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This section is intended to carry stories, histories, photographs, publications relating to individual Scholes families and family lines. In the introductions below, please click on the title to get through to the full article (note external links start new windows):

1. The American Descendents of George Scholes of Accrington, Lancashire, England 

Beth in Seattle has very kindly allowed us to publish her copy of the book "The American Descendents of George Scholes of Accrington, Lancashire, England" written by George Scholes in 1944. This book follows the various strands of her family line, originally in Accrington in the north West UK, but eventually migrating to various parts of the USA.

Richard Scholes, born 1805 in Accrington

Rebecca Lowden Scholes, born 1859 in Marshall County, Illinois

She has also sent us the transcript of a letter from Richard Scholes (b. 1805 in Accrington) to his son, with continuation by another son Thomas Scholes.

I think you will find both items fascinating, particularly if your family comes from Accrington, and you now make up some of the US Scholes "clan".

Click here to see the book.

2. The Scholes Family of Ulster and Allegany County, NY, 1690-1938

James Scholz came to Ireland from Holland in 1688; he changed his name to Scholes (or Scoles) and settled in Co. Monaghan. One of his grandsons, John Scholes, emigrated to America and settled in Birdsall in Allegany County, New York State.  

The history of the family was compiled in the 1930s. We are grateful to Ellen Kotzin has let us have a copy of this document. A slightly edited version is presented by following the link …… We apologise for any OCR errors remaining in the text.

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3. George W. Scholes

This piece appeared in The History of Page County Iowa by W L Kershaw et al., S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1909

Click here to see the article (original from Access Genealogy; link here)

4. James Fuller Scholes of Stamford in Lincolnshire

This is a newspaper article from 1928 telling the story of “the oldest man in Stamford”, It is part of Des Scholes’ excellent website about Stamford.

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5. Mary Ann Scholes of Stamford

Also from Des Scholes’ website, the story of Mary Ann, 1800-1890. It presents “a flavour of the times which were often turbulent in the town”.

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6. William Scholes & Ann Mills Scholes

From "the First Industrial City to the Wisconsin Frontier: William Scholes (1814-1864), Ann Mills Scholes (1814-1875), and Their Family" By Harold Henderson

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7. SCHOLES Family of Oldham, Lancashire, England and Marquette County, Wisconsin, USA

By Harold Henderson

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8. Ashcroft Hall, Richmond, Virginia

We have been contacted by Susan Bradbrooke, Historian at Ashcroft Hall, a Tudor mansion moved from Lancashire, England and rebuilt in Richmond, Virginia. "I stumbled across your site only recently and was very interested since I am the Historian of Agecroft Hall, Richmond Virginia. (I'm from Didsbury.) You are probably aware that the Hall came from Pendlebury in what was the Salford Wapentake. I have copies of the many Agecroft deeds and the Scholes family is frequently mentioned as tenants of both Prestwich and Agecroft. For example, the earliest deed is c1300 - Grant of lands in Chatherton from Parson of Prestwich to Richard son of Gilbert de Scholecroft, and the heirs which he had by Amaria, dau of Peter de Hopwood."

Susan has sent us details of these deeds - click here.

9. Scholes of Prestwich

Excerpts from “The Annals of Prestwich” by Prestwich Heritage Society, supplied by JW Barrett, click here.


More Family Histories Please: If you have anything you think other Scholes would be interested in, and you want published, please forward to me at our email address Many thanks.

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