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My Grandfather's grocers shop, Doncaster, UK ca 1920

Welcome to the website dedicated to the Scholes surname and to Scholes families World-Wide.

On this site you will find:


Hello to all Scholes out there

bulletScholes Origins

Learn about where our unique surname comes from, how we are spread around the world, villages which carry our name and hold the secret of its derivation, and discover a genuine Scholes Coat of Arms. 

bulletMessages from Scholes World-Wide

Read messages from Scholes from all over the world, maybe find a relative, and leave us a message too (please!)

  Updated August 2011

bulletScholes Villages  

Our surname may well have been derived from our ancestors living in one of the Scholes villages in the North of England, over 700 years ago. If so, this is our ancestral homeland!

bulletScholes Family Tree  

This tremendous ancestral database represents a "work in progress" attempt to build a comprehensive Scholes Family Tree. With records starting in 1322, and containing details of over 15,000 individuals in over 3,500 web pages of data obtained from UK and US sources, you may find the size of this data set overwhelming, but it may help you trace back your own branch of the family. We need your help to make it more complete.

bulletScholes Family Histories  

Stories, histories, photographs, publications relating to individual Scholes families and family lines. If you have a family history or story to tell, please let us know.


Links to other Scholes connected sites, meet some famous family members, and discover Scholes Hall and Scholes International Airport!


Search the full site text to look for particular names, possible relatives,  or locations


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First published October 1997. This is all our own work and 1997 - 2011.

WARNING: If your surname is not Scholes, then these pages are pretty boring!!