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"On the rolling banks of the James River stands a remarkable Tudor estate. And by Tudor, we're not simply referring to an architectural style. This manor house was actually built in Lancashire, England in the late 15th Century. For hundreds of years, Agecroft Hall was the distinguished home of England's Langley and Dauntesey families. At the end of the 19th century, however, Agecroft fell into disrepair, and in 1925 it was sold at auction. Hearing of this tremendous opportunity, Richmonder Thomas C. Williams, Jr. purchased the structure, and had it dismantled, crated, and shipped across the Atlantic, and then painstakingly reassembled in a Richmond neighborhood known as Windsor Farms. Today, Agecroft Hall stands beautifully re-created, in a setting reminiscent of its original site on Lancashire's Irwell River."


Taken from the Deeds of Agecroft Hall
Richmond, VA 23236.

Deed #5 Latin. (undated) c1300

Be it known &c. that I the Parson of Prestwich have given
and granted and by this my present charter confirmed to
Richard son of Gilbert de Scolecroft and the heirs which he
had by Amaria, daughter of Peter de Hopwod all my lands
of Chatherton, which Gilbert de Retton to God and the
Blessed Mary of Prestwich granted and demised, for the 
services to be done to the Blessed Mary of Prestwich. To
have and to hold of the said Church and of me and my
successors in pure and perpetual alms, freely and quietly,
with all liberties and easements to the same lands belonging,
with common of pasture of Chatherton, yielding therefore
yearly to the said Church 2s of silver at the feast of the 
Assumption of the Blessed Marie for all services and
demands. These being witnesses Roger de Middleton,
William his brother, Ralph de Riton, William the clerk
of Oldohulme (Willmo clerico de Oldohulme), Peter the
parson of Middleton, Geoffrey de Bucley, Thomas de Rabe
and many others.

#56 Latin 1394
Assignment of Dower to Margaret the widow of
Roger de Longlegh, by John de Holcroft, Escheater.

Lists the lands from which Margaret will draw her income, 
as assigned by her late husband. Margaret was the daughter
of ? Booth of Barton, married c1369 and died c1446.
“Firstly he assigned to the said Margaret 2 tenements and
buildings with all the lands adjacent which John del Scoles
now holds by the rent of 33s per annum, together with the
service to the said tenements belonging..”

#90 Latin 1487
Grant of messuages &c in Prestwich from Ralph
Langley, Rector of the Church of Prestwich to John
Langley, Esq.

“Let all present and future know that I Ralph Longley, 
Rector of the Church of Prestwych, late Warden or Master
of the Collegiate Church of the Blessed Marie of Manchestr’
have given and granted, and by this my present Charter

confirmed to John Longley Esq. all the messuages, land
&c. which Robert Scholis and Laurence Aspynhalgh lately
held in Prestwych, with reasonable common of pasture, 
the which I have of the gift and feoffement of the said John.”

#125 Latin 1560
Marriage Settlement of John Reddish of Reddish, Esq. and
Margaret Langley daughter of Sir Robert Langley, of
Agecroft, Knight.

“... I, Robert Langley of Agecroft, Knight ... have given and
granted ... all my messuages, lands etc in Prestwich, co. Lanc.
now or late in the tenure of ..... the relict of the late Robert
Scolles and John Scholles the son of the same ..... To have
and to hold to the said Edmund Trayfford ...during my life, 
remainder to the said John Reddish and Margaret Langley ..”

#127 English 1561
Deed to levy a fine of the Manors, messuages, lands etc
of Sir Robert Langley, in Tetlow, Prestwich and Pendlebury.
[This is the enactment of #125 above]

“... of all those messuages, lands etc. in Prestwich, now or late
in the several occupations of ... the wife of Robert Scholes and
John Scholes, her son ... the late wife of Thomas Scholles and
Christopher her son ... 

[Sir Robert Langley had no male heir and his land was divided between his four daughters. Margaret Langley/Reddish inherited the manor of Prestwich as above. Her son, Alexander left two daughters. Grace married Sir Robert Darcy, Usher of the Privy Chamber to Henry Prince of Wales. Sarah married Clement, son of Sir Edmund Coke, Chief Justice of England. You may be able to trace your family through records of these families.]

Anne Langley inherited Agecroft manor. She married William Dauntesey and the Scholes name appears in their deeds as tenants.

#159 English 1692/3
Settlement of Agecroft Hall by John Dauntesey. To provide for
his eight children he places his land in the hands of trustees.

“... and also those .. messuages and tenements ... situate lying and
being ... in Preswich Eccles Pendleton ... now or late in the occupation
or possession of ....Thomas Scoles ...”

#160 1694
After the death of John Dauntesey, the Trustees lease the land to
pay his bequests.

“... all those messuages situate in .... Prestwich, Eccles, Pendleton,
... now or late in the several occupations of ... Thomas Schoales..”

#164 1696
Deed to levy a fine of all that capital messuage called Agecroft ...
and all those messuages s &c situate in Manchester, Prestwich, Eccles
Pendleton .... now or late in the several occupations of .... Thomas

#166 1696
Mortgage of parcels of Agecroft Hall in Pendlebury .. from Christopher
Dauntesey to Thomas Mynshull the younger of Manchester, for £200.

“..... and also all that one other messuage and tenement with the 
appurtenances standing, lying and being in Prestwich .. now or late in
the tenure or occupation of one Thomas Scoales, or of his assignee or
assigns or under tenants.”

#172 July 23, 1703
Release from the Trustees to Christopher Dauntesey Esq. ... of all
their right in Agecroft Hall.

“... and all those several messuages ... lying in ...Manchester, Prestwich,
Eccles, Pendleton ... now or late in the Occupation and Possession of
.... Thomas Scoales ...

#173 July 28, 1703
Lease for Six Months of Agecroft Hall to John Waite of Manchester,

Repeats text of #172 above leasing to John Waite

#174 July 30, 1703
Recovery of Agecroft Hall between Christopher Dauntesey, heir
of John Dauntesey, and John Waite of Manchester.

“And also all those messuages and tenements late of or belonging
to [the late] John Dauntesey ... in the towns parishes and hamlets 
of Manchester, Prestwich, Eccles, Pendleton ... in the several 
occupations and possessions of ...Thomas Schoales ...”

#190 Oct 23, 1727
Assignment from the Trustees of Christopher Dauntesey Esq.
deceased, to Trustees appointed by the Court of Chancery.

“And also all those messuages and tenements late of or belonging
to [the late] John Dauntesey ... in the towns parishes and hamlets 
of Manchester, Prestwich, Eccles, Pendleton ... in the several 
occupations and possessions of ...Thomas Scholes ...”

#194 Feb 28 1733
Articles of Agreement between Edward Dauntesey of Agecroft, 
and Christopher Dauntesey his younger and only brother, relating
to the settlement of Agecroft Estate on Christopher.

“... all that said Capital messuage of Agecroft Hall, situate in 
Pendlebury .. and all those messuages situate in Pendlebury aforesaid,
Prestwich, Manchester and Eccles, in the several occupations of ...
Thomas Scholes ...”

#195 April 19, 1733
Lease for six months of Agecroft Hall from Edward Dauntesey
Esq. to Christopher Dauntesey, gent. his younger and only
brother and heir presumptive.

“... and all those messuages lands, etc. situate in Pendlebury 
Prestwich, Manchester, Eccles ... in the occupancy of ... Thomas Scoales.”

April 2nd 2007
Susan Bradbrooke