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Since setting up this website in 1998 as something for the kids to do on a wet Sunday afternoon, we have been contacted by a lot of Scholes' from around the world, especially the UK, Canada, Australia and US. I guess you have done the same as us - enter 'Scholes' in a search engine and see what comes up. I'd never heard of the Scholes Museum in New York or the 'Black-Scholes Formula' before I did this! I didn't know we had our own international airport either - in Galveston, USA.

Gemma at Scholes near Leeds

Encouraged by this interest, we are trying to collate info from all Scholes' to build up a family page - well at least a page related to the surname. We don't claim to be experts on the family history or family name (this is just for fun), but if other Scholes' want to send us messages looking for relatives or family lines, then we'll include them on the site. Maybe we will find some family connections we didn't know we had. I know of relations who, for instance, emigrated to the US in the 1800's, because we still have old letters, or headed for Australia, but know of no relations there now, and to New Zealand.

We did try some amateurish research into the family name, and the origin of the Scholes villages that are to be found in this part of the north of England, to include on the Website, but then I was sent a copy of 'The Origin of Scholes' by my name-sake Peter Scholes of Guisborough in North Yorkshire.

He has looked into this subject in much more depth than we ever could, so with his permission I have included his findings on our site. If you are a Scholes it makes very interesting reading! If you are a Scholes from outside the UK, it might explain something of your English, or Scandinavian, roots. It is as complete a review and history as I can imagine, but if you have anything to add, please e mail us or Peter directly - his e mail address is at the end of his report.

I was born and raised in England, but in an area where our surname was very rare, and I thought very special too, and apart from direct relatives I have hardly ever come across other Scholes'. Although one time when I arrived at Chicago on a flight from the UK, I was stopped by a customs agent with a sniffer dog, but thankfully only because his name was Scholes too! (the agent, not the dog....!) We now live fairly close to one of the Scholes villages in West Yorkshire - I did consider buying a house there, but decided in the end it would be just too confusing for the postman to deliver our mail!

Why can't any non-Scholes's spell or pronounce the name properly???!!! 

The "Flemish Question" - I think you will agree that Peter's history of the family name is pretty complete and the link to the Vikings who invaded England over a thousand years ago, well documented and proven. But it is interesting how many people have left messages saying "I thought our name was of Flemish origin". It's interesting because I remember my father mentioning this possibility to me too, something about Flemish weavers coming to work in the textile industry in the North of England. This of course would not explain the village names or the early documentary evidence as their history is just too long. But I wonder if anybody has any more concrete evidence of this possible link? I have spent a lot of time in the flemish part of Belgium and in the Netherlands, and have many friends there, and I have been asked many times if my surname is of Flemish or Dutch origin. They certainly have many surnames starting "Sch.." and have no problem pronouncing it properly, but I don't remember ever seeing the exact name Scholes in a Dutch or Belgian telephone directory. Of course, the Vikings occupied many parts of continental Europe too. Does anybody have any information or views on this?

If you are a Scholes and know something of your family history, how about sending us a message, either via our Guestbook or e mail us. Photos would be good too. Thanks.

Of course, if you're Schols or Sholes or Scoles or Scholls or any other variation, you are very welcome too! And some final Scholes family trivia; the web tells me that Scholes is the 19,439th most popular surname in the USA, and there is a 'Scholes' town located in Allegany county in NY state!

Pete Scholes and Family (Gemma, Hannah, Edward), Leeds, West Yorkshire, England Updated 1.3.00

This website is dedicated to my father, Clifford Murray Scholes, who died in December 1996, a man proud of his family roots and who would have loved reading through the messages received by us from Scholes' all over the world. His father's grocery shop is pictured on the front page of the site.

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