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Scholes People:

Paul Scholes Fact File - the family's famous England and Man Utd footballer!!

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(click to expand caricature, "borrowed" from

Pippa - the family's famous pop star!! (new link) 

Myron S. Scholes - the family's famous Nobel Prize Winner!!

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Black-Scholes Formula - did you want to know why he won his Nobel prize?

Graham Scholes - Woodblock print artist. Graham's family tree at link here 

James Scholes - Hull Kingston Rovers rugby player

Mark Scholes

Now, However & Meanwhile - Short Stories by James E. Scholes

Dr Samuel R Scholes - Founder of the Scholes Library

Percy Scholes - author of 'Oxford Compedium of Music'

Scholes Photos

"Scholesy Scholes" - "My name is Scholesy scholes and I am a rapper. I am in the process of releasing my first album on the street. Itis going to be called Scholesology. I am hopig it does well after I press it up." Unfortunately I can't get the MP3 download to work! Bet it's good! 

Ray Scholes Marine

France V Scholes Collection

Scholes on line - Electrical & Communications, New Jersey

Scholes Family - a nice family site with lots of pictures of the children

Andrea Scholes, artist

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Jim Scholes at - yes, there is a family domain name!

Chris Scholes - Abstract and landscape imagery

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Scholes Studios - glass studio in the US

Jim Scholes, at Strategos

Des Scholes homepage - from the Scottish highlands, in English, French and Gaelic. See the spectacular 'clouds' photograph

Des Scholes Family Pictures

The Scholes Family (Sam Scholes) - a well put together, well designed family site

The Scholes Family Album

Scholes Family - are you related to anybody on this interesting old photograph (1)?

Scholes Family - are you related to anybody on this interesting old photograph (2)?

Home of Robert Scholes - author and professor at Brown University

Scholes Genealogy Services - what a coincidence! 

George Scholes

Sam Scholes Fudge - anybody want to try making it?

Scholes Millenium Bug!

Autobiography of Myron Scholes

Mr Scholes' Classroom

Scholes Software Company

John Scholes, Cricket Coach, Australia

Peter Scholes - classical conductor, ENSZO

Scholes Pharmacy, Victoria, Australia

George Scholes - Scientist

Robert Scholes - Rise and Fall of English

Kim Scholes, Milwaukee Symphony

Lou Scholes, Oarsman, Toronto

Kevin Scholes, Fantasy Paintings (in Germany)  

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Scholes inc Insurance  

Scholes Places:

Scholes Village History - of last 1000 years  (new link)

Surnames associated with local place names  

Scholes Primary School

Scholes Village Players

Scholes Village - Rotherham village website 

Scholes Cricket Club, Rotherham  

Scholes Cricket Club, Huddersfield  

Prestwich Guide Wood Hill - home of Rev. Jacob Scholes built in 1790

Scholes Library, New York State

Sunshine House, Scholes, Wigan

Scholes Mafia - er... you try and figure out this site!!

Scholes International Airport - yes there really is one!! See their cheesy video here  

Scholes Park Track

Scholes Library Engineering and Science

Scholes Hall, New Mexico

Caeser's Camp at Scholes Coppice  

Around Wentworth-Scholes  

Scholes Dating!  

and may be of interest when looking for family trees:

Public Profiler - Worldnames 

At Public Profiler is a tool which maps the occurrence of particular surnames around the world: "The world family name mapping website uses many new and up to date sources to tell you where in the world people with your family name are found. Additionally, we provide lots of interesting facts and figures about the people who share your family name". The following images are of the prevalence of Scholes in the UK, Europe and the World, showing concentration in the UK in Lancashire and Yorkshire, but also around the world in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Try the website yourself; it is really interesting. (added 2009)

scholes uk.jpg (84394 bytes)  scholes eur.jpg (109264 bytes) scholes world.jpg (46505 bytes)

(click on images to expand)

Scholes Family Genealogy Forum - at

1901 UK Census on line - UK Gov't site, may still be temporarily closed because it is too popular!

Familysearch - the massive genealogy database set up by the Morman church

Scholes Links on all sites - Online Genealogy

Scholes Genealogy Services - what a coincidence! 

Cyndi's list of Genealogy sites on the Internet

GENUKI - lots of info on tracing family names in UK

Genealogy I found it! search engine


Local Names - Scholes

Distribution of Scholes Families in the US

Scholes Family Crest (to buy)


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