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The American Descendents of George Scholes of Accrington, Lancashire, England 


From Beth in Seattle:  

"My mother is a Scholes, descended from George Scholes, born about 1740 near Accrington, Lancashire.  I own a book entitled:  "American Descendants of George Scholes of Accrington, Lancashire, England", written in 1944. Included in this book is a wonderful autobiographical letter written by George's grandson, Richard, around 1860, describing his relatives in England in great detail, as well as many family photos dating from the mid-1800s.

Some of my American Scholes relatives remained calico printers on the East Coast, but others went out West to search for gold or to try their hand at farming.  My grandfather, William Dean Scholes, homesteaded on land previously occupied by Indians in North Dakota.  All in all, an interesting bunch of folk!"

Beth has very kindly copied this book for us, and this is presented by following the link above. She has made sure that there are no details of living relatives, included in the pages presented. Sincere thanks to Beth for letting us make this fascinating text, and family photographs, available. If your family roots extend back to Accrington in North West England, you will find this particularly interesting.  If not, this will still give you a enthralling insight into past life and times.

Click on the thumbnail of each scanned page to see the full sized copy, or click here for an Adobe Acrobat copy of the full book and associated letters:

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Letter from Richard Scholes:

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