The following page will hopefully help you find the data most relevant to you from the +3,500 pages of information in this database. If you identify any missing ancestors, duplications or other gaps in the data presented, please let us know so we can build a more complete family tree.

To Find an Individual:

Start on the index page, at the Surname Index which gives links to:

Scholes - link to the Surname Index Page which gives the name, birth and death year of all individual Scholes in this database (+5,000), as links to the Family Pages, from Christian names Aaron to Zuzam!

Skoyles - similar links for Scholes variant Skoyles

A-Z - these pages access all the surnames in the database, listing individuals in alphabetical order, again as links to the Family Pages 

Other - lists persons who's surnames are unknown, or who are still alive (names removed for privacy)

These Surname Index Pages link to the Family Group pages. If you click on an individual's name, you will access the family group page for that individual, listing spouse, children, location and other data

On both the Surname Index and Family Group pages, clicking on the symbol links through to the Family Tree for that individual, which is extensive as the data allows. Some are restricted to immediate family members only, some link to many generations.

Similarly, clicking on directs you to additional notes on that individual, and on reveals the source of the entered information.

On the Family Tree pages, the arrows show that the family tree shown is too large to present on one page; clicking on the arrow will take you to the next descendent and part of the tree in question. Clicking on names on these pages returns to the appropriate Family Group page.

Index - at any point during these searches, clicking on Index will get you back to the front index page

Other Links:

In compiling the web pages, the software carries out a number of statistical operations on the database which are presented via the following links:

Frequent Surname - counts the surnames in the database and lists them most popular first

Surname Count - presents the surname counts in alphabetical order

Time/Density Maps - the software attempts to plot the location of all individuals on both US, UK and European maps, with earliest date, to represent not only the geographical spread of our ancestors, but how this spread has extended over time. See the GedHTree website for more explanation (link below).

Name/Age Stats - the software also calculates average life spans and age of marriage across the database, and also presents most popular Christian names

Other Features:

Database Status

the current status of the database is presented as totals, with earliest and latest birth dates, as follows:

10221  -  Individuals
1613  -  Surnames
4118  -  Family Groups
1322  -  Earliest Birth Year
1967  -  Latest Birth Year

Family Tree Links

Four extensive family trees are accessed from the index page, but these are examples of the hundreds of trees which can be accessed on the database

HOME - returns back to the Scholes Family Website from which this database is accessed

AUTHOR - this page introduces you to Fred Scholes who has collated this massive database, and gives you ways of getting new data to him.

EMAIL - emails Fred Scholes who collected and collated this data, and who would welcome additional information to fills holes in the family tree

HELP - this page!

SEARCH - search the thousands of pages of this web enabled database, using PICOSEARCH. NB. This search facility is not ideal and can generate multiple hits.

On all other pages:

INDEX - return to front, index page

Note this database is Read Only. To add data please email to Fred Scholes using the EMAIL link, for addition to the source database. Thank you.

This data has been prepared for web publishing using software GedHTree. I tried a number of similar packages, and this one came out best in terms of clarity of data and extra features which other packages did not have. For more information on it's features and to access a free version, use the following link http://www.gedhtree.com/