARMERYs are one and the same person? Could it be that he married Hannah SCHOLES, she died (between 1826 and 1839) and he then went on to marry Tamar TWINEY between 1826 and 1839(Tamar d. William TWINEY/Mercy THOMPSON bp 18.12.1803 Carlton juxta Snaith)? Do you have any further information on Hannah SCHOLES after her marriage to Stephen FARMERY?

Any information you might be able to add to this would be very gratefully received."

From: Steve Spalmer (
"A new Scholes has been born to Ryan and Dione' Scholes who are currently living in Davie, Florida. Nicholas James Scholes was born on 7/13/04. "

From: Richard W. Scholes Ottawa 
"Sorry for the barrage of information, but I'm all excited after reading through your excellent Scholes Family website and just submitted a message there. In addition please find attached our coat of arms. My father David H. Scholes had this granted by H. M. College of Arms (London) in 1978. It is therefore an "official" Scholes coat of arms, albeit only applying to himself and his descendants. His mother was Welsh, hence the dragons, and the green stripe is intended to symbolize the Atlantic Ocean (UK on one side, Canada on the other). (You may be interested to know he was involved in the creation of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada in 1988.) Would you be able to place this image with our message on your website?"

dhs-coatofarms.JPG (193012 bytes)
(click to expand)

From: beverly scholes nsw australia (
"hello again "i keep dropping in to have a look at this great site. since the last time i signed in i have found out that my husbands grandfather joshua scholes was born in quebec & married mary taylor who was probably born in oldham.there son william edward scholes who migrated to australia around the early 1880's was my husbands ancestor. i am trying to find information on mary & joshua & the other children of the family who were born in ashton under lynne. regards beverly scholes." 

From: Allan H. Scholes South Cheshire (
"Nice to see someone else use the "heraldic" family signature!" 

From: emma Skoyles Scotland (
"hi there im new to this but i would like to know more skoyles' out there and very glad there is "

From: Stephen Scholes Spokane, Washington (
"Just popped in to update our e-mail, and history, good to see the widespread families on this site, married to April (13 yrs)have 2 kids, Logan(now 12)and Emma(now 11)last entry 5-years ago, nice to see how much it has grown, anyone knowing my sister (susan) and brother(john)grew up in Bradford W. Yorkshire, 50's to present, my dad is called Jack, son of Arthur. " 

From: Rod Scholes Australia (
"Short visit will visit again to try and learn more plus provide information." 

From: martin scholes middlewich, cheshire (
"I am investigating the Scholes's of Little Lever near Bolton, Lancashire "

From: Carol Elmer Cranbourne Australia (
"I have been researching the Scoles family tree now for many years as my mother was Dorothy Scoles (father Francis Scoles) My ancestors were game keepers at Grimsthorpe Manor England and I have been writing to a gentleman in England that has my family tree from the England side and I have joined with him in the Australian side. I find it very interesting but am unsure whether our Scole and yours are related. Have printed what is on this web site and will go and read it all. All the best from Carol in Australia and hope to hear from you maybe. "

From: Fred Raymond Scholes Barnstaple. North Devon. United Kingdom (
"Where are all the messages?" 

From: Linda Scoles Johnson (
"Thank you for all of your wonderful work on this webpage. I found this very interesting reading. I too am researching the Scoles family from Wisconsin and always heard about connections in Ireland and a "Scoles Corners". " 

" I have linked to Andrew Wesley Scoles and from my first husband (Walter) backwards:

Walter Virgil Scoles (private)
Virgil Arthur Scoles (b. feb 2, 1922, d. 1960 Wisc.)
Arthur William Scoles (b. Jul 21, 1884)
John W. Scoles (1900 census, Richland Wisc.)(b. Feb. 25, 1856)
George Henry Scoles (1860 census, Indiana)(b. March 1, 1820, d. Oct. 30, 1869)
Andrew Wesley Scoles (b. 1797, d. 1855)
George Scoles (b. 1750, d.1824)

Wally's aunt Esther Scoles, from Eau Claire, WI had a family book and she talked about the 
Scole's being descended from Scole's in Ireland near Scole's Corner, but I wasn't really into
family history way back then. Now both her and Wilbur, one of Virgil's brothers (I think there
were three) are both dead as well as the son we were most closest to. I wish I had a copy of some
of her family information she had collected. Do you know about such a book? I would love to
share more information if you think it would help us pull this together.

You don't show the parents for Andrew Wesley Scoles on your webpage. Is this because you don't have this information yet? I  believe it was another George Scoles as I have listed dates above via other information I have located via census, etc. Would love to share information and learn more about if you might have a Gedcom file to share? Thanks."

From: Rodney John Scholes (
"enjoyed the site and will revisit in future "

From: scoles diaz natalia carina Argentina (
"hola mi nombre es natalia tengo 27 años y perdon por atreverme a escribirte pero mi hermana que vive en españa me conto de la pagina de la familia.- espero que hables castellano ya que mi ingles es malisimo yo soy de argentina,vivo en santa rosa la pampa mi papa es de apellido scoles segun nos contaron se encribia con h lo que pasa es que cuando los bis abuelos de mi abuela llegaron a argentina lo escribieron mal.- creo que los primeros en llagar fueron jon y tomas - bueno espero que me escribas.-
disculpa el atrevimiento.-saludos natalia.-"

(hello my name is natalia, I am 27 and pardon to dare to me to write but my sister who lives in Spain told me on the pages on the family - I hope that you speak Castilian since my English is bad.  I am Argentinean, live in Santa Rosa la Pampas, my father has the last name scoles - sorry my translation is poor from here; can anybody help?)

From: silvana jaquelina scoles Spain (silvana
"soy argentina y mi tatarabuelo llego a finales de la decada de 1890 aqui y se instalo en tres arroyos.Estaba casado con una españala y tenia hijos nacidos en inglaterra mi abuelo nacio en el barco frente a las costas inglesas.Mi bisabuelo tenia 12hermanos mas omenos.Ahora los scoles viven en santa rosa(provincia de la pampa) Yo estoy viviendo en España en valencia. "

(I'm Argentinean and my great-great grandfather arrived here at the end of the decade of 1890 and settled in "Three Revines". He was married to a Spanish lady and had 3 children born in England. My Granddad was born on the boat off the English coast. My great-great grandfather has 12 brothers and sisters (more or less). Now the Scoles live in Santa Rosa (a province of La Pampa. I am living in Spain, Valencia)

From: Anne Scholes Arklay Victoria, Australia (
"Hi to Denise Elizabeth Scholes Brown. It seems we are related and I would love to compare notes on the family history.  Please get if touch if interested. "

From: Will Chapman (
"I'm trying to track down further details of my 8th Great Grandmother, Mary Scholes who married may 8th ggf John Burton on 13 Jan 1662/63 at the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell. She appears to have been the daughter of one William Scholes but I have no other information of him, Mary's mother or other members of the Scholes family and I wondered if you be of any help. As you would expect, we have a great deal of information about Mary's descendants. By the way, what a superb website!"

From: Brenda Bayliss Miriam Vale Central Queenland  (
"Hello Peter, I have just discovered the website. I wish to declare my interest in an entry on your database that has no other links at this stage. I descend from Mary Scholes, born Leeds, who married James Aldred at St Peter, Leeds 11 May 1833. They had three children that I know of, George, Hannah, and Emma. I have found Mary and the three children on an 1851 census index for Leeds. Mary gave her age as 41, born Leeds Until I can find her on another census I wont speculate on her birth. 
There are quite a few possibilites for baptisms of Mary Scholes' around 1810. Emma was born 16 August 1843 in Cato Street. She married John Moorin at St Peter 17 Feb 1861. I was born a Moorin. If you want any more family details please let me know.  Congratulations on your website. bye for now Brenda Bayliss Miriam Vale Central Queenland"

From: Tracey Spence (
"Hi Peter, I am new to internet Family History but I was amazed to type in Laffey Scholes in Google and come up with your web site - it's fantastic. I will send you more info in these two as they emigrate to New Zealand in 1865. I am not supposed to be doing the Scholes name until I have finished with my Grandmothers line but your site has got me all enthusiastic in gettin that file out and organising it.
Will be in touch as soon as I put it all in order. Keep up the wonderful work.Cheers Tracey Spence New Zealand"

From: VICKI LEWIS, Wickham Western Australia ( )

“Just trying to find relations and the scholes family history “


From: Jonathan Sholes, South Berwick, Maine (

“Trying to find out if I am desended from the the Scholes family :) “


From: paul scholes, leeds, england (

“A big "Hello" to all the Scholesy's out there. We rule. “


From: Warwick James Scholes (



From: Marilyn Johnson nee Scholes, Florida United States (

“I was born and grew up in Radcliffe Manchester. My father was called Arthur Scholes and was known as "Mr Springclean" in Radcliffe during the 1960's. He was also a councellor in Radcliffe. We have lived in Florida for ten years and as I get older I feel I would like to know more about my past. “


From: sean scholes, Toronto, Ontario (

“How is going Scholes's. I don't know if I should really consider myself a Scholes because my grandfather was adopted and the b*gger left the family when the kids were young so I am having trouble tracking my blood line. I am originally from Timmins Ontario and even though my fathers family also lived in Hamilton Ontario I have thus far found no reason to believe I am related to Myron Scholes. By the way, I pronounce my name 'skoles'. If anyone can give me a hand finding out who I am it would be greatly appreciated. The only other information I have is that my grandfather married a Kennedy woman. “



From: Kylie Scholes, New Zealand  (

“Kiaora,I was just browsing,its so cool knowing that there are so many scholes's in so many other countries,I am originally from Gisborne and have moved to Napier to attend a Visual Arts and Design course.My freinds always call me Scholzy and dont u hate it when people pronnounce it "Sholes".love u all “


From: Gregory David SCHOLES (

“Thank you for starting this web page. My ancestors came from LEEDS and in 1865 immigrated to Utah. I am in the U.S. Army as a Major. I am a Operating Room Nurse. My Great Grandfather is Walter SCHOLES. “


From: kim scholes, Orbost, Victoria Australia (

“i am the youngest of nine children of John William and Joyce Mary Scholes (nee Barker) and would like more information as we are all interested to know more about our family history “


From: shelley, ontario, Canada (

“seeking info re Ann Scholes b abt 1824 Oldham, Lanc. married Jeremiah Hollows mispelt in the 1881 census Hallows:

Ann HALLOWS Female, nee Scholes 1881 census

Other Information:

Birth Year age 57


Marital Status M

Head of Household Jeremiah HALLOWS

Relation Wife

Source Information:

Dwelling 270 West Street

Census Place Oldham, Lancashire, England

Family History Library Film


Public Records Office Reference


Piece / Folio 4071 / 36

Page Number 24

Would appreciate any info.

Thanks “


From: lydia martin, halifax England   (

“i was trying to research my family tree and i came accross your website VERY INTERESTING my grandma was florence scholes born around 1925 in the oldham area died in 1978 in halifax my mum never kept in touch with any of her family so im finding it really difficult to continue with my search i know she and her family lived in the royton and shaw areas of oldham can anyone help please get in touch! 


From: Steven Scholes, Liverpool, United Kingdom (

“I am glad at last that i have found people with my family name!! I am leaving a message or note on here to say hi to everyone and in the hope that someone can answer the question that my Grandfather has been trying to find out for a long time now? Sorry their ain't very much to go on.


My father is William Henry Scholes and his father (my grandfather) is James Scholes. We have lived in Liverpool for as long back as we can date the family tree, however he continues to insist we have blood relatives living somewhere in Manchester. Can anyone help out on that?


I have not got much information at the moment related to this, but will come back with more as soon as i can get is am studying at University in Hertfordshire at the moment.


Anyhow, take care all for now and be back on soon. Feel free to email me! “


From: Terry Smith (

“Found your web site interesting. As I stated in your guest book,  my Gt aunt, (Bridget) Mary Rossiter b.14/6/1885 Plasmarl Swansea, m. William John Scholes (b. c1881 Urmston ), 19/12/1903 Wigan, Son of  George b. Urmston Lancs.(Cotton Weaver/Overlooker of Urmston Lancs.1881 Census)  & Mary Scholes b. Washway Lancs. apparently went on to be Market Gardeners in the Wigan area.
acording to the 1881 census they also had daughter Nora J b. 1879 Urmston & son John 4m in 1881 b.Urmston. May be there's a conection somewhere along the line.
 Best of luck with your research.”

From Robert Scholes (

Dear Peter, like you I am a Scholes born in Horwich Lancs 1944  my research only took me back to 1820  to one named Robert . He was a butcher in Little Lever Bolton,his sons were miners. My grandfather worked and died working on the Lancs & Yorks Railway at Wortley Yorks. Ironic I to was a butcher in Bolton,I had a shop facing Burnden Park Manchester Rd.. I can supply you with more info. I have the tree of the aforesaid we were mostly scattered around Blackpool,Heywood,Bolton & Blackrod.I have an 11year old who found this web page whilst browsing & school all for now regards”



From Annabell Sharpe (

Hello Peter.  Thank you for responding and for posting my information. I have since discovered letters from Eli Crossland, living at 4 Grove Street  in Heckmondwike.  In 1936 he celebrated 60 years with the same church (a Wesleyan Methodist I believe but I don't have a name or location).  Letters also confirm siblings of Eli living in England in 1945 as:  JOHN (with 3 sons, 1 dau);  DAVID (1 dau); WILKINSON (4 sons, 3 dau);  EMMA (died few years prior) married to GEORGE OLDFIELD, living but very ill in 1945 (with 3 sons, 3 dau living, a son died in prev war --- BETTY PHILLIPS with whom I corresonded in 1944 is their granddaughter); and ALICE, (married name is BROOKE) with son, CLIFFORD (possibly married to EMILY) and a daughter ANNIE who died in the late 20's or early 30's at age 34, leaving a son and a daughter, both grown and living a few miles from Heckmondwike in 1945.

The father was THOMAS, listed on 1881 census, age 64, living with son JAMES H. and James's wife MARY. on Queen St, Belper, Derby, England. His occupation was "Vicar of Milford".  It appears that he died (Jun) 1892 in Belper at age 76.   It appear that Eli died sometime between 1936 and 1942, since the last letter he wrote was dated Dec 1936.  The next letter, in 1942 was from his widow, Frances.  Her last letter came in 1945 and there is a letter from Alice Brooke dated in 1947.

It appears that another sibling. as well as my grandfather, Samuel came to the USA.  The USA, Illinois 1880 census lists "Thomas Crossland, born in England in 1850, wife, Elizabeth born Eng, 1840 and son Arthur, born Pennsylvania, USA in 1874".  Am looking for more information on this family.  Aunt Frances' letter in 1945 says that a "George Arthur Crossland" was in the US Air Force, stationed in England and had been to visit them in Dec of 1944.  His father was "George Arthur" also but I have not found either in the records as yet.

I was thrilled, Peter, that you took the time to answer my email, and Thanks again for your help. Best Wishes to you, Annabell”


From: Fred Raymond Scholes from Barnstaple (

“Sorry to bother you but whilst watching the programme "Shot at Dawn" on  Sky recently - besides the horror of the British army (us) shooting what were virtually sick and terrified youngsters "as an example to the others"  They ran the names of all those who were murdered by General Haig at the end of the programme. One name that came up was "W.SCHOLES" unfortunately as it was rolling title there was no mention of which regiment he served in and where he came from in the UK.

Do you or the other Peter know anything about this person? I would like to know who he was and what sort of terrible crime he committed to be shot at dawn by his own side!  Was he Walter  - or William ?  If Walter then he was probably from Oldham as that was a popular name among the scholes' at that time. William was a lot rarer.

So, here is another rainy day exercise for your brood  - to find out who this W. Scholes was, where he came from,  what regiment he served in and what was his terrible crime  that meant he had to be shot by his own side?

Perhaps we will see the answers on the website soon. Best Wishes

 From: Dennis Millburn (

“I came across your web site when looking for information on John Platt of Oldham who was in the textile manufacturing business.  Is the John Platt you list married to Sarah Scholes any relation?  I have a newspaper item that says "In memory of John Platt, died 24 July 1843 in his 68th year" which would match up to the "about 1777" DOB you have for him. Thanks” 


From: cory scholes hamilton, ontario, Canada (

“Hello to all, nice web-site my grandparents moved to Canada from Bolton, England (John and Nellie) “


From: James Andrew Scholes (

“I was born in Las Vegas in Jan 1967--son of Francis William and June Scholes who moved from Todmorden, Lanc in 1963 “


From: andrew john scholes ( )



From: Tracey Scholes Brisbane, Australia (

“My fathers name is Ronald Laurence Scholes he has a brother Geoffrey and a sister Cheryl his fathers name was Geoffrey Scholes they are from Melbourne Australia i am doing up a family tree for my children so any relatives could you please contact me. “


From: Philip Scholes DONCASTER ( )

"Nice to know we are not alone"


From: Adrian Scholes Devon ( )

“Phillip Davies I Know where dennis melvin scholes is

The message u left

My grandfather Melvin Scholes last known address Sturt, Adelaide Australia. 


From: Nikki Scholes McNeill , Spokane, Washington, USA (

“My father is Richard Warren Scholes son of Firman Luwellyn Scholes and Mildred Ethel Webster. Firman's fathers name was Joseph Scholes and he was married to Charlotte Smith. Joseph died at the age of 34 in Ontario, Oregon, USA while working for the railroad. I never knew there were so many people out there with my strange last name! My sister is working on our family history, and I am sure she will find this site very interesting. Thanks for all of you hard work! “


From: ian chappell, barnsley southyorkshire (



From: Alan David Scholes, Canada (



From: Robert L. Clark, Mt. Vernon, Missouri 65712 (

“Thank you for the Scholes info. Am searching for Ancesters of Thomas Russell Scholes of Granby, Missouri Born 1875-Died 1955 Father Rueben Scholes “


From: Jean Scholes McLain ( )

“This is great fun. I sent this site to my brothers and sister. “


From: Terence Smith (

“I too have a Scholes in my tree, Gt.Aunt

Mary Scholes (nee Rossiter) m.William John Scholes 19/12/1903 Parish Church Wigan “


From: Cynthia San Diego, California USA (

“I found your site while researching my Szolis family. I was wondering if any of your Scholes' may be related to my Szolis'. My Szolis' came from Poland and Hungary. I was told of three brothers who came from Poland to the US in the early 1900s after their parent were taken off of their farm. They believed that the Russian government had taken them to work on a farm in Siberia. Nobody ever saw the parents again. I saw the picture you had of a Scholes store. Two of the three brothers also had a store in the US. One was J.P.Szolis Hardware and I do not know the other store name. I'd love to hear from anyone who could be related to my Szolis'. 


From: Humphrey Stead, Canada (

“Stafford Scholes told me of this site; I have been communicating with him for some time since I have Scholes (and Scholefield) ancestore from Prestwich.”


From: Rachel Nath (

i am writing to find out if you know of any information on a mr melvin scholes, can you please reply back to this email address as i dont have one and this is my friends, thanks for all your help and taking the time to read this email. yours sincerly raychael nath


From: Annabell (Crossland) Sharpe, Commerce City, USA.(
"I am not related to the Scholes family, but came across your website while searching for records of my Crossland ancestors.  My search led me to your page on "Scholes as a Place" and the paragraph "There is also a Methodist Chapel in Scholes, built in 1879 with a schoolroom added through the generosity of the Crossland family of Scholes Lodge Farm in l905." This appears to be very close to where my grandparents were born.  I'm not very proficient on the 'net' and have not yet found a "match".

My grandfather, Samuel Crossland came to America in 1879.  We have his birthdate as November l7, l847 at Elland, Yorkshire, England.  My grandmother, Mary Jane Martin was born June 2, 1848 (or l850) at Yorkshire or Noristhorpe.  We have no information on parents or siblings of either.  I have a hand written note signed by Samuel Crossland, dated 23-9-76 regarding a meeting at (Millbridge?) Wesleyan Sunday School.  (I'm not good at reading old English either!)  It appears they had 6 children born in England:  Sara, Dec 28, 1868; Thomas, July 17, l870; Mary A, May 01, 1872; Elizabeth, Feb 22, 1874; Florence, June 20, 1875 and Mary Alice, May 5,1877.
As a child I remember my parents speaking of an Uncle, "Eli Crossland" in England.  The picture I have is captioned "Eli and Frances Crossland" and I can only guess it was taken in the early 1900's. In the picture it appears that he is several years older than she.  I think he is Samuel's brother. When a teenager I corresponded with a (cousin?) in England.  The only thing I have is her picture, signed "Betty Phillips, 1944"  i was 14 at the time and she was about the same age. (I really enjoyed your website!)"


From: Beth Rau, Seattle (

"Hello from Seattle,  My mother is a Scholes, descended from George Scholes, born about 1740 near Accrington, Lancashire.  I own a book entitled:  "American Descendants of George Scholes of Accrington, Lancashire, England", written in 1944. Included in this book is a wonderful autobiographical letter written by George's grandson, Richard, around 1860, describing his relatives in England in great detail, as well as many family photos dating from the mid-1800s.

Would you be interested in including some or all of the contents of this book on the Scholes family website? I am unclear as to whether American copyright laws would allow me to photocopy photos and pages from the book. I do, however, own a typewritten copy of his handwritten letter and would be happy to spend the time to transcribe this, as well as other biographical notes, for inclusion on your site.

 Some of my American Scholes relatives remained calico printers on the East Coast, but others went out West to search for gold or to try their hand at farming.  My grandfather, William Dean Scholes, homesteaded on land previously occupied by Indians in North Dakota.  All in all, an interesting bunch of folk! Beth"


From Terry Scholes, Springs, South Africa (

My name is Terry Scholes I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Springs, South Africa, but am originally from Royton, Lancashire.  My parents names are Fred and Harriet Scholes and I have a brother Tony.  We have been living in South Africa since 1975 and have a daughter and a son.  My wife who lived in Oldham until we emigrated was at school with two Scholes - Jack and Brenda (no relation to each other).  It is interesting to spend time on this website and I shall be visiting it again.  Thank you.



From: Fred R. Scholes, Devon, UK (

"Welcome to our name - sometimes it can be a blessing sometimes a curse! But anon, The name originates from the south Lancashire/West Yorkshire area of the UK and is as you surmise  -of Viking - namely Norse - origin. The name was originally applied to people who lived in stone huts which in the viking or norse dialect of the time was pronounced "Schalles"  - which was corrupted to "scales"  Hence the large number of places in Lancashire - Yorkshire and parts of Cumbria (which was once part of Lancashire) where the term "Scales" is used  E.G.: "windscale"  Scale Hall Etc.,

I am called "Fred Raymond Scholes" and was born in Morecambe, lancashire in 1943.  I have however lived in North Devon since 1966 (thanks to the RAF).

My Father, - still  living - is called Fred Kershaw Scholes and he was born in Salford  in the 1920's. He had an older brother, Clifford, who died about five years ago.

My Grandfather was called Clifford as well and he died in 1961 - the connection with Morecambe came about because he bought a small greengrocers at Scale Hall outside Lancaster before the war and was in Lancaster throughout  WWII. He was one of four children  the others being Percy, (who I never really knew), Edith - whom I have only vague recollections -  and Bertha - who never married and died in 1963.

With the help and assistance of my cousin David (My father's brother's son) we have managed to trace our own family back to  my grandfather's parents.

His father was Samuel Scholes and he was a mill accountant in Salford and died in 1914.
David has also managed to trace back two more generations as Samuel's grandfather had the decency to wait until the 1832 Birth,Marriages & Death Act came into force. As far as I know he is still researching backwards but using the commercial "is your name Scholes? page  I think (being an ex-History Teacher!) that the Salford branch is our family tree  and noticing a Jeremiah Scholes MA - and knowing that only Oxford and Cambridge existed in the 17th Century managed to find which  college of Oxford awarded him his degree - which gave his address, which yielded his parish and David has now found out where his sons went to in their lives and how many children they had.

It looks like my branch of the family was heavily involved in the Church - the gold ring on on the shield canton tells me that as well! - When you find two vicars and a nonconformist minister  to boot!

I hope that my ramblings are of assistance to you and please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information about my own family - I can go back about 55 years!
best Wishes, Fred R. Scholes"



From: Nancy Jo Fridline, USA (

"My mothers maiden name was Scholes, Her name was Clara Alice Scholes, born November 13, 1908 in Pasadena, California USA.  Her father's name was Elmer Ellsworth Scholes (married Clara Ellen Lewis )  Elmer was born in Kansas, but I do not know the city.  His birthday was June 22, 1875 I believe.  He had two sisters.  His father was James Scholes.  They came to California when Elmer was a small boy I believe.  I don't know too much about the names but would appreciate if anyone does happen to know if they could contact me.  I have been trying to put some things together.  Elmer died in 1952 in Pacific Grove, California. Thank you for any help you can give me."


From: Sharon Hattersley, Yorkshire (

"I am researching the Scholes family of Rothwell, Yorkshire and would be very interested to hear from anyone doing the same. I am especially interested in William Scholes born 1536 who married Jenet Scholes and any descendents"


From: W.W. Scholes (

"For 'Debbie' who is searching for info on her father, Howard Scholes of Granby, Missouri, I have considerable info on this family."


From: Laura Elizabeth Scholes, Bedford, UK (

"bored at work and found this website, my dad is geoff edward scholes and i was born in hull i know his side of the family is quite large so anyone who thinks there related get in touch."

From: Fred Raymond Scholes, Morcambe, UK (

"I am originally from Morecambe in Lancashire, however my Father was born in Oldham and my Grandfather was born in salford. Also my great grandfather as his grave is in Oldham.
I am working via e-mail with my Cousin David Scholes to trace back our family."

From: Graham Scholes, Sidney BC  Canada (
"I live in Sidney BC  Canada, with an occupation as an artist.   I have
been working at this profession for 26 year.
I note the link to my name has the wrong url.   Would you kindly change
this to
In the coming weeks I will put a some information with regards to my
ancestry. I have a page on my site that has a family tree.    It would be good to link
this with my name somewhere on your site."

"Grimsthorp Castle, Lincolnshire Scholes' might have come from Scole in Norfolk with Chas BRANDON< Duke of Suffolk. There were two there in the 17th Century who the Castle office recorded as SCOLES, but whose death notices both spelt the name SCHOLES. The place association would definitely have lent the pronunciation as in "school"."

From Jack Scholes, Brazil (

"I've just come across your site. I'm a Scholes born and bred in Lancashire but now living for the past 25 in Brazil! There's a new country to add to your list! I also have 2 sons who will carry the name forward to the future here. Any chance of meeting other people called Scholes in this neck of the woods?"


From: diana harris-deans (

"Hi, I am trying to locate an actor/playwright by the name of John Scoles. His family emigrated to Australia about 45 years ago. John returned to the UK about 25 years ago and pursued a career as an actor."


From: Beverly Scholes, New South Wales, Australia (

"i would like to say hello and let you know much i enjoy your  scholes family website i have signed before and keep popping in all the time to have a read, since i last signed  i have found out that my husbands ancestor william edward scholes acording to his sons birth transcription was born around 1850/55 lancashire and migrated ro australia around 1882 where he worked on the rail construction as a fettler around the dubbo nsw area i am trying to find any  information on him before he came to australia.and would apreciate any help."


From: Peter S. Magnusson (

How do you pronounce "Scholes"? Following are a series of e-mails back and forth after Peter Magnusson asked "How do you pronounce your surname?" After feedback saying we pronounce it "skoles", Peter came back with the response: 


"In the UK it might be pronounced with a “k” sound, but Myron S. Scholes’ last name is as best as I can determine (without telephoning Myron) correctly pronounced with “sh”, ergo “sholes” with “o” as in “go”. See for for a recorded version. It would seem that students of finance learn the “sh” version in Europe and the “sk” version in the US and Canada. This might explain why “the incidence of Scoles in the total Scholes/Scoles population is much greater in the USA than in the UK”, as you point out on your website."


Response from Peter HS:

"Thank you for your interesting message.

So far as I’m aware, the surname Scholes and Scoles are always ‘skoles’ in the UK. I’ve never heard it as ‘sholes’. But sometimes it is mispronounced by those unfamiliar with the name particularly in Southern counties where the surname is found less frequently than in the North.

The recorded version sounds very strange! But Scholes was often adopted by immigrants into the USA as a similar sounding ‘English/American name to German/Dutch/Eastern European surnames. Perhaps this could explain the peculiar (to my ears) recorded version.

There were of course many spelling variants up to the mid/late19th century but the spelling then became more or less unified as ‘Scholes’.=

But tell me, what is your interest in Scholes? You do not explain?"


Also response from Peter JS:

"I'm trying to think of any word in English spelt sch- that isn't pronounced "Sk-" School, scholar, scheme, schedule (interesting one!) But as you say, people who do not know the name (or didn't before Paul Scholes played soccer for England) regularly pronounce it "sh-". I wonder why?

If I remember correctly, the Scandinavians and Dutch pronounce Sch- "sk-" too. I spent a lot of time working in Holland in Enschede which is definitely pronounced with a "sk".

Isn't it the Germans who pronounce Sch- "sh-". schnell, schon, schnitzel! Maybe this explains the European taught pronunciation.

As for US pronunciation, at the Scholes International Airport in Galveston they know how to pronounce it correctly! Try this link if you have "Real" installed to run videos."


Answer from Peter SM:

"Thanks to both of you for your messages. My interest stems from being *corrected* by a colleague when I “mispronounced” the Black-Scholes theorem name. Now, since I’m never wrong on anything, ever (ahem), this obviously bothered me. Hence I researched the matter. And came upon the excellent scholes site.

I studied finance in Sweden (I am Swedish), so there I learned the “correct” pronunciation. However, as demonstrated the US pronunciation is different. And since in the case of the theorem, a specific person is referred to, as opposed to the generic name, the correct pronunciation is indeed with the “sh” sound.

Both Danish and German pronounce “sch” as “sh”, I believe. Swedish has a very special variant for pronouncing “sk” (sometimes stj-, sj-, or skj-) which is halfway between “sk” and “sh”, if you can imagine that. It’s one of the sounds that is simply impossible for adult students to get right. The ultimate test is “sjuttiosju sjösjuka sjömän sköttes av sju sköna sjuksköterskor" (seventy-seven seasick sailors were nursed by seven fair nurses), which has the sound 10 times in one phrase. So the sh/sk duality seems old.

We need to commission a professional linguist here…"


So how do you pronounce your name?

Do you pronounce it:

A. Sk-oles as in "school"

B. Sh-oles as in "schnell"

or even:

C. Sh-oh-les

or any other variation (click on each to hear pronunciation - isn't technology wonderful!!)

Please let us know by voting below!


From: Pat Clare (

"I live in Michigan, USA, and I have family name Scholes.

I have Sara Scholes who married James Andrew in 1837 at Saddleworth St. Chad Oldham England.

James Andrew & Sarah had two sons that I know, John Andrew, came to US in 1868. Would love to touch base with any Scholes of the above area. Pat"


From Dennis Scoles, California ( or

"My name is Dennis Scoles and I live in California.  My daughter Denise Olson-Scoles is our family historian of sorts.  We have tracing our ancestor, John Scoles (b. 1732, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh,
Ireland).  It seems his family came from England prior to his birth.  We are looking for a birth registery for Yorkshire, Lincolnshire in an effort to take the next step back and find out who John's parents were.
Can you help?

Rev. Dennis Scoles, DOM
Mendo-Lake Baptist Association"

From: Ray Scholes, OHIO, USA (
"I know we have family history back to the mid-1800's when my great grandfather moved to Kansas from, as I recall, Pennsylvania. If you would be interested, please let me know. Thanks for the web site. Cheers " 

From: Hannah, cumbria England! (
"Hiya got bored & thought I would put in Scholes in my search engine !!! i didn't know that there were lots of 'em!!!!!! 
anyway Bye x Hannah 16 "

From: Julie Scholes, Surrey, England ( )
"Hi to all. Like many others, am surprised at how many of us there are out there. Would like to hear from anyone who knew my father - Robert Edward Scholes born in Withington in 1931, son of William and Hannah. Has lived in Wrexham and Barnsley. "

From: Gene Ellison, Texas (
"Great site. I'm looking for my wife's family history and have her family traced back to Hiram Scholes, born October 15, 1830 in New Athens, Harrison Co., Ohio. He Married Susan Stoffer from PA July 24, 1853 at Lock No. 17, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. He served as a Private in the 161st Infantry (Ohio National Guard), Union Army. They moved their family to Bureau Co. Ill. after the war where they both lived out their lives. 

I'm looking for any information about Hiram Scholes' or Susan Stoffer's parents. I would be happy to share information. "

"any1 know STANLEY SCHOLES my mum's (GILLIAN PASSINGHAM nee SCHOLES) dad please email me thankz from amy-louise passignham age 14 "

From: Katherine Elizabeth Scholes Isle of Man (Born in Blackpool, UK) ( 
"This site is brilliant!! Well done, and as you say how come know one can pronounce SCHOLES correctly! "

From: Jemma Scholes Wymondham,Norfolk (
"Last time that i came 2 visit the page and left a message i was know as Jemma Ramm.I have since married in to my husbands BIG family!!! His name is Paul Scholes but he isn't the footballer. Hehehehehe If u r aged 25+ plez feel free 2 e-mail me at"

From: Michael Lynn Scholes, Sr. Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA
"I have a book, compiled in the 1920's that traces my Scholes ancestors back to the Accrington area in England. The oldest ancestor cited was George Scholes, born in 17-something. I have the book in a box at my home, along with about 1000 others. Haven't been able to find it....when I do, I'll post some further info. "

From: Keith William Scholes, Idaho,USA (

From: Robert L. Clark, Missouri ( )
"Searching the Scholes line before Rueben Scholes Born December 18, 1837 in Columbus Ohio. Died December 26, 1919 in Granby, Missouri Newton County. Brothers Solaman, John and sisters Kathyrn, Sophia and Polly Scholes. "

From: Robert L. Clark (
"Looking for info on the John Scholes of Columbus Ohio whose children moved to Odin Illinois, Marion County. Names were Reuben, Solaman, John, Kathyrn, Sophia and Polly. Reuben Had 8 children and moved to Granby Missouri in Newton County. He died 1919 in Granby. Any info send to "

From: maxwell james scholes, berkshire uk (
"looking for my father who left home when i was 8 years old now im 18 im hoping to meet up with him. he is called david. j(john i think) scholes. "

From: Denise Scoles Olson (
"I am researching John Scoles 1732 from Ireland. I am trying to find out who his parents were. He spend seven years as a indentured servant for a crime he commited in Lincolnshire England. As punishment they sent him to Maryland as the indentured servant. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Denise. ""

From: Ron Scholes (
"I can only say that I am glad to find this website. I am the son of John Harrison Scholes, and of Bernadine Anna Graf. My Grandfather was Richard Corneilius Scholes, who married Stella Jane Blevins. Richard was born in Missouri in 1899, and had brothers and sisters named Henry and Imo. They immigrated to Colorado in 1906 in a covered wagon to work on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. My Great Grandfather, John Absen Scholes, was killed working on the railroad and my great grandmother took her children back to Missouri. I would like to know if other Scholeses out there know of any links to this history. My grandfather had a cousin who fought in the Civil War. The name my great-aunt gave me was Abraham Scholes.

She also said that our family owned land in New York City that is now the area that is Wall Street. She said that Lawyers stole the area. The family name that owned it was Beck. She also said that the names of the family from which it came was Tytwiler, an old Dutch name.
That's all I can contribute now.
My e-mail address is
Anyone is welcome to contact me if you can help my search for more family history. "

From: jim scoales, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK (
"Never thought I find a site dedicated to the Scholes, Scoales Family, am thrilled to discover it, God bless the Scholes/Scoales family!" 

From: Ashley Scholes (
"I had no idea that there were so many of us out there! "

From: Andrew Scholes, Oldham, UK (
"I didnt realise there were so many scholes' knocking about. I live in Springhead Oldham where there is quite a few Scholes families living. One family lives on my street and another around the corner. There is alot of scholes' also in the Saddleworth area. My great great grandparents lived Oldham partly because of the cotton industry however my great uncles were killed at the battle of the Somme in the 1st world war wih only my great grandfather remaining after loosing three of his brothers. A trend of calling men in my family Harry has occured does this relate to anybody else?"

From: Rick Scholes Jr. (

From: Phillip Davies, Barry, South Wales UK (
"My father Stephen Scholes from Woodlands Doncaster, Mother Jean, her other sons Adrian, Gary, Phillip, David don't know name of other son. My grandfather Melvin Scholes last known address Sturt, Adelaide Australia. I am the oldest grandchild, and have just become a father myself." 

From: Linda Wilson, New Zealand (
"I have a Ann Scholes born 1774, christened Jan 1774 Ringley, Lancashire, married to Schofield Rylance on 27 November 1795 at St Mary Prestwich, Lancashire.
Can anyone tell me who were her parents and if there are any photos of her, her husband and children.
Childrens names: John, George, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Hannah, Ellen and Margaret.
Please email me: "

From: Denise Scoles (
"I am trying to research my Scoles line from John Scoles who came from Ireland in 1752. I think I have traced it back correctly. please contact me at" 

From: Barry W. Scholles Dover, OH (
"Holy Canoli! Thank goodness for the internet. All my life I had heard from my father that our family had come from Alsace-Lorraine, that small country that used to be somewhere between France and Germany. Now I find I may have some really early relatives out of Oldham, England. I do have a family tree of sorts and my brother has found the name of my great(X?)-grandfather on the American Civil War monument in Cleveland. The Scholles family I came from moved to the Springfield, Ohio area some time in the late 19th century. That's about all I know about them. Have located a set of relatives that currently live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Anyone who thinks they may be related is welcome to send me an e-mail.Thanks.

Barry W. Scholles "

From: Eric Frederick Scholes, Windsor Ontario Canada (
"Dad came over from Isle of Man in Early 19 hundreds. Can find no record of him in Isle of Man"

From: Mike Scholes Burlington, Ontario, Canada ( OR
"A truly amazing Scholes site. For a people we all undoubtedly thought had an unusual label, it's incredible the numbers.  (I'm sure we could band together and takeover any country we so desired.) My families roots are in England. My ancestors emigrated to England pre-WW1 from Germany, with the name Schollass. So as to avoid potential persecution as tensions rose during that pre-war era, the family wisely changed the name to a less German sounding name. My father Frank Scholes came to Canada in the very early 50's. He became a well known travel editor for Southam news. His weekly column was called "Far Away Places". he was the president of the Society of American Travel Writers prior to his passing in 1980. I look forward to hearing from my many relatives in the Scholes Clan, through this incredible site. "

From: John Pretoria, South africa (
"I am John Scholes, formerly of Denton , Manchester, Born in Reddish/Stockport. in 1937. I attended Manchester Grammar school. After doing my National service in South Lancs. regt. I emigrated to South Africa. 2 sons one daughter - all in South Africa. 
Interested to note you have an "authentic" Scholes crest - how authentic is this?
I posses several old birth/marriage certificates of Scholes family from Manchester and surrounding areas. 
Here are a few verifiable facts re Scholes family. Denton and Manchester area.

1 The earliest return of population of Denton (The first ever census) bearing the date 1645 is contained in the family papers of the Earls of Wilton, and is derived from "A particular account of a quarters wages for each inhabitant in Denton as they have anciently paid both to the preaching minister there and to the repair and provisions of the chappell" then follows a list of 34 houses and 170 persons with the amounts paid to the minister and for repair of chapel etc.
An extract reads
' Mr Hollands Tenants'
Mr. Holland 10s 6d
Mr John Scholes 2s 6d
Mr John Lowe 1s 7d
and so on in descending amounts to as low as 2d.

Official census taking did not commence until 1801

2 ex 'Chetham Miscellaneous' poll book for Manchester May 22 1690

p,23:- "on 29th April 1679 at the Court Leet, when about 800 took an oath of allegiance to His majesty Charles 2nd - " one of whom was John J Scholes.

3 JOHN SCHOLES, , the Lancashire poet, once a hat manufacturer, later a journeyman hatter "The Bridal of Nawworth" published 1838 "Poems by John Scholes (companion to the above) published a few months later. "Sere Leaves" 1d863. Never published Procter in - "Memories of Bygone M/Cr. 1880" described him as "a dreamer in a realistic world" The editor of the Atheneum in reviewing a book of "Lancashire Lyrics" (Harland) averred that John Scholes "bore away the palm from all his friendly rivals" Never in robust health, his sight failed and , falling into further decline he returned to his village of Smallbridge, near Blackstone Edge, where he died on Oct. 19th 1863 aged about 55.

The above are extracted from notes made by my late father John Hulme Scholes of Denton.

Regards John Scholes (South Africa)"

From: Gary Scholes Flintshire, North Wales, UK (
"Hello all Scholes's, I new I wasn't the only one!!!! Nice site, will be coming back for another look soon, using works internet at the moment. TTFN. "

From: Janet Heap nee Scholes, UK (
"Great site, as a scholes i am just begining to research my family and have hit a dead end we are from the newchurch area of lancashire my father was called Allen Scholes and he had several brothers and sisters who where Eleanor Scholes, Lillian Scholes, Mary Scholes, Thomas Scholes, Robert Scholes, Wilfred Scholes, Harold Scholes and Hubert and George Scholes who both died in the first world war, and are buried in the unitarian church in newchurch lancs, and they where all born between 1891 And 1918 as for as we know. There father was called Edmondson Scholes and there mother was called mary or Martha scholes this is for as we can get at the moment because there are not many family documents to help us out, and the census has two Edmondson scholes's and two Mary Scholes's from the area so at a dead end for the moment but we will let you know if we get any further, once again congratulations on having such a great site. "

From: Ken Scholes Longview, WA, USA (
"Hello Scholes Family! I was pleased to find this site. My father is Standley Thatcher Scholes, son of Standley Fishburn Scholes and grandson of Frederick Scholes. I believe my great-grandfather came from Leeds, UK and settled into Logan, UT or thereabouts. All you cousins out there, get in touch and maybe we'll figure out how distantly (or not so distantly) we're related!!! "

From: Dallas Jensen Scholes Centreville, Virginia (
"I see my cousin Marty already wrote in. Our family came to the United States just prior to the US Civil War. Thomas C. Scholes fought for the Union Army and Navy and was on a boat that was sunk during one of the many battles of Vicksburg. He later served as the first mayor of New Burlington, Iowa. His son, Charles Fremont Scholes moved to Wyoming to work as a blacksmith for William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and lived on a ranch next door to Millward Simpson, a Governor of Wyoming and the father of the infamous Al Simpson, former US Senator from Wyoming. I now work for Senator Mike Enzi, the man who was elected to fill the vacancy when Senator Simpson retired. My father was also named Charles Fremont Scholes, after his grandfather. He served in the Korean War and taught school in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. I moved to the Washington, DC area to go to law school and now have 5 children. 

I thought it would be fun to share a picture of my family in Virginia, USA. I love your web site. Family is very important to me and I think it is great that you have brought so many of us together. By the way, when I don't shave my head you and I look remarkably alike. "

dafam.jpg (77091 bytes)
(click to expand)

From: Florence Hassall (nee Scholes)
"Hello Scholeses - I must be one of the elders of this site. I am the grandaughter of Henry Scholes, born around 1880 and married to Florence Marsh. Paul Scholes, the Man Utd footballer is a direct descendent of one of Henry's brothers -- possibly Len Scholes. My father Jim was Henry and Florence's eldest child and he was followed by Harry, Sid, Florrie, John and Alf and William an infant death. They were all born in Salford where Henry and Florence lived, but not sure if Henry was born in Salford. My Uncle John was the last to survive and has just sadly died at the age of 92.
I was born in Salford, also my sister Pauline and brother Alan. All the family were great supporters of Man. Utd. and I wish so much my father knew that a Scholes played on the great turf at Old Trafford. Perhaps he does know! Uncle John used to talk about his cousin Brian. I think they were contempories.I think Paul Scholes is from Brian's line. An interesting thing is that Paul married Claire Froggatt and my uncle Sid Scholes married Alice Froggatt. Strange coincidence! 
Does anyone know if claire and Alice are related. Alice is still bright at the age of 91 and living in Gorton, Manchester. I live in Wirral now with my own family but still support United and also enjoy reading the messages on the Web Site. A really great achievement for the originators. "

From: David Graham Knox Berrien County Michigan USA (
"I have been surfing looking for a Coat of Arms for The Knox Family "

From: Victoria Patricia Scholes Manchester, UK (
"Hiya, as everyone seems to be saying i thought our surname was pretty rare,but theres hundreds of us! Thanks to this set of Scholes' for setting up this site, it is a mine of info. My end of the family are all in the north manchester, oldham and bury, except for a few stragglers. My dad dean scholes was born in oldham as was his dad roy scholes who was one of seven most of whom are still in oldham around the shaw area.Just to let you know when i found out the meaning of scholes (cant remember where, it was years ago!) I was told it was scandiavian but ment 'Wood Cutter on the hillside'. really great site 
anyway loadsa interesting info and if anyone wants any scholsey type gossip drop me a line.
Vicki x "

From: Tao Chen, Reuters
How to pronounce Scholes as in Scoles-Black Foirmula? Like "shores"?

From: John E Farrow (

"Hi I have just come across yr site.
In my research I have come across the FARROW-SCHOLES links below and wondered if you had anything on the SCHOLES partner, or was interested in the FARROW half.

Molly FARROW m. Thomas SCHOLES Q3 1850 Oldham 20-876
Thomas W FARROW m. Marion SCHOLES Q4 1940 Middlesboro' 9D-1753

Regards John E Farrow"

From: Paul Irving (
"your website refers to Fred Scholes database. I think I'm descended from the Lewknor Scholes referred to, & I'm trying to verify the information I've found online. Therefore, I'd very much like to contact Fred, to find out where he got his information. Do you have a contact address? Thanks in anticipation,"

From Steve Jackson, Australia (

“My name is Steve Jackson. I live in Australia, but I was born in England. My mother's family are from the village of Dungworth, 6 miles west of Sheffield. Her maiden name was Duffield, and her other significant family names are Green (her mother), and Grey (not sure of the connection). Somewhere in the distant past, there was a connection to the Scholes family. I do not know if it was to the Duffields, Greens, or Greys. I have in my possession a sampler with the usual patterns and letters of the alphabet, plus the text "Sarah Scholes her Work Wrought in the 12 year of her age in the year of our Lord 1827".

Is this of any use to you, is there a connection to the Dungworth families, and what ever happened to Sarah? Looking forward to hearing from you.”   

sarah.jpg (226983 bytes)

(click on picture to expand)

From Jean Tabrum, New Zealand ( 

“Dear Peter - have just been browsing through Google and brought up my mothers family name - Scholes - I am not up with the history and my mother has been deceased for over 30 years now. There are no immediate family members of her generation left. Her father was Alexander Scholes and I believe that he came to New Zealand as a youngster, with his parents. They came from Yorkshire.

On a visit to Britain, a couple of years ago, we were in Yorkshire and visited the village of Holmforth - think that is the spelling - my husband has always been a fan of The last of Summer Wine. We had to find accommodation for the night and ended up staying in the pub featured in the programme.

In the morning as we were getting into our car I noticed the name Scholes Road on the corner of the building. That set us off on another adventure and we eventually located a village - one little shop I think - but not a soul in sight. Finding your website has just stirred those memories. I would love to check out family connections etc on my mothers side and will follow your website with interest now.”

From: Franz Skale, Europe 

“Now i finally found out what my surname's origin is. Thx.”

From: Kate Scholes, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire ( )

“Hi Scholes', i would just like to say this is a great website. Anyone between 12-16 email me as i would love a pen-pal. My dad is Michael Ian Scholes and my late Grandad Walter Eric Scholes died in 1989. “

From: chris Hutchinson  (

“researchingscholes of Manchester James scholes paper stainer b 1811”

From: Royston and Sue Scholes, New Zealand (


From: W.W. Scholes, Broken Arrow, OK  (ww.scholes@GTE.NET )

“There is a message posted from a 'Debbie' regarding her father, Howard Scholes who was born in Granby, Missouri. As a first cousin who grew up with Howard, I have considerable knowledge of the family. How can I contact Debbie? “

From: Abigail Brady, Scholes, UK  (

“hello i live in scholes, im called abbie n im looking up family webpages! loads of people are called Abigail Brady!!!! bye byes x x x x “

From: George Ian Scholes

“Good to find a "Scholes" family web site after 28 pages of seaching.” 

From: Bob Collins Colorado (

“I have information on Allen Scholes of Humphries/Houston county Tennesee. I got it from a well known record in Humphries county. My Great grandmother, Sarah Freedonia Scholes, was one of his daugthers. Let me know if you're interested and I will give you all I know about Allen. BTW Allen's father was reported to have been a stowaway from Scotland to North Carolina. Bob Collins”

From: Mike Scholes, Pocatello, ID soon to be Cleveland, OH (

“Hello all you other Scholes' out there in the world. “

From: Denise Scoles, Marin County, California (

“Looking for Paget. I have information of George R. Scoles born 2/24/1876. Contact me at “

From: Cheryl Schoolfield Arkansas USA (


From: Mary Scholes Manchester UK (

“WOW! What a site! Just begun researching my husbands Family. I won't give my address but whenever I'm asked for it the usual response is "Did they name it after your family"

Does anyone have a link to John & Hannah Scholes who at the time of the 1881 census lived at Woodland Cottage, Birtle Cum Bamford in Lancashire. They had 7 Children at that time. They were John William 19yrs.,Mary Alice17yrs.,Charles 13yrs., Abraham 9yrs., Orton 6yrs., Jeffrey 5yrs., & Luke 2yrs., who was my husbands Grandfather. If you know a link or think you are related we'd love to hear from you. “

From: John Arthur Scholes, Southport.England. (

Dear All Hope this might jog a few memories in the Scholes family tree archive somewhere.

Hi All Thought it would be good to provide any possible relatives with some background information. My family originate from the Glossop/Tintwhistle area of Derbyshire. My Grandfather Arthur Scholes came from Glossop. He married my Grandmother Annie Eastwood who had two children Dora( my Auntie) and Arthur (my Father).Annie Eastwood (my Grandmother) had a sister called Amy (my Great Aunt decd). Amy Eastwood later married and became Mrs.Hugh Harrop.They are both buried along with my grandparents in Tintwhistle (Chapel Brow).Amy died in Cleveleys near Blackpool in the mid 1980's and was buried in Tintwhistle.

My Grandfather died in the early 1950's aged in his late 60's.My Grandmother Annie died in Southport in 1961.They are both buried at Tintwhistle.

My Father Arthur Scholes was born on the 8th February 1913 and lived for most of his early life in the Tintwhistle/Hadfield areas.He moved from the Hadfield area in the early 1960's with my Mother to Southport,Merseyside.He died in 1981 aged 68 years old and was cremated in Southport. I remember my Father telling me that he had relatives in Tintwhistle.I recollect a cousin called Billy Scholes and my Fathers friend Eddie Tunnecliffe.Both who lived in Tintwhisle.They are probably dead by now.

My Mother Jeanne Scholes(Father John Scholes)was born in Redditch (Cheshire) on 5th February 1932.She still lives in Southport and is just over 70 years of age.

My Mother Jeanne has a brother called John (my Uncle) who emmigrated to South Africa in 1960 and still lives out there .He had four children.Diane,Hulme,Neil and Duncan.Duncan sadly died a few years back.As far as I know my Cousins Diane and Hulme are now married and Diane has children.On the South Africa connection only my Uncle John and his two remaining sons have the surname Scholes.

My Fathers sister Dora (my Auntie) was born in 1911 and died in Cleveleys in 1982.One year almost to the day my Father died.Dora never married and is also buried at Tintwhistle.

This comes down to me.My name is John Arthur Scholes and I was born in Withington Hosptal Manchester England on the 28th November 1957.As a baby we lived in the Fallowfield area of Manchester until we moved to a bungalow (Overdale) in Wooley Bridge Road Hadfield. I moved to Southport with my parents in 1962 aged nearly 5.I have lived most of my life here in Southport Meseyside. I was married in 1987 and had 2 Children.Caroline Scholes dob.27th November 1985 and Laura Scholes DOB 2nd December 1988.They both live in Southport still with my ex wife Stephanie Scholes(Nee Howard).If this information is any use to anyone then I will be very happy to correspond with any possible family connectionsby by email.

Cheers for now..John A Scholes “

From: Denise Scoles, Marin County, Ca (

“Trying to find info on George Scoles and Maude Huntington. Russell G. Scoles. I thought Scoles was Irish. Now I'm finding out it is English? email me if you have any info. “

 From: Laura Elizabeth Scholes San Diego, California (

“Hi Scholes'. I am interested in knowing if anyone knew or was related to John Scholes born July 31, 1849 - Died 1930 in Burke, South Dakota. He was my Great Great Grandfather and I would love to know more about his line.-Laura Scholes”

From: roger christopher scholes south Africa (


From: jeff scholes, scarborough north yorkshire ( )
"I am looking for details of the SCHOLES famiy from Langton near Malton north yorks especially Sophia last heard of in 1891 & Hornby from Sherburn near Scarborough" 

From: Emma Wellman bournemouth england uk (
"I have to say that PAUL SCHOLES who play's for MANCHESTER UNITED, is the most amazing footballer on the face of the planet!!! if you read this Scholesy, then look me up on my website and get in touch because I am absolutely without a doubt, your NO 1 fan! I worship the ground you walk on I have pics all over my room! justthought i would tell you that. I am a 26 year old female who thinks the sun shines out of places i dont wanna mention! Thanks for sheer quality entertainment of watching you play tremendous football throughout the years you have played I love ya Xxxx "

From: lenora Scholes, jolin mo (
"I am researching the Scholes family which lived in or around Vernon, Cedar,Barton counties in Missouri. My Great-Grandfather was John Melvin Scholes and married Lola Fay Malcom. My Grandfather is Loern Richard Scholes. If any one has any information that might be of some help to me I would be ever so greatful. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or information. Thank You Lenora "

From: Brian Scholes, Melbourne Australia (

From: Denise Elizabeth Scholes-Brown, Melbourne Australia  (
"Love going through the pages, very interesting "

From: Kylie Scholes, Gisborne,NewZealand ( )
"Hi Im Kylie in Sunny Gizzy.Interesting! "

From: James George Lapping (mum is a Scholes), Derby England
"Hi, I like the site and my mum has already sent a message on this web site.
I wish I was a Scholes, especially now there is an excellent footballer called Paul Scholes! "

From: Bradley Adams Scholes,Idaho, USA (
"Thanks for all of the great info, there does seem to be some physical resemblance to your photos."

From: Douglas H. Scholes, Rigby, ID. U . S . A (dscholes@BAF.COM)

From: patclare, Michigan, USA (
"I have a Sarah Scholes,native of Oldham, England born about 1843 who married James Andrew, a weaver. His sons, John and Andrew came to America. William at one time lived in Bradford, PA. 

John Andrew came to US in 1868, sailing from Liverpool. Any information on Scholes/Andrew family welcomed. "

From: Ikie Scholes, Houston Texas, U.S.A.
"I was just playing around on the net and found the Scholes site. It is a nice thought to know there are more Scholes than just my family here in the states. "

From: Terry Scholes, Siorac en Perigord, France (

From: Fred Scholes, Manteca, CA, USA (
"My name is Frederick Lee Scholes. My paternal grandfather, also named Frederick, was born in Leeds, 1872. He emigrated to America in 1882 with his mother Maria (Fishburn) and father Francis Scholes.

Our family's genealogy is pretty complete to the mid 1600's. My grandfather was a pretty competent genealogist. At the present time I am doing a Scholes name search in the British Isles, and am including all of the name variations you mention and some you exclude. My information is coming from Parish Registers, Bishop's Transcripts, the 1851 and 1881 Great Britain census, the IGI and other sources which I search for all of the time. I have been doing this for at least a year and have accumulated almost 4,000 names and 2,000 marriages. I expect this search to continue, God willing, for another year or two. I need to spend more time in Salt Lake City.

I'm wondering whether this work has already been done by someone who would be willing to share. I certainly would be willing. I like and appreciate your website. Just thought I'd get on the board in case some other areas of search can be identified."

From: beverly scholes nee duncan, newcastle n s w australia (
"i surfed in for a reason to contact any members of my husbands family descendents of william edward scholes. it is a great site so i will be back again soon beverly scholes "

From: DAVID RODERICK SCHOLES, manchester (
"iam have lots of bad luck finding my family can you help in anyway ,or anyone help email me soon thx" 

From: Dr. Alan Kent Scholes, San Diego, California, USA  (
"Thank you for your helpful information on the Scholes name. I am a seminary professor and missionary currently living in San Diego County (Calif. USA). 

I know little verifiable information about the Scholes side of my family tree. The earliest ones I know about are my Grandfather, Claude Scholes (born September 25, 1877 or 1878). He had one brother named Otto. I don't know where he was born but he and his brother settled in Burk, South Dakota where my father, Hubert Martin Scholes was and his only brother, Al Scholes were born.

I wish I knew more."

From: Fred Raymond Scholes, Devon, UK (

"Very surprised to read your web-site about our surname. It is not a rare surname - in fact it is very common in Yorkshire and Lancashire. 

The surname "Scholes" is Norse in origin. It is derived by a name given to people who lived in stone huts which to the norse is called "scoals" which has both been corrupted into our surname and other derivations of it such as "schofield"  Place names in the North of England that end in "scale" are probably places that our Norse ancestors settled in and used the local stone to build huts and houses with which gives us our name. At least that is what a very learned book I found in Devon County Library told me. 

Although I live in North Devon I am originally from Morecambe in Lancashire, and most of my family hail from Oldham -my Father (who is still alive), and my Grandfather were born there. My parents moved to Morecambe just after World War 2 when my Father was demobilised from the Navy. Although he had lived in Lancaster before the war -which is where he met my Mother. 

I therefore know Yorkshire and Lancashire very well and I do agree with you that it contains some of the finest country in the UK - however, I settled in Devon because I was in the RAF - posted to RAF Chivenor and met my wife here. The rest is history as they say!! " 

From: Rebecca Scholes, Manchester (
"Nice to know that we scholes' are still plodding on. My dad is Dean Scholes, Grandad is Roy Scholes lived for most of their lives in Oldham. If anyone wants more info don't hesitate to e-mail me. "

From: Denise Elizabeth Scholes-Brown, Australia 
"Can't believe how many of us are listed. My father was Francis Mannix Denton Scholes. I don't know a lot about my grandfather but his name Gordon Denton Scholes, I also have a brother Kenneth Francis Denton Scholes. We are related to Gordon Scholes, he was the speaker of the House during the Witlam Government, he is my first cousin. "


From: Carolann Sullivan, Redding, Calif  (
"My mother was Dorothy Scholes, from the bay in calif. I know there are more out there and would like to hear from them. "

From: Barb (Bryant) Derendal, Savage,USA 
"I love your web site, it was very interesting. I'm from the John Scoles (1)side. My grandmother was Carrie Mae Scoles, her father was George Thomas Scoles and his was Eleazar Scoles. Would love to share pictures and any other info with relatives. "

From: Wayne Scholes, Melbourne Victoria Australia  (
"Fantastic site, keep up the good work!

I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm looking for information on how to track my ancestors in England.

I have discovered Oswald Scholes was a butcher, born in Cheathim's Hills Lancashire about 1844. I think his parents were named Richard and Mary and it appears they emigrated to Australia some time after he was born. I'm new to genealogy this so any assistance will be greatly appreciated "

From: Oliver Scholes, Australia (
"I was born in New Zealand and have moved to Australia. "

From: Jean Allen, Scotland (
"Tracing my Scholes family roots in Oswaldtwistle. Unable to contact Tracie Scholes by e-mail. Hope she will contact me. "

From: Sarah Scholes (
"Im just looking 2 c if im any relation to Paul Scholes."

From: Kate Scholes, huddersfield near Leeds (
"Hiya ppl anyone beetween ages 10-14 please email me i would love as pen pal . My dad is Mike Scholes and my Grandad was Walter Eric scholes. "

From: tracie scholes, oswaldtwistle lancs (
"nice to know we go back to the 1800's and still in oswaldtwistle. keep up the good work. thanks for this great site its nice to know there are so many of us. "

From: Sheree Scholes, Oswaldtwistle(lancashire) (
"I think you've got a great website going and who ever thought of it i'd just like to say good idea" 

From: Eric F. Scholes, Canada (
"Trying to find information of my dad's family. Born about 1884.
Originally from Isle of Man. Came to Canada, possibly Pembroke Ont. No idea of the exact year. Believe he said he came from or near Douglas IOM. Name: Frederick Henry Scholes.
Thank You, Eric F. Scholes"

From: Arthur "Lee" Scholes, Magdalena, New Mexico, USA (
"I Have been looking for a site such as yours for ever, it seems. I have some Bible pages with the direction Thomas Scholes branch took in the US after 1840. How would you suggest I direct these documents and comments? Thanks for your fine work.

A. Lee Scholes
PO Box 1112
MAgdalena, NM 87825

From: Randal G. Scholes, Arlington, Texas (

From: jacquelyn p.scholes wunschel, Ida Grove,Iowa 51445 USA (
"I was so happy to see our name, as we are a small family.My father was Paul E. Scholes , grandfather W.W. Scholes.Paul had 2 girls,Jacquelyn and Ruth I.Scholes Tollakson who lives in Wyomimg USA." 

From: Bruce Reed, Saint Louis, MO USA (
"I'm a Scoles/Scholes decendent and this website looks like it will be very entertaining, thanks. I'll be back as soon as I can find my connection to "Big John" or "Little John" "

From: Timothy A Scholes, West Palm Beach Florida U.S.A. Earth (
"Thank-you for the web sight it was very entertaining. If you are ever in Florida please send me an e-mail and we can do lunch or dinner 

From: Sandra Schols, Canada (
"Hey, does a Schols without the e count? We are in Canada, orginally from Holland. Introduce yourselves and write. I married into the Schols'. My husband comes from a family with 10 kids. We have a reunion every summer." 

From: Rae C. Scholes (
"very interesting. I hope that Margaret E Higgins (Paget) will contact me. I can not get therough on her E-Mail address. Any one who can use my address is welcome to it. "

From: Michael Scholes, Egham, Surrey (
"I only thought there was few of us, but were actually taking over the place, quality! "

From: Remo, Switzerland (
"Paul Scholes of Manchester Utd., what a great football player! "

From: Deedee, Australia 
"Congratulations on your site. I thought Scholes was an uncommon surname! My Grandmother was Annie Elizabeth Scholes (born London approx 1894) her father was James Scholes and her mother Louisa Taverner. She came to Australia about 1915. "

From: Jan Skoyles, Nottingham (
hello my name's Jan Skoyles, not exactly Scholes but as i read from your website it's derived from it. I'm doing a piece of GCSE coursework on my family name and was wondering if by any chance you had Edward Skoyles' email address. You see he's some distant relative of mine (i think that he's my grandfather's cousin not sure) if you could get him to email me that would be great! By the way I'm from Nottingham and there are four of us here so you could maybe add that to your list of how may of us live where!
Thanks for the fab website if you could email me back that would be great,
Jan Skoyles

From: Jon Bleasdale, Prestwich, Manchester, England
(Prestwich Guide
"Hi, I was just researching for my local history site. Thought you may be interested in Prestwich and Woodhill one of the homes of the Scholes family. Drop by and let me know what you think. Regards, JonB" 

From: Richard Scholes (richi_rich_100)
"i think that this is great site and really interesting to read."

From: andrew scholes, manchester (
"cool web site"

From: Gail Adams (
"Nice website! Always trying to find what I can on my illusive Scholes
family. The came to America around 1848-1852. Edmund/Edward Scholes born about 1821 and wife Elizabeth/Betty born about 1830. Married around 1848-1850. No data on exactly where in England they came from. "

From: William SCHOLES, Sompting, Sussex, UK (
"Mary HALL.. My great grandfather was that John Thomas SCHOLES" 

From: E.J. SCHOLES, Ocala, Florida (
"I was blown away that there was a web site for the scholes family. My family ,as well has great interest in tracing the scholes history. Thank you for brightening my day."

From: John Bulthuis, Marin County, California (
"Looking for an old friend: Susan Scholes whom I knew in Ankara, Turkey in 1962 - If you are out there, I would like to hear from you."

From: Vicky s., sydnay australia
"well all i know is that my full name is: Victoria Elizabeth Scholes. daughter of mary webbs scholes and born in 1953" 

From: Russell B. Martin, Kansas City, Missouri, USA (
"This was a delightful site to visit. I was born "Richard Steven Scholes" in 1950 and subsequently adopted. I'm not very facile at research on the web, but I thought my birth surname would be an interesting place to start." 

From: William Travis Scholes, Florida, Good ol USA (
"i had no clue"


From: Major General Edison E. Scholes, Niceville, Florida (
"I am retired from US Army, live now in Florida, working presently in Saudi Arabia. Son of Alvin Lee Scholes, originally from Waverly, Tennessee. I would be interested in talking with anyone who has historical info on Scholes entry/arrival in Tennessee. Thanks--Wonderful Website. Ed Scholes "

From: Juana Kimberly Scholes (
"Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm looking for information on Scholes immigration to U.S., specifically, Scholes to Tennessee. Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me? "

From: Kristopher Scholes,Tempe, AZ (
"Whats up all ya Scholes's out there." 

From: Gillian Scholes, East Grinstead, West Sussex
"Im realy glad u have produced this website. I think everybody should respect the scholes because we rock.I was tryind to do some reserch for my RS homework and came across this website. We don't now many Scholes so it was interesting to know that we are still about.
lots of love Alex and Gilly Scholes "

From: Matthew Scholes, Berkeley, CA
"hi my relatives come from Ontario, Canada" 

From: Ivan Scholes, Derby, England
"Hi I'm Ivan Scholes, retired ex Rolls Royce, Derby employee. My dad was Roger Scholes from Bolton, England."


From: George Barrie Scholes (
"Born in Hamilton New Zealand 1934 - resident in London UK"

From: bill scholes, manchester (
"excelent site"

From: Roger Scholes, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA (
"I'll have a cousin, much more family knowledgable than I, contact you concerning the Scholes in Allegheny county New York of which we are descendents."

From: leanne scholes, Australia (
"Hi all Scholes. I am married to Shane Scholes son of Kelvin Murray and Tonia Maria. His father was Harold and mother Eva. It is interesting to see that some of the names on the guest list are the same as my children and myself. This is a great site and I will visit again "

From: Neil Mochrie, Scotland, U.K (
"You Scholes's sure don't let the grass grow under your feet! Happy (extended) family fabrication! "

From: john hall scholes, hunstanton norfolk england (
"there is a lot of us out there,our immediate family comes from derby england. total at last count 37.we are now down to 3 generations,although we can go back 8 generations." 

From: Matthew Fraser Scholes, Sugar Land, Texas, USA (
"I never knew there were so many Scholes. I started looking to find out everything I could about my ancestors. I only know of George Scholes, who came to the States from England in 1796 as an indentured servant. I'm also looking for information on the Fraser Clan in Scotland. Can anyone help?" 

From: Sara Harrison (nee Scholes) Norfolk (

From: Gary Frederick Scholes, Sunnyhill,Derby,England (
"This is the first time i have tried looking for my name on the net, and i am amazed at how many people share it. My family have tried to research our family tree but i don't know how far back they got, yet! Now i have found this site i will be finding out and will let you know the outcome. Keep up the good work and i hope to find more of my relatives viewing this site "

Name: Michael, SCHOLES, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, UK!!!
"Hey, i really love the site, im from scholes, but there ya go, and weve got scholes windows - so close enough! Anyway gotta go, college work and stuff -Michael xxx
Ps. Gemma Sounds well cute "

From: pamela Scholes Green Edmond, Oklahoma

From: Kay Elizabeth Lapping (nee SCHOLES), Ockbrook, Derby, England
"Nice to know that other Scholes's are about!!" 

From: Brian McDonald 
"Fascinating site. Well done. Does anyone have any information about my maternal great grandparents Abraham & Elizabeth Scholes who lived at 56 Avenue Parade Accrington.? They had 2 sons, Arthur my grandfather and William who died in WWI. Many thanks. Bryan McDonald"

From: Keith Joseph Melbourne/Australia
"Peter Hi!, You may not want to hear of my G/Grandfather. His name was Thomas Scholes, aged 16, he was sentenced to death at Lancaster Assizes on August 21st. 1822 for highway robbery in Manchester. His sentence was commuted to transportation to Australia, leaving England on the" Commodore Hayes" on the 26th. April 1823.

His prison record in Van Dieman's Land was not crash hot either, eventually, his clearance was approved in March 1845. His mother at the time was residing in Broth St. Manchester, & he was living in Salford & working for a company called Tee & Phillips as a File Cutter. Over the years, we have not been able to track his parents, except his Mother as above.

I hope this is of interest to you, & am finding your Web Page most interesting. Kind Regards, Keith Joseph Melbourne/Australia"

From: Barry W. Scholles 514 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, Ohio 44622 (

"Hi There- My family is named Scholles with two "ll s," but I see by your website this is one possible variation. I had always been told my family came to America from Alsace-Lorraine about 1850. I have found on various ancestral websites the name of Scholles in Oldham, England as far back as 1620. I am a professional photographer, my sister is as close to an optometrist as you can get without a degree (she works for an ophthalmologist) and I have a cousin Richard Scholles, an optometrist in Cincinnati, Ohio. So as you can see my family is somehow curiously involved in optics. 

Would enjoy receiving and hearing from anyone with the name of Scholles or Scholes. Thanks for this very interesting and informative website. You're right, I can't believe it's of much interest to anyone without that last name.

Barry W. Scholles
Dover, Ohio, USA"

From: William McMurray,  Las Vegas, NV USA  (
"Very nice site. My ggggrandmother was Margaret Scholes (b. abt 1809 in Ireland). She and her husband, my ggggrandfather Thomas McMurray(b. abt 1805 IRL) immigrated to Greenwood Ontario Canada around 1830. They had several children(my gggrandfather James McMurray is only known to me) and moved to Minneapolis MN USA, and then to North Dakota as a pioneer family in the early 1880's. She died around 1890 in Walhalla ND USA. Any Information on the Scholes's in Ulster would be great...McMurray's too ;) "

From: Sarah Scholes, Belfast, Northern Ireland (
"Hi im Sarah,im 13 and i live in Belfast.Hi 2 all the Scholes people out there!!!!! :-) "

From: Mary Hall

"Hi, Am new to genealogy and as yet don't know how to proceed. Saw your website and had to write. Do you know anything of the Scholes from Stamford?
My great grandfather resided there but don't know if he was born there. His name was John Thomas Scholes and he married Sarah Ann Morley. He also worked for the Stamford Mercury newpaper and lived in the "clock house" which I think was above the newspaper. He was probably born about 1850. If you have any info at all would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Mary Hall"

From: DAVID RODERICK SCHOLES, manchester (
From: Norman W. Scholes, Lynchburg Virginia 24550 (
"Born in Ogden Utah to Wallace and Rozanne Scholes June 9, 1930. Now live in Lynchburg. "

From: Craig Finlay Scholes, Blackall, Qld, Australia

From: John and Glenny Gow, Australia
"Hi to your Scholes family from a Scholes descendant in Australia!I have very recently discovered that my Scholes line originated from Ringley. In my message which you kindly added to your wonderful site, I mentioned Bury in Lancashire but not Ringley. Because of the Ringley connection, I am interested in making contact with John Scholes who has a message on your site which mentions Scholes from Ringley/Little Lever. John is from Worksop, Notts, but I don't have contact details for him. Any suggestions how I might make contact?? The only thing I can think of is to leave another message on your site mentioning the Ringley connection - but you may have some other brilliant idea." (email address passed on)

From: Margaret E. Higgins (Paget), Florida 33947, U.S.A
On July 21,2001, I sent an e-mail to advising that I was researching the Pagett ancesters from Leeds, Yorkshire and had come across the name Frances (Francis) Scholes listed as a relative on the Pagett family entries around 1600-1700 in place of parents. I am curious to know what relationship Frances Scholes would have been to my ancestors? As I never received an answer, I am now hoping you may be able to help me. 

I have been able to go back to James Pagett, born abt. 1698 and his wife Mary Broadelt, born 1702, married in 1723. They had ten children and one of the daughters, a Mary Pagett, born 1763 married a Joseph Scholes, born Jun 15, 1766 from Barwick-in-Elmet, Yorkshire. They in turn had four children, Harriet Beaumont, born Oct. 22, 1787, Thomas, born Dec. 13, 1789, Elizabeth, born April 1792 and Joseph. Joseph, born May 13, 1793, married Ann Smith, born abt. 1795 and they had one child, Thomas born Nov. 30, 1813. Thomas married Ann Newton, born Oct. 16, 1812 and they had five children, Maria/Mary, born Nov. 30, 1795, James, born Mar. 23,1798, Sarah, born Feb. 22, 1801, George, born June 20, 1802 and John, born Mar. 25, 1805. This is as far as I am able to go. I am sure you are aware of this information. I found it fascinating that there is a Frances (Francis) Scholes involved with the Pagett family before 1698 and then Joseph Scholes married Mary Pagett in 1786 and went on to have their children.  It appears there maybe a relationship between the Scholes and myself. My father was John Paget, born in 1890 in Otley and my grandfather was John Fisher Paget, my grandmother was Emily Bell, both from Leeds. In my searching it seems that the line I come from James Pagett/Mary Broadbelt is their son John, born in 1743. My father emigrated to Canada about 1915 where I was born in 1931. In 1980, I moved to Bermuda where I met my second husband, an American military man and in 1986, upon his retirement, we moved to Florida. Although I have been trying to trace the Paget family for many years, it was only recently that we purchased a computer that allowed me to delve further into all the members of the family including the Scholes relationship to us. I found your  website very interesting and the family has certainly done a lot of work putting it together and I congratulate everyone for their efforts. I will be making copies of it as I have a neighbour whose name is Scholes also, from New Jersey here in the States and I am sure he will be interested. Forgive me for the length of this e-mail. If you are able to give me any information about Joseph Scholes and Mary Pagett as well as Frances/Francis Scholes, I would appreciate it. Thanking you in advance, remain Respectfully, Margaret E. Higgins (Paget) E-mail:" (Full mailing address supplied)

 From: Harold Scholes

"We are new to computers so forgive any errors. Many years ago we were on holiday in Denmark and visited a palace, I think Fredensborg. Among the portraits of former Queens were one of Ann Scholls and one spelled Ann Skolls so since then I have always assumed we were of Scandinavian origin. I know there is a coat of arms so this confirms we are all of noble birth. Or is this wishful thinking. I also used to think that we had our origins in the Leeds area until I met someone who was convinced that Oldham was God's own country for the Scholes family. Congratulations on the information you have collected; our family found it very interesting. Harold Scholes"

From: Roberta Summers, Ohio and Illinois USA (
"The Scholes family belongs to my husband and it starts with John Scholes Sr. who was born about 1728 and place is unknown. His son John Scholes Jr. was born 22 Jun 1748 and married Katherine Miller and he died 12 Jul 1838 in Knox County Ohio. His son John Scholes lll married Mary McGee. John was born 5 Dec 1778 and maybe in Maryland and he died 30 Jun 1835 in Holmes Co. Ohio. His son Francis Scholes was born 13 May 1908 in Knox Co. Ohio and married Elizabeth DeWalt on 12 Feb 1829 in Holmes Co. OH and Francis died 13 Dec 1862 in Bath Twp. Mason Co. Illinois. If anyone can help me with this line of the Scholes family I would really appreciate hearing from them. My address is Thanks. Roberta." 

From: B. Eimers, MI, U.S.A (
"My grandparents were John Edger Scholes & Madeline Schmidt (Schmitt. they lived in Philadelphia PA, U.S.A." 

From: Winston (Kip) Scoville, London Ontario
"You have done a fantastic job on your new website. Very informative and very ease to navigate "

From: Jaira Scoles Hill, Silverton, OR

We visited SCHOLES - the one just east of Leeds - when my family and I toured Great Britain five years ago. The local folks must've thought I was nuts; I was running around town taking photos of every structure with the word SCHOLES on it: the school, churches, post office, etc. I went into the post office to ask if I could mail something from there and receive a postmark that said "SCHOLES" on it. Since everything goes to Leeds from there, the postmaster said it couldn't be done. I thanked him, returning to our car. Before we could pull away, a woman ran out and said that they had located the old handstamp that said "SCHOLES" and that they would be happy to handstamp my postcards. I sent postcards to my dad, my brother and to myself! What a kick!

I'm descended from the John SCOLES we refer to as "John #1," the one who was sentenced to transportation. However, since the children of the two Johns married one another, our two genealogies are confusing - particularly since both families named their children with the same names. 

I am at a dead end with my research into my Irish SCOLES. I even wrote to the SCHOLES who still resides in Enniskillen, but he never wrote back. I think until I can actually get there to do research myself, I'm not going to unearth any more information. I feel certain my family is British, but when and why they were living in Ireland, I don't know.

Thanks for putting together the SCHOLES webpage, and if you ever hear from 
any SCHOLES/SCOLES who had ancestors in Ireland, let me know! 

From: Linda Darlene Whetstone, Silver Lake Indiana. USA (
"My maiden name was Epler. My fathers mother's name was Ima Scholes Epler. It was just a coincidence that I happened on your website. I don't know a lot about my fathers side. My grandmother had a sister Dorothea or Dorothy Scholes Kessler. I live in the country at Silver Lake Indiana. USA. Thank you" 

From: Leanne Isherwood, Australia (
"I see my sister Ellen has already been here. Our brother James and I have been searching for the family for some years and this is what we've found on our direct line so far:

Our mother is Joan Keturah Marshall (nee SCHOLES) daughter of
Walter Newman SCHOLES and Keturah nee PHILLIPS..son of
Ernest Joseph SCHOLES and Bernice Gwendoline nee TONKIN..son of
Joseph SCHOLES and Cecilia nee ADDISON...son of 
William SCHOLES born somewhere between 1800 and 1836.
Stories from our mother say that he possibly came from Yorkshire. It is believed that our line emigrated to Australia between 1855 and 1880, possibly as miners of gold, silver, and copper. They were known to have lived in the state of South Australia at Kadina. Can anyone help us out any further? "

From: Sharon Wiltison, California
"I am doing family genealogy....I lived in Bicester England for youngest son was b.there at John Radcliff Hospital 25yrs ago....many fond memories.....Sharon "

From: Oliver Scholes, Hull, England (
"This web site is great. The best part about it is the name, let more SCHOLES'S
keep coming." 

From: Grahame Scholes, Sydney, Australia (
"hi all,im married with three children,cheyne,skye & blake,my wifes name is vikki & we live in quakers hill in nsw,my dads name was mervyn,& my mother is margaret .i have a brother dale & a sister janelle,i dont know much about my family except most of my dads family lived in newcastle,nsw,aust,anyway its good to see so many scholes,s in the world ,feel free to contact me if you know anything about my family "

From: Jane Scholes (
"At last some-one else has the Scholes name, I married Graham Scholes, we have five sons their names are Christopher 22 years old,Benjamin 20 years old, Nicholas 18 years old, Michael 11 years old and David 9 years old. "

From: Janell Scholes, United States (
"Hi, I'm glad to find out and know about a lot of people who goes by the surname of Scholes. I am proud to be one myself, and especially proud to know that my favourite Man Utd player Paul Scholes has the same as I do. "

From: Graeme Adams, New Zealander living in Australia (
"My Great Grandmother descended from a John Scholes of Horton, Bradford who emigrated to New Zealand with his wife Hannah ( nee SIMPSON) and children, Ralph, Alfred Edward and Eleanor on the vessel Mataoka under Captain Stevens, departing London June 13th 1859 and arriving in Wellington, New Zealand on Sept 13th 1859
John was born on Sept 7th in either 1824 or 1828 and married Hannah on Jan 21st 1852.There were several Scholes and Scoles emigrants to New Zealand with many listed on my site:"

From: Cindy (Hough) McClelland, Poltimore, Quebec, Canada (
"Hi. Enjoyed reading all the messages! My greatgrandmother Hough was Sarah Ellen Scholes( b. 1873) married to John T. Hough in Bolton Lanc. They came to Hamilton, Ontario Canada in the early 1900's ( no exact date,yet!). She was the daughter of Henry and Ellen E Scholes. Her parents came to Canada also ( same time?) and they are all buried in Hamilton Ont. She had two brothers, Benjamin,and Fred (both buried in Hamilton Ont) and a sister Ada (married Carrathers), also buried in Hamilton.
Love to hear from any family members. "

From: William Cummins

"Hi, I am a graduate student in finance in the US. I've often wondered how to correctly pronounce the name Scholes. Can you help? Great Web site!"

"Hard Sch- as in school, -oles as in.....well, holes or moles"

"Thank you, Peter for the quick response. I have to make an oral argument for a project I am working on. The whole thing hinges on a valuation I calculated with the famous Black-Scholes equation. The ability to correctly pronounce your last name can only enhance my credibility."

From: m.e.higgins, florida, usa (
"I am looking for any info re a Frances Scholes that would have been listed as a relative on birth for Paget (Pagett) family members around 1700. Also a Joseph Scholes who married Mary Pagett on Oct. 14, 1786. Mary was from St.Peters,Leeds, Yorkshire. Frances (Francis) Scholes name keeps appearing throughout Paget, Pagett family genealogy. Anyone out there help me, I am a Paget by birth and my father was from Burley-In-Wharfedale, Grandparents from Leeds. Thks. "

From: Barrie Scholes, London UK - formerly New Zealand (

From: Louis Epstein

"In 1971-72 I attended the private Scarborough School established by former bank president Frank Vanderlip,in part to educate his own numerous children.While I was there the last of his children
to serve as a trustee died suddenly...she was Virginia (nee Vanderlip, of course ) SCHOALES as I recall,though it might possibly have been Scholes.Is she (or her husband) someone you have traced kinship to?

As to the coat of arms issue...coats of arms are not given to surnames,but to persons,and only those descended from that person through the relevant family are connected to the coat of arms. Look up the College of Arms for more information.

I found you because someone in your guestbook came from Ottershaw, the word I searched on...I was trying to help a friend find out if a certain oldest inhabitant of that village was still
luck yet."

From: Terryanne Scholes

"We are the Scholes family - originally from Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Grandparents Joseph and Joyce born 1930, sons Michael (1954) Graham (1957) Granchildren Benjamin (1984) Joanne (1987) Alex (1987) Georgina (1990) Eleanor (1997) Read your website with interest, with the intention of looking at family tree. Michael & Terry Scholes."

From: Eric Scholes, Redwood City, CA. U.S.A

"greetings fellow Scholes! I love your web site and im pleasantly surprised by the amount of Scholes around the world! I have done some limited research about my family, and have traced the tree back to the early 1800's and the story of two brothers named big and little John. They had departed from ireland, (I think??) but that may just have been a point of exit. In any case, i am very proud to be a Scholes. I have had people always stumbling over the pronounciation, is it (shoalz or skoalz??) we pronounce it (Skoalz) I have also read that the name have been given to a person who was a teacher, or someone living close to a school. Any truth to that? I have a daughter Ashley who will be eight years old this summer, and was very enthused to read about her ralatives. Thank you for all your hard work and valuable research. Best of luck,Eric L., Laura and Ashley Scholes"

From: Jenny Kennish, Singapore

"What a lovely site - I hope that you are all still really enjoying the responses you are receiving from all over the world. As you can see, in fact I am now a Kennish (photo: Husband Greg Kennish, myself ctr Jenny Walter and eldest daughter Katelin in Malaysia - we currently live in Singapore) but my Great Grandmother was Lillie Agnes Scholes B: 17 Feb 1880, Kent England Married Frederick Chatfield B: 25 Jul 1878 and emigrated to Australia aboard the SS Gothland in 1912. Lillie's parents were Frederick Gower Scholes and Martha Patti Calder Married Tunbridge in Dec 1870. I have sent away for their marriage certificate. Until then I have not further information. I was hoping that someone may come across this note and have further info. Again a lovely site. Congratulations & best wishes to your family Jenny Kennish"

From: Gemma Lillian Scholes, Bradford Uni

"hello. My name is Gemma Lillian Scholes and i have just been searching your site. I was particularly interested because you are from West Yorkshire and i have lived in North Yorkshire all my life. I am now 20 and am at Bradford University studying BioArchaeology. My fathers name in Paul Gerald Scholes
and he was born in Ossett. He has 2 older brothers Robin -who lives in Wakefield, and David, now deceased who emigratted to Africa along with my Dads younger brother Richard. All have many children, only Robins' being in the area. I myself have an older sister Kirsty - 24, and an older half sister, Tracey who is living at Pocklington near York. I would be interested in tracing my family further back, but have no idea how to go about it. i think your site is brilliant and very informative, i found the overseas scholes's comments particularly interesting!"

From: Denise Scoles (Olson), Marin County, California (
"I am looking for info on a D. Bieglow Scoles who married Mary E. Alexander. Their son-George Russell Scoles born Feb 24, 1876 who married Maude Huntington. Their children Russell Glendon Scoles 11-5-1911, Inez 03-29-1913, Glenn 07-01-1916, and Lloyd 09-22-1919. Any info would be greatly appreciated. It seems Scoles is a hard name to track down. Thanks Denise Scoles Olson at "

From: James Hillery Scholes, Jr., Southern Indiana, near Louisville, KY US (
"Grandfather was Paul Scholes who moved from Centerline Michigan sometime in the 1920-30 era to Paducah Kentucky. Son James Sr. "

From: Adrian Scholes, Providence, RI (USA) (
"Signing this for the second time as I have recently moved. Also, relatives of mine recently visited from the UK and bought along a family history that they have been working on for many years. Their research into our direct descendants has taken them back to Samuel Scholes, born about 1730, but his birthplace has not yet been established. He was married, had 7 children and died at Burton in the Wirrel, Cheshire.
The earliest Scholes they have found on record comes from a township in the Parish of Barwick-in-Elmet, which is near Leeds in Yorkshire. His name was Johannes del Scholes and the the date 1379. It is interesting to note that the nearest village to Barwick-in-Elmet is called Scholes - Is that too much of a coincidence not to be where the Scholes name came from?
Great site - Keep it up "

From: Geoff Scholes, Bolton Manchester (
"Hi Im a Bolton Scholes I loved the bit about pronouncing our name.Have you noticed it has become easier since Paul took to the football pitch. I dont know that much about your roots, but I know going back to mt greatgrandparents we still lived in Bolton, Apparantly he had a thriving plumbing business that he succesfully managed to drink away!!. Great site for us Scholes's "

From: Jean Allen, originally Lancashire now Scotland (
"A great web site. I don't know why it has taken me so long to come across it.
My 3 times Great Grandfather was Thomas Scholes. He was born about 1792. His son John and his grandaughter Ruth are my ancestors. They all lived in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.
I have collected quite a bit of information on Scholes in Oswaldtwistle in the 1800s. "

From: Eric L. Scholes (
"Hello fello Scholes' i happened to find this web site much like everyone else.I have relatives who came from the Missouri area. Grandfathers name was Clarence Abraham Scholes, and great grandfather was George (Abraham?) I would love to hear from any one with connections to them. Best of luck to all the Scholes around the world. "

From: Tony Scholes, France (
"Hello. Stumbled into this site and comprehensively wasted an hour of my time.... Thanks!

In case anyone wants to know, I'm originally from Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham, UK, but now live in France with my wife and three kids.

My father (Trevor) was the Grandson of Clifford (I think, he died when I was 8 or so) Scholes of Birtley, and had at least 5 aunts and uncles (the names Clifford, Eric, Stan, Irene ring a bell with me, but it was 30 years ago since I've heard any of them mentioned)

If any of you think you may be related to me, it would be intersting to here from you.

Bye "

From: Eric Scholes, Windsor Ontario Canada (
"Hi; I'm Eric Scholes. My dad (Frederick Henry Scholes) came from Isle of Man about 80 years ago. Does anyone have any information on relatives. "

From: Graham, Sydney Australia
"I liked your site. I used to live with a family in Scholes in Yorkshire, near to Rotherham. A long time ago before many of your favourite places existed. Sounds like plenty to do there now. I loved Fountains Abbey too, and the Dales. And the people. I also lived in Bradford, just off Manningham Lane, as I recall, for a while. I believe there are many villages in Yorkshire called Scholes. Is this true? Hope you can tell me how many? Do you live in a Scholes village? That would be a bit confusing. All for now, Graham "

From: Sarah Scholes, Cleveland, Ohio United States (
"I am a student at Ohio University. My father's name is Jay Scholes. My grandfather's name was Clayton Scholes. "

From: simon scholes, derby (
"excellant site, keep up the good work, get back to you soon "

From: William John Scholes, Melbourne Australia (
"l was born in Melbourne in 1927.My father Frank Scholes was born in Melbourne in 1909. He had 3 brothers Alfred,William and Arch.He also had a sister called Lilian. My grandfather was Arch Scholes Who was from Tasmania.
My mother was Catherine Ann OBrian and my grandmother was Alice Mudford from Malmsbury in Victoria. l have 3 children Ronald Scholes Brian Scholes and Leanne Bull. If anyone has any of these Scholes as relatives would they please contact me
Many Thanks
William Scholes "

From: Paul Scholes, liverpool (uni) (
"Yes that is my real name. I'am from leeds, tryring to research my family tree. well done to the 3 young Scholesy's on a good site. "

From: John Scholes, Worksop Notts (
"This is a really good site. My family originate from the Little Lever/Ringley area of Lancashire. If anyone else has traced their family back it would be great to exchange notes "

From: Carly Scholes, England, UK. (
"I think the site is gr8 Gemma hannah and Edward. Welldone! "

From: Susan Scolles
"My name is Susan Scolles. I live in the USA. The history of our name as we know it is our ancestor emigrating from Italy to the USA sometime in the late 1800s. The family story is that the name, in Italy, was Scalese or Scolise. Upon entry to the US, the name was incorrectly spelled Scolles, which is now our name.
This is all family story. We have no proof that this is true. I have been playing around researching on the net. The Scholes family web site is the first time I have discovered a reference to our current spelling of "Scolles". "

From: John Richard Scholes, Australia, Victoria (
"Feelings of immortality, my full name has been in use for nearly a thousand years. Bet there are some interesting stories in there!!
Congrats on a superb site. "

From: Maryanne, Doncaster, UK

"I would be interested to know your Granddads name that had the shop in Doncaster. I'm Maryanne Fletcher nee Ovenden. My Grandma on my mothers side was a Scholes, her name was Clarice Mary Scholes she was born 1926 in Balby, Doncaster lived in Intake and died in Skellow. Her sister Kathleen is still alive, she lives in Armthorpe Doncaster. They had a Brother Douglas, he died in 1974 of cancer. Their Father was Horace Scholes (1888-1944) and he married Gertrude Harriette Mawson. How's that for a name and a half! Horace had a sister called Elsie Scholes, she married someone called Smithson and there was also a brother called Henry Scholes, we don't know what happened to him. That's as far back as I have got for now, but with names like these, you know if you are related or not.
Great site, I will be coming back regularly. I don't mind my e-mail address being published. as you can see I am still in Doncaster. :)"

From: Natalie Moldover, Jamaica

"My name is Natalie Moldover. My family originates from Jamaica West Indies. My mother's family line are the Scholes from Jamaica. I don't have much more to share other than that. If there is more I can share, contact me via email. Natalie"

From: Des Scholes in Scotland
"Thanks for the links, I will put in one to the site next time I update my pages. Well done, I'm really impressed with the way your site has grown. It must be great for your children to be part of a world-wide focus for all the Scholes in existence."

From: Richard Scholes, Preston, England (

"Hi! My name is Richard Scholes and I just got on the net on the off chance that I might be able to find somthing on our family name. Lo and behold a virtual treasure trove of info. Thank you! Im 24 and now live in Preston, Lancs but was born in Bradford to Steven and Jean Scholes. I have a number of uncles etc there. My grandparents were Charles and Edna Scholes and thats about as far back as I know. As for pictures if you go onto and follow the prompts to wedding pic's of june 17th
2000 then there are some photos of me there. I will try to send you some others inc some old ones from around the time of the war. Yours scincerely Richard Scholes."

From: Richard Scholes, Leeds, England

"I live in Leeds. I thought the internet site was very interesting. It is nice to find out about my history. My grandparents parents moved from Austria to England in the first world war and we were called Shultz."

From: Terry Scholes Cheshire, England (

"What an amazing find! I will make a contribution as soon as I sort out a few relevant dates.This is a not very good picture of me taken in 1997- my only entry on the web "

From: Sarah Scholes Birmingham (

"I think i'm a relation to you because my brother is Paul Scholes the Manchester United player.
Thank you "

From: Glennys Gow Lismore, NSW, Australia (

"Great to find this site. I am researching Scholes ancestors from Bury and Manchester who migrated to New South Wales, Australia in 1841 (Joseph and Sarah Scholes), also Joseph's sister Mary and her husband Edward Blackburn who migrated at the same time to Victoria, Australia. I am descended from Joseph and Sarah's son John Woolner Scholes (my ggrandfather). "

From: Felicity Scholes Bennett, Galesburg IL (

" What fun to find a Scholes home page. "

Name: Mark R. Turnbull, New South Wales, Australia (

"I am researching my Great Great Uncle Edward Scholes d.1933, Sydney lawyer & Judge district Court NSW , Mayor of BURWOOD; Son Of Joseph Scholes ,pastoralist of Guyra & Armidale NSW. A brother or nephew was a dentist in Sydney who may have had issue. Edward married my Gt Gf's Walter John Keeps' sister Gertrude Annie Keep c1890 No issue "

Name: Brian Scholes Australia (

"l just found this web site and thought l would like to reply from Melbourne Australia. l have a brother Ron Scholes born in 1952 ,and a sister Leanne Scholes born in 1958.l was born in 1956. My parents are Audrey and Jack Scholes,both born in 1928. "

From Jim Scholes (who works for Disney Europe)

"Some years ago, as a birthday present, I was given a researched Scholes Family Coat of Arms.The crest came from a company called Robix Heraldry, Builth Wells in Powys, I'm not sure they still exist but the phone number was 01982 552272 and came with a "certificate of authenticity" for what it is worth!"

(click on image to expand)

From: Norman W. Scholes Evington, Virginia USA (

"Will come back to this page. Genealman is our touch point. "

From: Donald Downie Melbourne Australia (

"My grandmother was Mary Jane Scoles, but earlier in the ancestry the name developed from Scholes "

From: Christopher John Scholes ,New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia (

" Hello to all fellow Scholes' out there! "

From: Elizabeth Scholes Belfast, Northern Ireland (

"Hello!! Amazing to find out that there are so many Scholes' worldwide. We belong to one of the only families in Northern Ireland with the surname. As far as we know, our family originated in Smithborough, County Monaghan, Eire. Two uncles of my late husband went to America, possibly California, in the early 1900's. We would be interested to hear from anyone living in America who thinks they might have links with us. E-mail at "

From: ANDY SCHOLES, Bristol England (

"Good to here there are so many,i feel great, long live the scholes's.nuff respect, Andy "

From: Greg Henry, Izmir,Turkey (

"Just playing on the internet one night and found this page. My mother's maiden name is Scoles(Scholes). My Grandfather was John Scoles born in or near Hub City Wisconsin in 1897 died in 1982. I've never met anyone else with the surname except cousin's only one male cousin to carry on the name. I was always under the impresson that my Grandfathers relatives came from Ireland but they may have gotten there from England. nice site glad to meet you all "

From: Natalie Scholes, Goranson, Massachusetts USA (

"Am so amazed about the number of Scholes! Looking for info on my father's family. He was Norman Scholes,born 1889 in Lydney ,Gloucestershire UK. His .father, Thomas born 1851 in Charlesworth, Derby. and his grandfather,George born ab. 1823 in New Mills, Derby. My father also had a brother,John, who emigrated to New Zealand. People always had a problem with the pronunciation of my name. Please let me know of any connection to other Scholes. "

From: Steve Cliff, Manchester, UK (

"There's got to be a link here..there's so many of you!. My mum is Norma Scholes, daughter of Harry Scholes & Nora Hyde. Harry was youngest of 7 kids (3 brothers & 3 sisters) to Harry & Emily Ross who married in 1905. All the family lived in Ardwick, Manchester. I'd appreciate any possible links with anyone. Thanks, Steve"

From: Gregory A. Scholes, Seattle, Washington (

"This is a very interesting web site. I did not realize the Scholes name was as common as it reflects in the responses to this web site. The internet is showing how many people there are in the world with the name Scholes. My father's name is Walter Edward Scholes, Virginia, Illinois, my mother's name is Betty Jane Charles, Virginia, Illinois. I was born in Virginia, Illinois in 1945."

From: Rae C. Scholes, Roosevelt, Utah 84066 U.S.A. (

"Would like information about an ancestor named John Scholes born in Leeds Yorkshire About 1830"

From: Robert Scholes, Barrington, Rhode Island, USA (

"My father's people came from near Nottingham, but I believe they were originally from Yorkshire. In the U. S. they settled in Mannyunk, Philadelphia. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I've been teaching at Brown University in Providence, RI, for thirty years."

From: Judith love nee scholes, GEELONG AUST (KJNRJM@HOT_MAIL.COM.AU)




From: Simon John Richard Scholes, Stamford, Lincolnshire (

"Well I never did! All these Scholes' and I thought it was quite rare!!! haha! well I agree with all of you out there who keep getting their surname miss-spelt! Well, I am working in London at the moment but was born and brought up in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. To be honest I really know very little of my family history. I do belive that my family have been in Stamford since 1200 something-but that could just be a rumour!! My family have until recently been the towns Funeral Directors and before that farmers and carpenters in Stamford.Do I have any relatives out there I don't know about??
No photos I'm afraid but I will send one in if I get to a scanner! Great web site by the way. Alot of effort well spent. Oh yes, I am contactable on"

From: Mark Scholes, Dartford, Kent

"Really interesting site. It's interesting now that there is a famous Scholes that suddenly everyone can pronounce the name correctly. I've got relations in Devon and Auckland, New Zealand."

From: Paul Scholes, Stamford,Lincs, England (

"Hi i'm Called Paul Scholes not THE Paul Scholes! I have found this site amazing. My grandad(Norman Scholes) has traced our family history back to 1690 in Stamford to Richard Scholes(if you have any more info on him email me at Hi to Des Scholes aswell who i think knows my grandad!!"

From: James (Jim) Hillery Scholes, Jr., Southern Indiana/Louisville KY USA (

"Hello fellow Scholes',The only Scholes History of my line is that my grandfather, Paul Scholes, lived in Centerline Michigan, USA sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. I was born in Paducah KY, USA in 1960.
I have a wife and three sons. Anyone who knows of my Grandfather, Paul Scholes, please email me at Thanks! --- Jim"

From: Abbie Scholes, Hudderfield UK (

"Anybody related to, or know of the following:-

- Richard Scholes (b.1884) and Ellen Maud Heywood (b.1885)
- Richard Scholes (b. 1837) and Elizabeth Crossley (b.1840)
- George Scholes (father of Richard b.1837)
....then please get in touch! I'm trying to get further back. I am a 3rd generation Huddersfield Scholes, but Lancashire prior to this.

Georgie - saw your message!
Mark - what are doing tracking me down on this????!!"

From: kieran robin scholes-miller, Australia (

"hello from kieran,annette,shari,mason and saxon. we live in melbourne australia.our family belongs in the denton scholes clan"

From: Mike, Annette & Christopher Scholes, Plano, Illinois (
" Hi! I'm Mike Scholes. Between myself and other cousins, we have found it difficult to learn of our family's geneology. My Father was Allen Scholes, and his father was Walter Scholes. Beyond that, we know very little. My father told me once that his father had changed the spelling of our last name (perhaps by adding the "h"). By the way, my father's mother was a Van Winkle, and her family once owned the land where New York City's St. Patrick Cathedral now stands. Great to see all of you other Scholes! The world seems even smaller now!!! "

From: Elizabeth Scholes, Layton, Utah (
" I am a sixth generation descendent of Benjamin Scholes who settled in Fulton county, Illinois. I come through his son Willard Benjamin. Benjamin was born in Morely,Yorkshire,England in 1820. His parents were married in Leeds. "

From: Michael Scholes, Rotorua, New Zealand
"Hi from New Zealand. Surfing the net and came across your Homepage. My parents emigrated from Gt Britain in 1950. I was born in New Zeland in 1951. "

From: Lee Christy, Texas (
"Great web site!! If someone out there could help me with info on the following person: Jacob Schoels which I found on a 1785 Campbell Co. VA (USA) Tax List. Also looking for his daughter Mary "Polly" Schoels/Showls/Scoles who married a Elijah Christy/Christie. Contact me at "

From: Sam Scholes

"I came across your web site the other day and recalled having seen it before. I also maintain a family home page for my extension of the Scholes family and if you would like to read a bit about my family and browse the photo gallery, the address is

From: David Scholes, Lawton, Oklahoma (
"Hello, I am a Scholes also. My father's name is Robert Scholes and I was born in Los Angeles in 1959. I do not know that side of my family but I want to get to know it. My mother's side is Native American and I am very proud of that side. But I would like to get to know the other side of me. "

From: Luessa Scholes Sumner, Jerico Springs ,Mo. U.S.A.
"Hello I am looking for anyone related to a Scholes who moved to Missouri U.S.A. Thank you "

From: Kate Scholes, Huddersfield (
"my name is Kate I am 10 and I live in Newsome. Please send me an email. I would like a pen friend with the same last name as me. "

From: Wendy Bristow, Pennsylvania (
"My great grandfather was Jonathan Edward Scholes. He was born in Lancashire, England about 1828 and came to the U.S. about 1852. He married Hannah Curwen in Philadelphia, PA . Their children were: William, George, Alice, John, Edward, and Jenn. I am at a dead end. Can anyone help? "

From: Er, well Scholes. Oh, yeah - Dave, Surrey, now living in Exeter (
"I think it's all been said! Really outstanding site. Anybody else ever walked into a pub to find 200 strangers chanting "SCHOLESY SCHOLESY SCHOLESY" and wondered what the hell was going on 'til they spotted the ginger bloke on the telly.....! The email address is only good until 11th August as I've been made redundant - guess how I'm spending my last few days! Surf surf surf..... "

From: Helen Ashton, Wigan, Lancashire. (
"I was impressed by your photograpth of the Grocers Shop. My Great Grandfather Thomas Scholes of Ince, Wigan, had a very similar shop. His brother Alex did to. I have not got very far with my tree. My direct line is Thomas Scholes b. 1892. son of John Scholes b. 1852, Aspull. Grandson of George Scholes b. 1798 in Wigan area. Is there any Scholes of Lancashire with info on the web. Helen "

From: David Scholes, Warton, Lancashire (
"Hi to all you fellow Scholes' out there. Isn't this site fantastic! As I was looking through the site I was thinking "I'll tell my brother Keith in York about it", but he has already left a message in the guestbook. I was born in Ashton Under-Lyne, Lancs & moved to the Fylde coast (Lancs) in 1968. My Father came from Bardsley (between Oldham & Ashton). I'm off to E-mail my cousin Jeffery in Oz. P.S. Thanks to Paul Scholes of Man U, more people pronounce our surname correctly since he became a star player!!!!! "

From: Kari Scholes, Taylorville, IL (
"Hi to all the SCHOLES! This is an unbelievable sight. Well, my grandfather-Frank Armin Scholes- was named after his grandfather-Frank Armin Scholes- who came from Yorkshire, England. So if anyone has any history on a Frank Armin Scholes or any of his relations please contact me. My grandfather and I would love to exchange information with you..... Please Help Us!! Sincerely, Kari and Frank Scholes :) "

From: Drew B. Scholes (
"Greetings from Dixie. It is interesting to discover that members of the Scholes family live in all parts of the world. Yes, people have mispronounced my surname incorrectly, usually as "Scoles". There was a story that my ancestor Joseph Scholes emigrated from Scotland in the late 1700s. My ancestors came from North Carolina. Many Scholes now live in Houston and Humphries County, TN. I had 2 uncles who served in the Confederate Army (11th TN Infantry). Nat was mortally wounded in the Atlanta campaign, and was buried by his brother Milton, who survived the war. Milton was the last surviving Confederate soldier in Humphries County. Did any of the Scholes's serve in the British Army during the American Revolution? What about the Union Army? I have more info on the Scholes's if anyone wants to know. It's great to know that there are more Scholes's out there."

From: Joan Gaskin, Leeds (
"Does anyone connect to Ann Scholes who married Ralph Oddy, the Huddersfield Cabinetmaker, in 1838 at Huddersfield Parish Church?"

From: Brandie Scholes, sacramento, california (
"this is a great site! It is interesting to read about other "Scholes"."

From: Wayne Scholes, Manchester, England (
"Well how cool is this!?! I am sooo impressed with the site! Thank you to the Scholes family for putting it all together! I see my brother from Shropshire, Martin, has been here already, can't believe he didn't tell me about the site! :) I feel really blessed to be in such good company with all of you! I have spent much of my time travelling, hitching around various parts of the world and have met many Scholes'. If I'd known I could have just looked through some brochures for the scenery and waited for this web site to meet them all I could have saved myself a fortune! :) I have lived in Manchester for 7 years now having moved here from Telford after serving a 2 year mission for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I do spend a lot of time now in the USA, I manage a band. So next time I meet someone on my travels I'll refer them to the site! So anyway when do we all plan on getting together? How much fun would that be?! I am constantly amazed at the variety of people and talents with our family name; Footballers, nobel winners, gorgeous singers, the list goes on! Thanks again! Hi to the world of Scholes'! Wayne "

From: mark horacek, Huddersfield - now London!
"Hi to the Scholes-clan! Are you guys related to Abbie (Pamela) Scholes in Huddersfield????? If so let me know - I'd love to get in touch with her! All the best M. "

From: Andy Scholes, Carlisle, Cumbria, England (
"Wow!! All these Scholes'. I thought I would be the only Andy Scholes and my sister the only Jude Scholes, can the world handle two Judith Scholes'. I now live in London after moving down from Carlisle and my sister lives in Newcastle. My dad is Anthony Thomas Scholes (Tony) and my mam is Joan Scholes. My uncle is another John Scholes and my aunty is Yvonne. My cousins are Juliet, Peter and Rachael Scholes. This makes up the Carlisle contingent of the Scholes family. I'm well impressed with the web page set up. Well done to who ever set it up and I look forward to reading about Scholes' in every corner of the world. "

From: Luessa Scholes Sumner, Jerico Springs,Mo.

From: John Stewart Scholes, Bradford West Yorkshire. (
"Hi i'm Stewart Scholes. I live in the south of Bradford and have just discovered your site. WOW! How interesting to see how far afield the name is spread. I have always lived in Bradford, as did my father before me. His name was Charles Stewart Scholes,he had a brother called Sidney and a sister called Sally. His sister and mother both emigrated to Australia about 1935/6 and went to live in Sidney NSW. I have abrother living in Switzerland, a sister and brother here in Bradford ,and a brother in Preston Lancs. Once again ,Great site will visit again. Stewart. "

From: Paul Scholes, London (
"Just surfed into your site, great to read so many messages from all those Scholes familys in the World. Having a name of Paul Scholes living in South East London does turn heads with usually the same remark, are you a relation to HIM.But it agreat way to break the ice when meeting new people so it does have its advantages. I did not receive hardly any remarks when we lived in Sydney Australia having arrived threr from Manchester. I'll vist your site again, excellent!!! "

From: Bethan Scholes, Hertfordshire, U.K. (
"Do you get called Sholes a lot? I do. I've been called Sholess as well. Anyway, I think my dad, Jim Scholes, has already left a message and said all this. But, my Great, Great grandfather came from Bolton, and one day I would like to find out if I'm a relation of Paul Scholes from Man U! "

From: Jim Scholes, Watton at Stone, Hertford (
"I was brought up in Derby but moved to the South over 20 years ago, however my family is still in Derby, having moved from Bolton with Rolls Royce in the early 1920's. This is a great site and I can see myself spending a lot of time here trying to put the "Scholes" picture toether. "

From: Georgie, Huddersfield
"I heard about this through my sister Abbie who signed the guestbook in February 2000. So here is my little donation.... the only thing that worries me about getting married is that I'll loose my surname of Scholes! As obviously after 25 years I'm quite used to it and love it. But I will be marrying an 'Andrews' so for the rest of my life I won't have to spell my surname!! - as I'm sure nearly every Scholes has to most of the time! It'll be very weird going from a name that people ask how to spell to one of the easiest names! My dream of having a private car registration of 'GS74' will no longer be valid and 'GA74' is weird!!! Thanks for setting up this wonderful website and hope that everyone enjoys it like my sister and I did. "

From: Robert Thornton Scholes, Rodeo, New Mexico 88056 (
"A fine website, very helpful. "

From: Marilyn Graham, Northern California (
"My great, great, grandfather, Thomas Coggins Scholes, was born in Hull and/ or Borough of Leeds, Yorkshire, England, July 15, 1828. He came to the U.S. in 1843 or 1844. I haven't found records of his parents or brothers and sisters, but I know that we had, and may still have, pictures of relatives still living in the UK. I would love to hear if there are any relatives descended from T.C. Scholes. He died in 1906, and is buried in Northern California. I have been to the UK once, many years ago, and am sorry I wasn't interested enough then to go to Yorkshire. Now I hope I will live long enough to return and visit some of the places you have listed. Nice Website! "

From: Brian Scholes, Cavan, Ontario, Canada
"My Grandfather John Scholes and Grandmother emigrated to Canada with their two sons, John and Albert (my Dad) from the Bolton area in the early 1920's. The clan has since grown around Welland, Hamilton and the Toronto area in Ontario. Regards to all... Brian "

From: Andy Scholes, Staines, Middlesex (originally Headington, Oxford) (
"Hi out there to all you 'Scholes' who found this wonderful site. I never knew that we were spread so far and wide. I know that my ancestors were from the Middlesborogh region and that the name is very popular in the north of England. There aren't many of us in the south and yes, people were always getting the name wrong and calling us 'sholls'. However, since Paul Scholes of Man Utd and England, has become a household name, most people now get it right first time. Thanks Paul. Please keep up the good work with this site, it's great to see who's looking in. "

From: Hayley Schols, Victoria, Australia (
"I was just looking for schols as you can see i am one without the "e" "

From: Emma Holloway nee Scholes, Bedford England (
"Hi I am a Scholes I am trying to research my name to see if there any living raelatives but have drawn a blank basicaly I know that my dad (John William Scholes) was born on the 30-10-1925 to George Scholes and Harriet Elizbeth Scholes. In Lambeth London. I know that she died in childbirth and he died in 1930 we think there may be a conection in that he or the family may be Jewish? but I know nothing else.if any one can shed any light on on our family e-mail us on "

From: Tim Scholes, Manchester, living in Ripon (
"Great site, I feel part of a bigger family! we came from Manchester, My dad, Michael Scholes was born in stockport, and his Father was in the post office, and more importantly a member of the Manchester Ramblers during the mass trespasses. When our daughter is a little older, (she's only 3!) she'll love your site. Thanks "

From: Lee Scholes, Failsworth, Manchester, UK (
"Hi, im Lee Scholes im 22 and live in Failsworth, my dad Brian is the son of John Scholes whos brother Len scholes was the Grandfather of Paul scholes of Man utd, but according to my family my grandad had 2 sisters and 5 brothers so if anyone out there has any other info please get in touch. One of his sisters is called Irene and still lives in the Failsworth area and as far as we know is the only living one out of my grandads brothers and sisters. "

From: Richard Scholes, Bolton, Lancashire, Now living in Kent (
"We have the same picture next to the Scholes sign near Leeds, though your model is better looking! We are from Lancashire Originally (Richard, Gill, Alexander (5) and Ellen (2) and now live in Kent. Very interesting site, though I was alwys led to believe the name was Flemish in Origin"

From: Wigmoore Francis, Kingston, Jamaica
"Hi, I'm a postgraduate student at the University of the West Indies doing research on a Jamaican named Theophilus E. Samuel Scholes. His dates are approximately 1854-1937. From c.1900 he was domiciled in England (probably London). I don't know whether he may be a member of your family. It would be great if he were, for obvious reasons (you would be an important academic resource). Could you please check your family records for such an individual? It's important. If he turns out to be a member of your family could you please email me and let me know? Thanks in advance." Wigmoore's email address:

From: Lloyd D. Scholes, Santa Fe , New Mexico
"I'm originally from New England with my ancestors moving there from Brooklyn, New York. I'm an artist and have made my life's work the collection of antiques specializing in all things related to children. I am a graduate of Parson's School of Design in New York City. Found your website really interesting. Keep up the good word."

From: Pippa Scholes, originally- Devizes....currently-Worcester
"Hi Scholes' I was so chuffed to see my site as one of your links- it's really kind of you. I see my mum- Lesley has already signed your guestbook- she beat me to it! Great site look forward to meeting all the other Scholes' in the universe! Cheers for now Pippa"

(Pippa - we included your picture because you're nicer looking than Des, the only other picture we have on this page! (Sorry Des!) Hope this is OK!)

From: Tricia Scholes Hill, Baltimore, MD (originally Rochester, NY) (
"Growing up I felt as if I were the only Scholes in the universe! It's so exciting to see how the Internet has brought us all together and provided us with so much rich information about our history and ancestory. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this page!"

From: Lesley Scholes, Devizes, Wiltshire, UK (
"Hi, lovely to see so many Scholes's out there. I hope my daughter Pip will be as famous as Paul Scholes but obviously in a different field! Pip sings - visit her site on! Great site, keep up the good work. Regards Lesley Scholes",

From Debbie:
"I am trying to trace family members. I don't have much family left but I do know a little. My father's name was Howard and he was raised in Granby, Missouri. I am the oldest child from his first marriage. He had two twin sisters. All have gone now and I would like to know more. Any help you could give would be appreciated and fun. ( I hope) Thanks, Debbie"

From: Donald Gordon Scoles, Bennettsville, sc, but originally from Nashua, ia (
"The spelling of my name may be slightly different, but I think we are all related. My branch came to the USA from eniskillen, n. ireland in 1752 (john scoles), but I think his people may have originated in Lancashire, but that's speculation. I enjoyed your site. "

From: Abbie Scholes, Huddersfield UK (
"A very impressive site, well done! I am a Scholes from Huddersfield, although my Great-Grandfather came from Bolton, Lancs. I am just on the brink of researching my family history further and am very pleased to have found your site. My mother has researched back to my Greatx3 Grandfather and now I need to delve deaper... "

From: Gail Adams, Virginia USA
"Nice website! Thanks Gunilla for telling me about this site! (I am her husband's cousin!) I thought I would send my line:

Me: Gail Ann Adams, born 1958

daughter of: Alan R Pope and Idona Rae Scholes (born 1939)

Idona was the daughter of Clyde John Scholes, born Mar 1909, Idaho

Clyde, son of John Frederick Scholes, born April 1878/9, IL & Gertrude Fuller

John, son of John J Scholes, born Jun 1850, IL? & Diantha M. Wite Young

John, son of Edward Scholes, born c 1821, England & Elizabeth

This Elizabeth marr a second time: William Brierly in Colorado.

Thia is as far as I have gotten. On Gertrude Fuller's line I have several
generations. Diantha M. With Young remains a complete mystery.Anybody out there connected to this group? Thanks,Gail Adams"

From: Lisa, Franklin, TN, USA (
"My maternal grandfather was France V. Scholes. He was born in Bradford, Illinois in 1896. His father was Walter married to Mary and Eliza Hunter. Walter was born in Glossop, Darbyshire in 1853 to James and Amelia (France) Scholes. I would love to obtain any geneological info. on the Scholes of Illinois. My mother died suddenly in 1996 and was unable to complete her research. I am doing this for her."

From:Martin and Karen Scholes, Bolton, UK

"Hi, as you can see I too am a Scholes. My family is based around Little Lever near Bolton in Lancashire. I too have started looking back at my family tree and this weekend I hope to visit the Record Centre in London to see if I can find anything else out. My wife and I are currently living in Middlewich in Cheshire but my only remaining uncle lives in Essex. I have been tapping his wonderful memory (now in his 80's) as too his uncles and aunties as well as his grandparents. My understanding from him is that the name derives from the Flemish weavers who settled around Manchester. If you look in the Manchester and/or Bolton telephone directories you will see pages after pages of us! At least we now have a famous footballer with our name. Best wishes Martin and Karen Scholes"

From: Sandra Slater [nee Scholes], Lytham St. Annes, UK
"Brilliant web page! I am looking for Scholes with a view to making a family tree. What amazed me when I looked at your website was the greengrocers shop. My father John Scholes' parents [my grandparents] had a greengrocers shop in Salford, Manchester. My father's cousin was also called John Scholes and he is the grandfather of Paul Scholes of Man U. What a brilliant lot we Scholes' are!! "

From: Joan Gunter, New Brunswick, Canada (
"This is a wonderful site ~ Congratulations ! It's so good to see so many in your guestbook with the name "Scholes". My Scholes connection is through my grandmother. Her mother's mother was Elizabeth Rourke, nee Scholes, who emigrated from Tempo, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland c 1844. Elizabeth's parents were John & Elizabeth (nee____ ?) Scholes. John & Elizabeth also had three sons that I know of: Richard, John and James. Richard Scholes settled in the Town of Portland, St. John County, New Brunswick, and was a flour merchant. James Scholes died at age 25, in 1846, and is buried in the Church of England Cemetery in Saint John, N.B. All I know about John Scholes is that he was reported to be living in Maine, U.S.A., in 1866 at the time of his sister (= my great-great grandmother) Elizabeth Rourke's death. Elizabeth died at 31 Endicott St. in Boston, and her body was brought back to Portland (Saint John) for burial. I have been trying to learn more about Elizabeth's brother John as it is possible he married and had children. I'd certainly be very happy to meet any descendants ! I'm also trying to find a link between my Irish Scholes of Co. Fermanagh and any possible "emigration" of Scholes from England in past centuries. My thanks to the very creative Scholes who've made this "meeting-place" available. Best wishes from New Brunswick ! ~ Joan Gunter (email: "

From: Ron Scholes,Australia (
"First time I searched using my surname and was surprised to see your site. Congratulations on the good job. "

From: garrard, australia brisbane
"Thankyou for the viewing. I am trying to locate my god-father william scholes he use to play the organ at Lymn Church in Manchester he was in the Air Force and was my mother's cousin. Her name is Elsie Robinson (nee Foy) My name is Carole Garrard (nee Robinson) I hope someone can help me please reply if you can. "

From: Graham scholes, rossendale england (
"Hi i am 17 and i was just wondering if there were any other scholes out their. please let me know if you Knew a bernard scholes. "

From: Des Scholes, UK (

"I've actually put a bit about a couple of my ancestors on the web at:
I plan to do a bit more some time. The Scholes of Stamford Lincolnshire are a bit isolated from the traditional Scholes homelands in the North and it is thought that we might have come from Scole in Norfolk. Would love to chat to anyone with their Scholes origins in the Stamford and surrounding area. Here's my ugly mug. All the best to you and your family. Des"

From Barbara Scholes Gibson, Indianapolis, IN, USA; born Phila.

"Our grandfather Joseph was born in northern England ( my parents always said "the Leeds area" and was married to a Hannah Littlefield.. His parents were William and Sarah Whitehead Scholes
Joseph was born in England in 1846....Hannah in 1849.... no dates yet for William and Sarah but I will keep searching. If anyone has anybody in their background who sounds similar I would
appreciate hearing from them... Hope we can all keep in touch Barbara Scholes Gibson"

From: Al and Becky Scholes, Waukee, Iowa (

"Hello, fellow Scholes! In the 1760's some of the Scholes' clan emigrated to the colonies, working in the textile factories in Rhode Island. We are always interested to see how far and wide the Scholes' have circled the globe. Pretty soon we'll be going down to Rio de Janeiro, and it will be fun to see if there are any Scholes' in the phone book. Of course, when we were in London, there were over two pages full of Scholes! Here in America we have to constantly correct people who are trying to pronounce our name, since there are many people, especially in the Midwest, whose ancestors were German. So they try to pronounce our name "sholls". I bet you never get that problem in England! We'd love to hear from you. Hello from the middle of America! "

From Nigel Scholes, Lancs UK originally Buxton (
"We've just produced a baby Scholes - male - 8 days old & as yet unnamed. Nobody has come up with anything even approaching acceptable. Being a Scholes it does of course need to be something pretty damn special. Any suggestions? We have a 4 year old Alexandra girl. The Scholes side of my family came from the Blackburn/Burnley side of Lancashire. My grandad was Ronald Scholes born about1902 give or take a year. I have lots of old photographs if anyone's interested."

From Keith Scholes, York UK (
"Hi, Nice to see that there are so many of us around. I'm currently living in York, but was born in Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire. My Grandparents came from that general area (Oldham) but I don't know of any relatives further back than that, although I believe some of my grandparents' relatives emigrated to America. Of my own generation I have cousins in Australia, and Wales, and some still in Lancashire. If anyone wants to get in touch feel free to email me."

From Hannah, Ottershaw England (
"Hi I think that it is great having a whole page dedicated to the family name. I have a sister called Laura and my Dad's name is Nick. If you want to contact me, my E-mail address is: "

From Victoria Lynn Weiss, New Jersey (
"My grandfather was Joseph Scholes born in Phila 5-12-1910, my mother is Julia Scholes. My mom told me I'm not really a Scholes, I told her if she is a Scholes, so am I. I was born in Phila in 1957 to Julia ans Albert Clemins."

From Robert Scholes, Jr., Philadelphia, PA (
"I am the son of Robert Scholes and Catherine Goglia Scholes. I was born in Philadlephia in 1937. I have a sister, Patsy Scholes Karanza. We all live in Cos Cob, CT. I have a son, Robert "Scott" Scholes who lives in Toms River, NJ and a son, David W. Scholes, who also lives in New Jersey. I have 3 grandchildren."

From Patricia Scholes Karanza, Philadelphia, PA (
"My cousin, Barbara Scholes Gibson, just called tonight and gave me this website. I have my dad and brother (both Scholes) living here and will fill in that info tomorrow at work. My work address is"

From Barbara Scholes Gibson, Indianapolis, IN, USA; born Phila. (
"I am just starting my family history. My father's family (Scholes) lived in Phila from the mid 1800s. My great grandfather Joseph Scholes (b. May 1846)was a wool merchant or manufacturer in the Lancashire area according to family tales. His son was my grandfather, William Edwin (b. Jan 7, 1869 in Phila). My dad Edwin was born in Phila. in July 1900 and died in 1960. I am interested in finding the English roots of this branch and welcome any information. I visited two Scholes villages in England in 1987, one near Manchester and one neer Leeds, was not aware there were any more. Would love to hear from 'relatives'. Barbara Scholes Gibson at"

From Barbara Scholes, Scarborough - England (
"Hello, I'm also a scholes with a great interest in my familly history. I'd be very interested in hearing from you all. Speak to you soon!! Babs"

From Heather Scholes, Wombwell South Yorkshire, England (
"Hello all you Scholes's, Just visiting USA, having a great time with my husband on our Silver Wedding Anniversary trip"

From Judy Scholes, New Jersey (
"My father was Joseph Scholes, my mother was Charlotte Ullman, they were maried in June 1935. There were 3 children, Judy, Lucy and Joseph. We lived in Phila., Pa. most of our lifes. After marriage we all moved away. Orriginally my fathers parents were from somewhere in England. I am retired now so I was just surfing and found this site very interesting."

From Graham Scholes, Diggle,Oldham, UK
"Both my parents were called scholes before they were married there are four of us jackie,graham,paul,and david scholes. we live very closed to the way we are a family of bakers"

From: Amy Scholes, Medford, Oregon, USA (
"Hello all you Scholes's there! I have an interesting family history book which details one branch of the Scholes family which came to America. It was handed down in my husband's family (he is Richard Scholes). I would be glad to hear from anyone searching a family tree or someone who would just like to say "hello". Amy & Richard Scholes"

From Dean Scholes, Melbourne Australia (
"Hello to all Scholes's, I am interested in hearing from the other Scholes's in Melbourne Australia as I think we are related. John Scholes the cricketer is my uncle and we have also had some Denton Scholes's in our family!"

From Dee Scholes, Leicester,UK
"Great Site, Glad to see we 'scholes' are not alone, even if we are known as little huts!!"

From Gunilla Manell, Ontario, Oregon, USA (
"Hi! I am trying to trace my husbands family back, and one line is SCHOLES. The farthest back I have come is: Edmund or Edward SCHOLES with wife Elizabeth. In 1860 they are located in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, USA. According to the census information they came from England. Edmund/Edward would be born abt 1820 and died between 1866 and 1870 in (my guess) Missouri or Colorado and Elizabeth born abt 1830. I think they came to US around 1850. They had children:

1. John J. SCHOLES born about 1850, don't know where. He died 1901 in Caldwell, Idaho, US. (My husband comes through this line)

2.Harriet or Hannah SCHOLES, born about 1853 in Missouri, US (probably dead before 1870)

3.Edwin SCHOLES, born abt 1860 in Missouri, US (by 1880 he was in Boulder City, Boulder Co., Colorado, US)

4.Joseph SCHOLES, born abt 1863 in Missouri, US(by 1880 he also was in Boulder City, Boulder Co, Colorado)

5.Abraham SCHOLES, born abt 1866 in Missouri, US (by 1880 same as brothers above)

John J. SCHOLES married Diantha M Wite YOUNG, in Nov 22 1874 in Boulder Co, Colorado. They had 3 sons:

1. William, born abt 1877/78 in Illinois?

2. John Frederick born 14 Aug 1878 in Illinois? (My husband's line)

3. Edwin, born 15 Sep 1880, in Idaho? All three of these brother disappeared around 1910, and we don't know where or when they died. Before he disappeared, John Frederick married Gertrude Garfield FULLER, 25 Dec 1900. their children:

1. Walter, born 10 Jun 1901, Caldwell, Idaho

2. Lois Myrtle, born 20 Jul 1903, Boise, Idaho (My husband's grandmother)

3. Lester W (Bus), born 4 Mar 1906, Lewiston, Idaho

4. Clyde (Tub), born 5 Mar 1909 Ada County, Idaho. If anyone sees this and it looks familiar to you, please e-mail: Thanks!"

From Angeline Scholes, Birmingham UK now in Australia. (
"i'm originally from Birmingham UK i would love to meet my grandad or any of his relatives. i don't know him as there was a divorce and my dad BRIAN SCHOLES never knew his dad FRED SCHLOES i believe they were from Morcombe Uk. FRED was married to my nan GWEN DAWES and apart from my dad their was a daughter Brenda Schloes . i realise Fred is probably quite old now but are their any of his rellies out there i'm desperate to find you."

From Felicity Scholes Bennett, Galesburg IL 61401 (
"father Howard Benjamin Scholes b. July 19, 1896 his father Benjamin Scholes, emigrated from England in 1850's to central Illinois"

From Martin Scholes, Shropshire (
"Hello! Nice to find the site fro the best family name. My ancestors came from Scholes in Lancashire, my grandfather played football for Bury Town FC before World War 1 and some of the family still live in that area. Keep up the very good work! Martin Scholes"

From Allen Arthur Scholes, Kings Lynn Norfolk England ( 
"Hi i'm Allen Scholes from Kings Lynn, in Norfolk, England and originate from Manchester. My dad Arthur came from Gorton, Manchester as did his dad Arthur who had two brothers, Jack and Albert. Pleased to hear from anybody who would like to investigate further! He scores goals galore!!"


From Ellen Pain, Australia
"I would love to contact John Scholes of Melbourne. It may be that he has information that to date I have not been able to find. Our Scholes family came from England (origin unknown) between 1856 and 1880. Name Joseph Scholes. Had three children, Violet, Ernest, Renee"

From Trish in Canada (
"Hi. Are we related? My ancestors came from Huddersfied and Idle. George Scholes and Nancy Dyson and their son Albert Edward and his wife Eliza Scholes. Immigrated to Canada in 1912 but still have family in the UK. Great pages."

From Luessa Scholes, Jerico Springs ,Mo. USA
"Hello my madian name is LuessaScholes I would like to find out more about the Scholes family tree."

From Andrew Mochrie, Richmond, N.Yorks
"Hi, I'm trying to find out about my family tree. My family predominantly live in West Yorkshire. My great grandad was a Scholes and moved to Salford in Manchester. I want to know what happened to my family after that and if I'm related to Paul Scholes. My name is Andrew Mochrie. Please help if you can. "

From Rachael Scholes, Billy Row, Durham, England

From Stephen Norman Scholes, Halifax.Nova Scotia.Canada (
"I think I'm the only Scholes in eastern Canada!, and was the last of our line until my son Harrisons' birth 19 months ago. My family came from Chapel on the Firth, U.k. My grandfathers name was Norman Scholes. He lived in Honduras until 1965 then moved to Nassau. "

From: Ray Scholes, Findlay, Ohio, USA (
"Greetings from the Buckeye State. My family is decended from the Scholes family that left Pennsylvania some time in the mid? 1800's and settled near Council Grove, Kansas. The last stop for provisions on the Santa Fe Trail. "

From: Dennis G Scholes, Grand Junction Co. U.S.A. (
"hi from one scholes to another"

From Cathy Scholes, Worksop, Notts
"Great web site! Hi to all you Scholes' out there!!"

From Stephen and April Scholes, Spokane, Washington state (
"Have two kids Logan(7),Emma(5). Moved from Bradford, W yorks in March 1990 to U.S. Looking for family history! "

From Barbara Scholes, Daytone Beach, Florida (
"I see my third cousin Peter P Scholes signed in. He is from my branch of the family. I guess I was right with my 1700's pre revolution emigration date. Would love to see more details of the family tree. As you can see Scholes' are still on the move. Who knows maybe one day we'll be on the moon "

From Malcolm Scholes, Harrogate, UK (
"I am the last of my line of Scholes. I was born in Wakefield - my father was born in Scarborough (grandfather was mayor there at one time) and was a mining engineer. Believed to have been involved in the engineering origins of many of the West Yorkshire mines. I am now retired from the RAF (ex Wing Commnander MBE DFM Pathfinder Aircrew etc) with two daughters. We are enjoying New Year with elder daughter and son-in-law in Patrington, E.Yorkshire and thought we would use the internet to track the Scholes name back. You are our first 'hit'. Well done for the design of your web page. If you find a connection between the Wakefield/Scarborough Scholes and any onthers, please do let me know. I am not on the web myself, but my address is... (address supplied). Best wishes Malcolm Scholes "

From Larry Scholes, New York State, USA (
" This Scholes bunch migrated over to America from Ireland, great great great grandfather was wagon maker over here. I am about to retire from county Government spent the last 15 years as county Sheriff. Total of 26 years counting years as Deputy Sheriff. "

From Susan Scholes, Durham, UK (
"I am also a Scholes! My name is Susan and I am currently doing a PhD. Unfortunately, I know very little about my family tree. My father is originally from Radcliffe in Greater Manchester. My father has a brother and his family still live in Manchester. I'm afraid that about wraps up all that I know about the family (I have a brother and sister also but I doubt very much whether that would help in the search for the family history).
There are two more Scholes' in the small village where I live. I used to work in the local shop and they came in one day and paid with a credit card. I was quite shocked on reading the name that I squealed something about them being Scholes' too. They've done their very best to ignore me ever since! "

From Karen Scholes, Colorado, USA (
"My name is Karen and I live in Greeley, Colorado, USA. My Family is by no means a small family. My grandparents had 10 children. 9 are living. I have 27 cousins and 16-18 second cousins. I like going online and finding different lines of our family. Feel free to drop me a line and we could do a little more research."

From John Battye
"My family originally came from Scholes and Holmfirth. From my own research into family history I understand that Scholes was a Viking village so perhaps the name is also of Viking origin???"

From Marty Scholes, Denver, Colorado (
"Cool! Good to see more Scholes's in the world"

From Joe Scholes
"Found your page by searching for my own surname. Since you're adding links to Scholes' around the world, you can add mine, too, if you want. "

From P Scholes in USA
"I have a family tree dating back to the 1700's. Most of our family, after arriving from England, settled in Boston, then Brooklyn, then Connecticut. I would be interested in tracing it into the English tree-at least to a particular area."

From Des Scholes, Scotland (
"My name is Des Scholes, born Stamford, Lincolnshire 1957, presently living in the Highlands of Scotland. There are a few Scholes in Stamford but it isn't that common there: we were there in at least 1848 when a few were listed in 'The Lincolnshire Directory'. The nearest Scholes in our phonebook are in the Orkneys but I've never made contact with them - I often get asked if I am German etc. I remember my grandmother telling me that the name had to be changed to something more English sounding during WW1 under official instructions - the name was allowed to revert after the war - have you heard of this before? I also remember looking in a reference book somewhere many years ago and reading the suggestion that Scholes was old english for 'hut dweller'.
Four years ago I was in Luxembourg for a few days and saw the name Scholte advertised on a painters van. The Luxemburgers have their own language with a heavy flemish and german influence - maybe I can try to find out more."

From John Denton Scholes, Melbourne, Australia
"Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. I found your page recently and must congratulate you and your family for the obvious amount of time and effort you've put into it. I've been putting together our family tree, and I think its likely we are distantly related. My people seem to have come from the Almondbury and Huddersfield area. The farthest I have got back is to a Richard Scholes, who married a Martha Denton in Yorkshire in 1784. Their son John Denton Scholes married Isabella Hurst in 1823 in Almondbury. Their son Richard, born in 1832, married and emograted to Australia in about 1854. He died in 1895, and is buried in a place called Carisbrook, near Maryborough, in central Victoria. He was my great great grandfather. For some reason the Denton name has been passed down through the generations, and if I come across a Denton Scholes I know that I must be related to them.
Regarding the name Scholes, I found somewhere on the web that it derives from the Viking word "skali", which means something like a paddock where cattle are kept. I have the proper details somewhere and will let you know when I come across them."

From (another?) John Scholes, Melbourne, Australia
"I am a Scholes who is researching our family history. My people came from Huddersfield. I have got back to a Paul Scholes, born in 1755, son of Joseph Scholes. It appears that there are two graves at Saint Paul, Huddersfield, that contain some of my ancestors. Details are still a bit sketchy, but it appears that three brothers emigrated from Huddersfield to Australia in about 1853. I am happy to provide what information I can for a Scholes homepage. Incidently, John Scholes the cricketer is my second cousin!"

From Robert Scholes in USA
"Hello Scholeses--I am an English Professor at Brown University in the US. I believe my father's people were originally from Yorkshire."

From Ian Scholes, UK?
"So far my searching has taken me back to my Great-grandfather born 1858 who lived in Morley. I am only just starting to trace the family back and do not know any more information. My Great-grandfather had 2 brothers but I think they also lived in or near Morley. I am new to the Internet so if you keep watching the web you may eventually see "My Page." "

From Peter P Scholes, Connecticut, USA (
"My father, James F., complied a family tree which dates back to the 1700's to a decendent named John who arrived in Boston from England. There the trail ended. As I noticed several Scholes in England, it would be interesting to try to research this further into the past. Good job on this web site"

From Adrian Scholes, Charlotte, NC, US (
"Just out there looking for the good old Scholes name. I'm originally from Derby (another Northerner!), but moved to the US in 94. Just couldn't stand another wet and windy winter! Great job on the site - keep it up."

From Barbara Scholes, Connecticut USA  (
"Hi, from what I know of my branch of the family our branch emigrated to the colonies just prior to the American Revolution. It could have been after 1776 but family tradition is that it was pre-revolution. Anyway confirmed in US by 1790's. Have never run into any other Scholes' in US except cousins in my branch. I kept my maiden name through marriage and I suggest other Scholes women do too. There are so few of us we lose the link ever generation. Would love to see a big family tree drawn out. Hope you find more of us. God Bless. Have fun."

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